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Why do people like memes

"A picture with unique idea or style has a powerful impact."

Memes are a medium of generation of new ideas related to a picture which could be otherwise a very ordinary picture but the concept or idea propagation of a message through this picture makes it special. It has the power to make or break a person or a brand. The advancement of social media has the potential to make any meme viral and get into the NEWS.

Memes can create and strengthen anyone. They can also make people happy. Coming over to the negative obligations of memes, they can ruin goodwill of anything or anyone. One of my favorite character for memes is Mr. Bean. As soon as I see his picture in a meme, I assume that anything could be written on the picture but this is for sure that it’s going to bring a smile on my face. Generally, it is observed that memes include a hashtag going viral on Twitter or any damn ridiculous picture with a random caption can spread through your Facebook feed. Many times news agencies can get on it. It happens because memes have attained a unique kind of existence as quick fire, whether it is related to political commentary or universal truths or any random thought on your mind. Their popularity also depicts how much we bond with stupid pictures and commentary.

I believe memes are a cool way of rapid spread of any information. This transfer of knowledge in small chunks is very useful because the human brain remembers the visuals for a longer time that’s why our Bollywood is a huge hit. As Bollywood leaves a large impact on the society so does these pretty memes.


Recently the series of Bigg Boss 13 ended on the Colors channel and still it’s memes are being circulated on twitter and the users are engaging with each other on the various topics. Sometime these memes depict some inside stories which are not so obvious after seeing the picture but indeed are very deep. One more important thing about memes is “ORIGINALITY”. This happens because these memes are not created by the creators of TV shows or some big pops. In fact they are anonymous most of the time or are created by ordinary people or students with great insight. These memes generally have a characteristic of rapid evolution due to their remixes and versatile opinions and critiques.

The buzzword is awesome because you can just look at the image and it’s vaguely worded text and understand the message. Once you in a habit of enjoying this fad you get fully involved in it. It is same as a Newspaper lover. The craze of memes propagate the expression of people’s opinion and emotions related to any government, elections, politicians, movies, Netflix series, any new issue, News stories and much more. It can also sun up the hardships of a college student and ragging or even the daily embarrassment of any encounter of life. Memes are a modern day tool for propaganda of versatile regimes. They are an easy communication among the teenagers.

On the other hands these memes can also be used as a gizmo to aggravate hostile attitudes against a particular religion, race or gender. Definitely it can widen the gap in the society also. Actually these memes are a product of creativity and they allow people to cope with the daily misery of existence. Memes can easily showcase the complex and difficult concepts in routine words. A meme can be said as a copied humorous image, video, piece of text and spread hotfoot through social media. Basically the idea of memes is weird. They are a super hit like when animals are depicted saying human things. Babies might be shown doing adult things. Using sayings from popular TV shows is also in fashion of memes. These memes are generaly to the point and aim for a quick laugh. Many inspirational quotes about life are portrayed in memes and knock the readers. The punch line of the memes is the main strike about them.

Today we are in a world of google and texting. We are immersed in social media although we don’t want anyone to know about it. This is because we have to use the excuse that “we are busy” or “we don’t have time”. So, in such cases these memes serve as carriers of information amongst the like-minded people. Social media originated as a medium to connect with friends and relatives. As it gained popularity it was adopted by many businesses to get advantage of reaching out to more new potential customers. It covers billions of social media users and hence the probability of evolving is the highest. The activities on social media include blogging, photo sharing, social gaming, video sharing, trending hashtag usage, business promotion, virtual world, reviews, networking and much more. Mass media has now become an indispensable tool of business. Many of them drive sales through advertising and promotion. To get the leads through social network service is a good idea of market hike. The hypermedia on the other hand has the disadvantage of causing addiction due to over-usage.

Some studies have also linked excessive usage of social sphere with depression. The major used social media channels for the propagation of memes are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook messenger, Wechat and TikTok. Sometimes these hashtags can put our children in danger on the social communication sites. Try avoiding time to scroll other people’s profiles and help yourself by creating positive attitude by reading smile attitude quotes and increase your self esteem. Create a balance between the usage of rectangular screen and physical connection with friends and relatives. Using popular hashtags in posts can aid you in reaching the top search positions and more users. The game of these hashtags is very tricky as you can be found very rapidly by using them, so are you lost and disappear quickly due to new speedy additions. Follow hashtags are also used to gain new users or followers on your platforms.

If many people are able to relate with the idea it spreads with a speed of a mile per second like an epidemic hence is termed “viral”. These memes have now made a place in the society as a mutant virus discovered recently. People who bring laughter to our lives are priceless. So, cheers for all the people who create funny memes for themselves as well as the readers. Let their efforts don’t go unconcerned.

"A meme is capable of instilling the whole story in a picture with a few murky words"

Published By:

Deeksha Arora
CEO of A billion things to do, A Social Media Agency. A Pharmacognosist by profession, ex-lecturer, author, blogger, LifeCoach and Director of LeDaffodils play-school. Keen on spreading positive vibes by giving thoughtful tips through her quotes, blogs, videos, counselling and webinars.

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