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Broken but beautiful

Some individuals tell others, “You have a beautiful soul.” When someone says that a human has a beautiful soul, typically they’re referring to someone with a giving nature, Kind–someone genuine, confident, understanding, and balanced. People with beautiful souls make others feel secure and at peace.

How do we identify if someone’s spirit is beautiful?

When you’re with someone who has a beautiful soul, you feel at inner peace. They are helpful, positive, and gentle with their guidance, never forceful. They are understanding and giving. Their energy is completely contagious and absolutely radiant.

This person is spiritually enlightened!

Words to Describe a Beautiful Soul

Here are some characteristics and other words to describe a beautiful soul:

1.         Heart of light, the heart of gold

2.         open-hearted, ready to receive and give love

3.         Pretty radiant

4.         Building others up

5.         Enlightened

6.         Intriguing

7.         Like to see others succeed

8.         Encouraging

9.         Kind to all living things

10.       Gentle 

Simple Ways to Be Beautiful soul

1. Smile. As the quote goes, I’ve never seen a smiling face that does not have a beautiful soul.

2. Be there for someone who wants you even if there’s nothing in it for you—give without expectations.

3. Make a sacrifice for someone you really care, love.

4. Admit your fault, even if it’s tough to say you’re wrong, and work to make amends.

5. Share your struggles, putting your ego in the corner, to make someone else feel less alone.

6. Develop something that helps people. A song, an article, a support group, a non-profit—anything that motivates.

7. Help a kid feel nice about him or herself.

8. Tell someone what you really appreciate about them, even if you feel vulnerable.

9. Forgive someone without wanted to hear the words, “I’m sorry.”

10. Develop positive energy around you by thinking positive thoughts pattern and acting with positive intentions.

11. Sit with relaxation without judging anyone or anything.

12. Accept someone for who they are instead of trying to change them to who you require them to be.

13. Treat people as they need to be treated.

14. Identify something simple but beautiful in the world around you.

15. Acknowledge the beauty in others' hearts instead of feeling threatened or competing with other persons.

16. Be the change you need to see in the world, as per Gandhi’s suggestion.

17. Tap into your inner power and do something that makes a difference to the world.

18. Explore strength in a challenging moment. 

19. Talk kindly about the world around you instead of complaining.

20. Forget yourself for a moment and do nothing but listen to someone who wants it.

21. Measure a human by their best moments, not their worst.

22. Give yourself the same courtesy—focus on the best things you’ve done, not the mistakes you’ve made.

23. Take the higher road when someone hurts you instead if being catty or cruel.

24. Make someone laugh. A smile can literally melt pain and declutter away. 

25. Make someone cry—tears of joy that is. People want to feel moved, read inspirational blogs, motivated. Never underestimate the willpower of touching someone’s heart.

26. Keep an open mind instead of sticking with an assumption or judgment.

27. Love what you’re tempted to fear.

28. Be the voice of optimism when the people around you want it badly.

29. Handle rejection or failure with grace. It’s far more easily said than done—and it sounds so cheesy—but accept the loss gracefully makes you a true winner.

30. Show uncontrolled enthusiasm for something that excites you. All kids have beautiful souls, and I think their pure divine joy has a lot to do with it.

31. Hear what someone really means, not just what they say. Anyone can criticize. Not every human actively works to be pretty understanding.

32. Imagine a world where people understand peace, and do one tiny thing to create it.

33. Honor the values that really matter to you. Showing integrity is the initial step to feeling good about yourself.

34. Accept and love yourself, just as you are in this present moment.

The Aroma Of The inner Soul Is Continuous, Constant, and Endless

Constant. Your soul is constant in looking for applause. Your soul is constantly in motion and movement. Your soul constantly requires the love it really deserves. Your soul will constantly be around you and will tell you what you care, what you need to do, and how you must fill in your life.

Continuous. Your soul continues to ignite, the way you like to spark. You will know it if you don’t understand it yet. It will always be, only — if you haven’t explored it yet — you’ll discover it if you watch carefully. Your soul continues to walk with your pathway, to remind you of your being on earth and what you care for, love.

Endless. Your life chain is endless. Look it this way: you have so many possibilities in your life to do what you care about and to do what you love to do. Your thinking patterns of life are endless. Your soul is endless. When you have endless plans, ideas about life. When you have endless ideas of work in action. When you have endless thoughts, your life cycle will enrich you and you could be continuous and constant in your life.

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