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ME TOO MOVEMENT Awakening Call

In response to the #MeToo movement, we are witnessing a significant and swift uptick in the rate at which companies are implementing anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training; revamping policies governing employee conduct, both in and out of the office; expanding reporting procedures for inappropriate behaviour; dedicating additional resources for investigations; reviewing protocols for responding to complaints of inappropriate conduct; and re-evaluating practices for imposing disciplina... Read More

Trolls and Their Impact on Social Media

Social media is a brilliant way to engage with the ocean around you and a good way for companies and brands to engage with users or share some motivational quotes. While it can be a very optimistic matter, you’ll probably run into trolls on the internet. Trolls can be a false thing or they can be a wise thing! You have to understand how to deal with trolls.... Read More

Drug abuse and addiction in youth

If you can quit for a day, you can quit drug addiction for a lifetime. Motivational quotes of life lead to rising from the ashes, you were born again, majestic through all the pain. Transparent energy is to hold it together when every human would expect you to fall apart.... Read More

Are you depressed or bonetired?

Don’t ever ignore the symptoms of depression. If your mood doesn’t improve or gets worse, seeking medical help is essential. Reading inspirational books is also a good idea if you are willing to work on yourself for self-improvement. Always remember that depression is treatable.... Read More

How can you help someone with suicidal thoughts?

When you don’t want to wake up forever, that’s really sad and that’s really bad as well. We need to empower ourselves by reading motivational quotes about life.... Read More

Amphan Cyclone A major disaster

It is essential to remember that you are worthy if you lighten the other with a burden especially in case of a disaster like Amphan cyclone.... Read More

Battling Corona is a challenge

The battle against Covid19 actually requires self-discipline and self-responsibility so it's going to be really tough and challenging.... Read More

Why to go for organic colors this Holi

Holi is a festival of zest and zeal with colors. Let's keep our attitude positive with a smile by using herbal colors. Celebrating a safe HOLI should be our priority.... Read More

Why do people like memes

Many inspirational quotes about life are portrayed in memes and knock the readers. The punch line of the memes is the main strike about them.... Read More

Government banned Fairness creams

The fairness creams ban by the government is a very good step to remind that complexion is not the parameter to define beauty.... Read More

CORONAVIRUS The Guide To Aware

Coronavirus is a deadly respiratory disease-causing virus reported first in China, the awareness about Corona is very essential. ... Read More

Society Attitude towards LGBT

LGBT stands for an important community of this world who is believed to be the Divine Souls and are not straight.... Read More


This JNU terror attack has also created hype in the society. I was really shocked to know about the violence at JNU.... Read More