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August 29, 2018


This trip was fondly awaited since years as it was a family trip. And to plan a family trip is not really easy due to everyone’s pre-occupancies. May be this time it was possible as we chose the best time when we brothers and sisters ought to meet every year .i.e. Rakshabandhan. This has been the best trip ever. It was the time when we were in the resort, Amber Vermont Estate, Mussorie  with not so much crowd and hustle-bustle as it was off season. We were in a family cottage with three extra large rooms with a good lobby area. So, we felt almost at home with enhanced lavish facilities of the resort staff.


It was the time when we could talk almost everything and anything which was unsaid since a long time as we all in our family are not so long phone conversant. Mom could sit along and enjoy with the grandchildren unlikely as at home when they are always busy hospitalizing us whenever we are there, the two daughters with children and husbands.


Our journey started in the morning with an awesome weather, very pleasant neither rainy nor sunny. The excitement in the minds was anyhow evitable as it was  a long delayed trip. The first halt was at the “Maggi point” in Poanta Sahib as the two cars with people had to meet from Chandigarh and Yamuna Nagar. My sister, her husband and son, my brother, mom and great mom came from Yamuna Nagar whereas me, my husband, two sons and a daughter travelled all the way from Chandigarh. Our journey was full of lush green trees on both sides of the road with my favourite music on the play.



The meeting with everyone at Maggi point did two awesome things, the meeting itself and the MAGGI.

As soon as we all met, we mingled and started talking everything as if we never departed. Actually this is the best feeling anyone could have in relationships. This feeling adds on to your soul, that these are your soul connections. The chit-chat session with an unending episode was still on while we had maggi and soft drinks and of course the photo shoot could not be missed.


Amidst all these enjoyable moments we got a call from the Resort asking for our arrival time. We told them that we’ll reach till lunch and realized that it is high time to move ahead towards Mussorie via Dehradun. Settings of both the cars was intermingled, as the kids went away in one car with mamu and masi while the rest were in the other one.


Me, my husband and both moms with my youngest son along with the driver were in our SUV, Fortuner. Our favourite music was on, the 90’s bollywood melodies as the choice was entirely mine because the kids were in the different car! The talks still went on with all the memories striking bang on as we were heading towards Dehradun as it was the place where I had spent four precious years of my graduation. I got married during second year of my Bachelors of Pharmacy and me  and my husband lived in Dehradun for two years. My husband elaborated his Pharma business in the city and got really fond of Dehradun and its climate. He just showed me his interest  in the city and his urge to shift there in life time in some later years.

I relived my moments of Dehradun, of Mohini road, EC road and my college SBSPGI, Balawala, as my mom was also with us and she managed a good amount of her time with me in Dehradun during my studies and especially my examination days. We all actually had a common topic of discussion for a long time, almost whole of our journey which was actually all the more refreshing, real and almost heavenly.

When we were about 10 kms away from Mussorie, I suddenly realized  that we had sunroof in the other car, my brother’s Honda city and I wished to feel the air around me by enjoying that sunroof. So, I pinged my brother and showed him my desire for the same so, he managed to stop and I went in the other car and my brother in law came over in ours. Me and my daughter were soon out in the air with the clouds rushing hurriedly towards us and the air chilled our faces. Both of us enjoyed a lot, my daughter is same as me in these adventurous things. My youngest one also wanted to be out with his head held high being in my hands. He also enjoyed chilling. So, turn by turn, me, my daughter and my sister were just feeling free and heavenly. We were just surrounded by green unbroken bed of plants on one of our sides with the Alps on the other side. All these picturesque landscapes were just relaxing our minds to the fullest. After a while we arrived to our final destination of stay, THE AMBER VERMONT ESTATE.



The Amber Vermont Estate, Mussorie is a beautiful resort located amidst of the clouds with lush greens all around and a very planned architecture. As soon as we arrived we received a warm welcome by the resort staff and they allocated us the rooms of our choice as the booking was done online. They took special care for us to be at ease in choosing our apartments. The resort was so beautiful that  we just wanted to explore each and every corner of it almost at the first sight.


The kids garden area, the games area, the pool, the library, the lobby and the dining area  were very beautifully designed and decorated. Actually the beauty of the place is beyond description, its only a moment and experience to be cherished. We were all mesmerized by the artistry of the place. All of us went in the garden area and ordered our tea with sandwiches, fries and other snacks. All the preparations by the chef were just so yummy. The delicious food by the resort added to its value. Along with our tea and chit-chat we also enjoyed the chirping, clucking and humming of the birds with the clouds just coming and merging with our bodies. We had a heavenly experience at The Amber Vermont Estate, Mussorie.





We all had rest after this high tea and the evening time was fixed to explore the gaming zones of Mussorie on the Mall road and Jaypee Residency Manor. Kids had so much fun in all sorts of video games, bowling, pool and much more. At night we all were tired and had a sound sleep. Next, morning was started with a vivid picturesque scenic beauty from the balcony with lovely sounds of birds.

We had a lavish breakfast and decided to visit the Mall road after playing pool in the resort. The Kalsang in  Mussorie was not to be missed while going to the Mall road. Its awesome Chinese cuisine is very unique. Later in the day we wandered in the Company bagh with many adventurous rides and our favourite photo shoots. After returning to the resort we played cards. The resort served us with toothsome dinner in the private dining lounge. The never ending entertainment was still on along with TV shows and gossips. Finally the time to sleep arrived, we slept due to the tiredness of the whole day roaming.

Next, day morning the resort served us with a grand Rakshabandhan breakfast and things for the celebrations. We celebrated this Rakshabandhan 2018 in The Amber Vermont Estate and enjoyed a lot. We had an awesome experience over there.





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