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August 20, 2019

“All I need is time; time to figure out who I am, who I want to be and where I want to go.”


We all understand that time teaches us so many things in this life, time is the best healer. Our lives are a series of events put together. Few of them are scary, painful and mysterious where as the others are relieving, peaceful, happening or blissful. In different feelings of various events of our lives we feel the time to be different. Actually the time is too slow for those who wait and too long for those who fear. It is too short for those who rejoice. We have so many positive attitude quotes regarding time. You know time is eternity for many those who love, means those who love each and every atom of this universe, all the creations of Divinity and act in service of others, the time is eternity because they experience life as it comes to them, accept everything and always try to serve others.



Sometimes I think that time is in our head; because we all make time for others in family or society according to our priorities. Saying “I have no time” is like saying “I don’t want to. Actually you are the pilot of your flight of time. Also the thing to be most remembered is that time is more valuable than money; we can regain money lost but we can never ever regain the time gone. Time teaches us the value of life, our parents, loved ones and important parameters of existence like self love, focused living, healthy food and lifestyle.






The greatest gift you can give someone is your time because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what matters the most. Don’t be like ordinary people who merely think of spending time in fact be like great people who think of using time. Don’t think in your mind that “there’s still time” or “may be next time” for all important jobs because there also exists the concept of “it’s too late”



Make some changes in your personality to make the best  out of time. Take time to appreciate someone who does something you take for granted. Always remember that you have limited time so try not to spend it living someone else’s life. Listen to you inner voice and stay connected with your own self for you are unique. Time goes by faster than you imagine. Stop wasting time on people who don’t deserve your attention, time spent with people who care about you is priceless. Use time to build friendships, to laugh, to love, to work, to worship, to read, all of which will keep you lively and happy.



“Always remember that time is the only thing to catch up in life.”


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