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Creating a better vlog with your smartphone

What is a Vlog?
A vlog plainly is a blog with video, and you can easy way to turn your blog into a vlog by fixing a video within a post. All you require is an account on a video streaming site like YouTube and you're good to go. Video is one of the most engaging and compelling types of media. Best success quotes can assist you establish authority, build your influence, and raise the engagement level on your site.

Types of Vlogs

Talking Head:  You sit in front of the camera and talk about a certain subject or shares some information (A talking head vlog is just that).

How-To: A how-to vlog teaches the audience how to do something by indicating the action or activity.

Adventure/Reality: You go on an adventure or activity outside of the studio and get hold of the camera along to record what you hear and see.

Here are certain tips for you to create a high-quality vlog.

Shoot in airplane mode.

If you don't, a phone call or notification will break in your recording

Orient your phone horizontally.

Most persons hold their smartphone vertically when shooting video. hold it horizontally, Unless you need black bars on the side of your video.

Record test footage especially if you're self-shooting.

Shoot 5 – 10 seconds of video and check the shot to make certain it looks as you wish. Once you are okay with the shot, you're ready to record.

Frame your shots using the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is a composition rule that uses a tic-tac-toe like grid as a guide to frame your topic.  Place the topic along the guidelines and your shot should look more professional.

Edit on your smartphone.

You can edit clips together, add narration, text, and music with a few swipes of a finger. As iOS devices especially have great video apps, and if you have a new iPhone 5C or 5s, it comes with a great app called iMovie. 

How to Vlog on Your Phone?

If you are a beginner, you can begin developing video content by just vlogging with the phone. But it is not all about carry up any phone and shooting a video. If you need to run a successful vlog, come up with a plan and idea for it. Now that you have planned and done your homework, you can easily begin the video recording.

Below are a few things you will require to keep in head while you are vlogging:

● Your scenes should be unique while the angles through which you shoot.

● Stick to the rule of thirds, if you are filming yourself. It is the framing lesson, followed by the structure of tic-tac-toe.

● before you upload it, always edit your video. In that manner, you can take out the bloopers, errors, and unnecessary scenes in the video.

● edit it on the phone, if you are making the vlog on an Android phone.

● Match the resolution of the finished product to the resolution of the video. There is a contrast between the video you export to be uploaded and the resolution with which you record the video. Make certain you match both of these resolutions so that the video quality can be supportive.

● Also, always remember to shoot in landscape mode, unless you're outdoors and while shooting the video, there is a need to be mobile.

Smartphone Vlogging Pros and Cons

So how to make a youtube video on the smartphone? Easy! First of all, you probably already have one which is satisfactory to record pleasant-looking content. If not, you can get a new one at a very practicable price. In any instance, it will cost less than a pro camera. Yes, maybe it is the shortage of few video options, but still, it is efficient to generate great 4K movies. Second, it is portable and light. Your smartphone is always with you so you never miss out on anything fascinating. In addition, with a smartphone, you don’t want to transfer files to the computer. You can edit them and upload them directly to YouTube or any other platform. So, do not wait to give it a try today! 

Step 1: Ideas and Inspiration

Before setting up the phone and buy all the added stuff, you have to make up a transparent idea of the vlog. After you say: I need to start vlogging, ask yourself in which sphere you are an expert or what you are fond of? Your videos must be absorbing not only for your followers but also for yourself. Otherwise, you will get disinterested soon and fail to remember about your YouTube channel.  
When you pen down some plan about your future vlog, make research. Take a look at what your future competitor construct. Inspirational quotes lead to check out the vlog channels of the most famous YouTube personalities. What do you enjoy in their content? What is annoying for you? What is a big no? After such a research, you will have a much transparent vision about what makes a victorious YouTube video, who is your audience and how own content should look like. Who are these people? What are their curiosity interests? How can you gain their attention? While making research you can discover some ideas and inspiration for your channel. Though, be attentive and ignore copying someone’s vlog flagrantly. You need to find your own style.

Step 2: Learn How to Record a Good Video on a Phone

1. The lens must be cleaned. A stain on the lenses can damage a perfectly shot video as your viewers will pay more notice to an irritating stain than to the content itself. And again, a filthy lens can make the image blurred. So, the first baby step to a nice video is cleansing the camera with a soft microfiber cloth.

2. Remember that most of Youtube viewers enlarge the vids and watch them horizontally, so orient your phone horizontally. Of course, there can be exceptions to this rule. If the videos are destined for Instagram or Snapchat, you can make them vertical. Though, such vids look very non-professional and might annoy people.

3. Think about the composition. Get some info about this subject. For instance, you can read the wonderful blog where Kyle Cassidy describes the essentials about composition, like the balance and symmetry, the rule of thirds, focus on the eyes.

4. Remember about the lightning. The quality and the position of the main source of lightning signify how your film looks in general. If you understand the basics about ignoring direct sunlight, the rule of three-point lighting, and the use of the golden hours, you will improve the quality of your videos swiftly and significantly. 

Step 3: Start with the Right Settings of Your Phone

1. Always, check if your battery is filled and that you have a proper power bank to recharge it. If you don’t do this, you risk losing a posh clip just as your battery stop in the process.

2. Examine if you have enough memory for the clips.

3. Unless you want a 4K video, fall the settings to 1080 p 30 fps. Thus, you will obtain a lower file size without aggravating the quality.

4. Switch on the grid lines. They will make you remember and assist you to stick to the main composition rule, the rule of thirds.

5. To assist your camera focus on the chosen item, tap on your phone’s LCD (for Google Android) or hold your finger in place (for iPhone). Also, tap on the screen to tune the contrast level.

6. Read all available camera settings on your phone as there might be such excellent features like scene optimizer or flaw detection.

7. Discover the camera settings for in-built filters, AR, lightning adjustment, and instant beauty options. These features might be very helpful for building YouTube content on your smartphone.

8. Try hyper-lapse and slow-motion effects. They can make your vlog really specific.

Step 4: Pick up the Right Smartphone Vlogging Accessories.

If you shoot indoors, better to think about buying a tripod, a source of extra light, a microphone, and a camera remote control. The tripod is important to fix your smartphone and correct the angle of shooting. The microphone serves to improve your audio, so the final sound comes without any distortions and is pretty strong. The source of extra light is to develop a good image and the right mood for the videos. The remote control is a small button that switches off and on your camera by using Bluetooth.

 If you shoot outdoors, the requirements for you are a bit different. But still, you require a tripod or, a good microphone, and an origin of extra light in case of shadowy weather or night footages.

Step 5: Edit Your Videos

So, here we are. The footage is ready but it still wants some editing to get a good final result. What’s good about vlogging with your smartphone? Well, Business start-up quotes need not worry about transferring clips from a camera to a computer to store and edit them. All this is pretty much possible with the small mobile device. Just imagine, you are not at all tied to the working desk. Develop a good-quality mini-movie within few minutes wherever you are! You just require your smartphone and decent applications that do most of the handiwork instead of you.

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