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Things you stop chasing while you realize your worth

True love and True friends as these two things you will never have to chase.

Chasing the Dream. Let the planet know why you’re here, and do it with passion. Before you start chasing THE dream, Inspirational blogs make certain that it’s YOUR dream you’re chasing! most humans don’t get what they require in life because they’re playing out someone else’s idea of who they should be. If you discover yourself leading a life full of shoulds and obligations—someone else’s dream for you—take heart. Doing something you love just a couple of times a week can significantly improve your world. Like steering a ship slightly to the left, over time you’ll arrive at the destination YOU really wish.

Chasing Security. The truth is that staying in our comfort zones and fear of change stunts our progress. Each of us has a unique purpose in the life cycle. Most of us don’t realize it, though, because we’ve been pressured to conform to someone else’s plan of who we should be. Stretch yourself and take a risk if you need to explore out what makes your heart sing.

Chasing Money. Chase your passions and dollars will come. Chase dollars and you may never discover your passions. We all want to make ends meet, but beyond that, chasing after the green stuff doesn’t make us happy. Humans are happier when they spend their cash on other people rather than only themselves. Of course, we all want dollars to live, but chasing dollars for dollar's sake can take you off track from your true passions and leave you feeling hollow. Simplify your Alice life, do what you love, and the cash will follow.

Chasing Material Things. Stop chasing what your brain cell requires and you’ll get what your soul wants. Many of us think we’ll be happy if we live in a big home, wear brand-named clothes, drive a new scooter, and stuff our closets full of sandals. But that’s simply chasing matters to fill the hole in your soul (forgive the pun).
Studies show that we’re happier when we spend dollars on positive experiences—like vacations—rather than material things. So the next time you emotion like redecorating your living room or upgrading your phone, think about flying to Europe or taking a road trip instead.

Chasing Work. Beware the barrenness of a busy life chain. Japan put in the longest working hours and get the shortest paid vacation timeline in the developed world, including America. Those of us lucky enough to have jobs have added another day to our work week as we now check working emails and calls from households. It’s no wonder we attempt to stuff everything we can’t do at work into our off hours.
But the second regret is that they wished they didn’t work so tough. Even though it’s countercultural, Studies show that taking breaks leads to good productivity than putting in long hours. You come back refreshed and able to do more things in less time when you give yourself a chance to recharge. So instead of cramming more activities into an already too busy life cycle to make up for lost time, doing yoga, try slowing down, meditating, taking long walks, having deep talks with buddies, being out in nature, and keeping a journal.  It will make you happy and healthier too.

Chasing Outer Beauty. For beautiful eyes, look out for the good in others. For good lips, speak only words of gratitude; and for poise, walk with the skill that you are never alone. You are never too old to set another aim or to dream a new dream. We live in a youth-obsessed community, so many of us panic when we look in the mirror and see gray hair, droopy eyelids, and crows-feet staring back at us. Nothing is permanent and that’s alright. When we chase youth on the outside streamline we often lose sight of the wisdom that comes with age. We learn from our errors, make better choices, and are more likely to be true to ourselves.
Rather than trying to explore the fountain of youth, channel your energy to follow your heart. It’s never too late. What would you do if you had the courage to discover out what you’re capable of accomplishing. That’s where your true vitality lies.

Chasing Approval. Always remember that you do not want to explain yourself or prove anything to anyone.  If someone is not accepting you for you – then it is time to move on. Chasing people’s approval is a waste of effort and time, what we should be chasing is our own approval. The third regret of the dying is that they wish they’d had the courage to express their true emotions instead of stuffing their emotions down to keep peace with others. There’s NOTHING wrong with you. Some people love you just the way you are; some don’t. You don’t need to change a thing. The wonderful side effect of self-acceptance is that those tiny matters you require to improve about yourself tend to right themselves effortlessly. Self-acceptance heals. Self-hate keeps you stuck.

Chasing a human doesn’t provide you value or build values in you. You earn your value by practicing dignity and chasing morality.

Chasing Love. When you chase love it often attracts humans who don’t value you. Otherwise, why would they make you work so tough? Worse, you may wind up with a narcissist who wants constant admiration but can’t return it. It’s exhausting to constantly battle for someone’s attention. You just end up getting injured.  
Inspirational quotes of life and True love comes knocking at your window when you block looking for it outside of yourself and concentrate on accepting yourself for who you are instead. What can you do to be more self-accepting and genuine? Maybe you could sign up for an improved class, or join a hiking group or take up drawing. Follow your heart to enhance your chances of meeting like-minded persons. When you reveal rather than conceal who you really are, you give true love the chance to explore you.

Chasing the path to success. If you want to succeed you should strike out on a new pathway, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. Follow out someone else’s route to success is not going to get you anywhere.  
Just like Wizard of Oz Dorothy always had the power to go sweet home, you’ve always had a unique present to share with the world. Reawaken your buried dreams, honor what makes you different, and embrace the persons who have your back, and you will create a life you really love.

Chasing what’s possible. Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!” Many of us chase after what seems possible instead of what we’re really capable of doing as our aspirations are too limited. Don’t be too fast to mentally figure out how to chase your dreams. If the answer falls outside the range of what seems really possible, the route you choose may actually hold you back from getting the best Disney life you can have. Slow down. Every baby step you take gives another piece of the puzzle until the big picture frame eventually snaps into focus.

Chasing Happiness. You don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happy moments and life – it’s right in front of you if you paying attention and practicing gratitude. chasing happiness by working tough today for the presents that come tomorrow does not make humans happy. Nor does engaging in momentary self-indulgent pleasures without thought of the consequences. Happiness is a choice. To discover it, do what brings you pleasure in the moment AND cover you reach meaningful aim ladder in the future.  
Instead, you stayed stuck in old patterns and pretended to be content when they weren’t.  Strategize a happy life and be honest with yourself by doing matters you love every day that lead to a life that fits who you truly are. Follow your bliss and count your blessings.

Chasing the latest Trend. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that in motion. Because what the ocean needs is human who have come alive. Be a free thinker and go for what really lights your inner fire. It can be listening to 70’s music, painting, watching old movies, taking photographs, and writing.  If you do end up buying the new camera, just make yourself remind that it’s the experience of shooting photographs that enlivens you, not the camera itself.

Chasing People. Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own matters, and work really hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your world – will come to you. And stay. If you take an honest assessment of your present family members and friendships, chances are you’ll explore one or two there. And bring your true buddies closer. Inspirational quotes lead to a real buddy is someone you can turn to for sympathy when you want it, confide in about most matters, and be your true self around. You don’t require to chase them as they’re already there. Make it a priority to stay in touch.

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