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Stop sabotaging yourself when happiness starts disappearing.

"One good thing to destroy the inner spirit of self-sabotage is to praise the beauty concealed in ugly circumstances."

Understand self-sabotage.  Many of us are involved in self-destructive ways that have become habits. We permit these ways to continually undermine our happiness and success, but we may not even identify that we're doing it. Best success quotes aid in self-sabotage is when we do something that gets in the pathway of our aim, or of our higher goals and dreams. We need somehow, but something we never achieve it as somewhere deep in our intuitive we're battling against that aim.

Rely on external factors to make you happy. Only we can literally do that and that's why we are going to start this hunt to develop self-awareness. Because the more in-tune we are with our own sense of joy, our own thoughts, and our own triggers, the flexible it will be to a method that mindfulness we want to be more confident in ourselves, kind to ourselves.

Identify root causes. Often, self-destructive manners are stem from our feelings of self-esteem. You don't emotion like you want to be happy. You're plagued with emotions of insufficiency, even when you're attempt to excessive measures by setting high joy for yourself. Some may even use self-sabotage as a twisted form to control their own life.

Take time for self-reflection. It takes serious self-reflection to realize why you keep on shooting yourself in the foot in the first place.  The happiest human are those who take the time to think through their actions, choices, and decisions. Joyful human grasp from what failed or worked to work. They then adjust their ways, action by applying a different approach. Only through self-reflection will you profit the necessary understanding, insight, and perspective to start the process of transformation and change.

Stop self-sabotage by developing a high-level spiritual quest, be honest about repressed feelings, and share them.

Find your inner positive voice. Fear is at the stem of what holds us back. We fear that our inner peace voice is true. We begin to anxious that we don't deserve happiness. It's time to put aside those rude inner voices of "I'm a failure" or "I can't". That false internal word is a structure of self-limiting thoughts. Start deleting that critical inner world with encouraging positive thoughts.
Once you start seeing the ways and areas in which you limit yourself, you can begin efficiently countering that behavior. You can pick to not involve in self-sabotage behavior. You can begin to structure a positive ladder and create a confident, affirmative voice to guide you. Focus on praising and rewarding yourself instead of punishing and degrading yourself. You'll get far better solutions.

Change your pattern of behavior.  Change our false behaviors is the foundation if we have to stop sabotaging ourselves. In every moment, we're taking action that either away from the person or moves us toward what we require to be and the life we desire to have. The behaviors you keep allowing yourself to do are the ones that keep you from what you most want.
Consider how the thoughts you're thinking and actions you're taking friction with your happiness and hold you back from your right capacity. Then lookout for ways to delete out old structures with new ones that are more covering in attaining your happiness.

Make small, meaningful changes. Once you've notified the changes you really want to make, choose just one thing that you want to work on. Don't attempt to make magnificent, sweep out changes all at once. That's not realistic, and those huge alterations will be tough to easily given up and maintain. Instead, begin by making meaningful, small changes that you'll slowly construct to design bigger transformations in your world.
If you feel you're sabotaging your happiness by constantly missing loopholes, simply being disorganized, or not following through with leads, take a step back and look for one meaningful, small change that you can make to lead you on a more joyful journey.

Set goals and make plans. We often battle with self-sabotaging ways when we don't understand what to expect. Instead of moving forward with confidence, we answer to circumstances false way. We permit ourselves to disintegrate, and then we retreat, feeling incapable and incompetent.
The best way to counter this is to lay down solid goals and plans for the future. Motivational quotes lead to by having firm, thoughtful ideas for each baby step we take, we will feel more self-assured about our intentions and what we're doing. You can do this on a daily basis by thinking through how you'll react to circumstances, situations, and people. 

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