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How Are You Trading Your Time, Energy, and Life?

The best price of anything is the total amount of life chain you exchange for it. 

We all make trades in our life cycle. We trade our energy. We trade our time. We trade our attention. We trade our hard-earned dollars. Many of us move through life in continuous momentum, never stop to reflect on where that flow is taking us. If it’s hindering or helping us. If the trades we are doing daily are letting us live our best life. If the trades are giving us more good time with those we love about most. If we can turn up for them fully enthused, energized, and engaged.
Or are we turning up for them frustrated, tired, and distracted? The trades we make in life take a toll on us emotionally, mentally, and physically. We trade our life for- 

Security – We invest in our skills and knowledge as a means to earn our living. We pick out the lives we will live in. We seek the good human to place around us. And we trade our talents and time for a steady paycheck with which to purchase security, food, shelter, clothing– the foundation of our existence. Making no-fault, this is not an unwise trade. Motivational quotes of life lay the baseline upon which many of our life’s choices can be designed.
But it seems, after achieving good security, most of us begin pursuing. 

Comfort – The basic elements of security: clothing, roof, meals are rarely enough. We pursue relief to be added to our foundation of security. So we start trading our time and our paychecks for a bigger home in a nicer neighborhood, a softer couch surrounded by trendier clothing, entertainment choices, and a nicer car with more features that feel us a little more fashionable among our peers. Some days we intentionally seek easement, but most often we do as society makes it appear so glittery. 

Luxury – After absorbing comfort and security, luxury lurks not so far in the distance. We can taste it. We can see it. It comes overwhelmingly satisfied. And we understand what it asks of us: just a few more time each week at work, a bit more research to get it right, and a few more money spent at the mall. Soon, we start trading the finite resources of our life for the luxurious offerings of this universe. 

This is your world and your life. Are you who you want to be?

Victory – As our brains start a ranking system for the Disney world that we want to climb. We seek more prestige, more power, more money, and more fame than our friends, our siblings, our buddies, or those we really read about in the news. We try to verify our worth to others and ourselves by beating out everyone in this self-constructed competition of life chain. And before we understand it, we’ve soon traded our entire life to win a competition we have discovered in our own brain.
Of course, none of these activities exist in a vacuum. Each of them thrive in our hearts alongside a steady stream of selfishness, pride, greed, and fear. Our life hold far greater potential than the luxury and comfort most of us trade them for. After all, these are temporary craft that can never be completely way achieved. They shift and move rapidly with the ocean around us. They never be satisfied. They are fully self-centered. And our lives can be traded for things far greater.
Our lives can be traded for spiritual pursuits, significance, or social justice. We can invest our life into designing moments of joy for others, a more sustainable planet, beautiful art, or causes we faith in. We can assist others to overcome significant obstacles, fear, or heartache to joy. We can trade the purest passions unspoiled by the culture around us.
Your trades might be inclined to find a corporate job where you get a pension and paycheck and someone else explore the work. That’s fine, your trades want to trade you are desire to make. Best success quotes lead to awareness of the trades we are doing in life. That we are aware of where we are spending our life, energy, and time. This is a strong prism through which we can objectively lookout everything we design.  

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