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3 characteristics which differentiates you from Successful People

"Everyone hurts, everyone falls and everyone cries oh! Still Dreams follows you all the way, yes there is a color in the sky"

Feel and listen to the purity of Nature. Silence in the Moonlight, little stars are twinkling, the sun is blooming in its beauty, Birds are chirping in the light, chilled, breeze weather in the air, the sound of a stream of flowing water river, glossy Blue color Peacock are dancing, squirrels are playing, Elephants are sleeping, Jungle king is roaring, Early dusks saints are hymning, Frogs are jumping in the water, Temple bells are ringing, Fragrance and sweetness of flowers are everywhere, Blue waves in the silent water, Fish are beaten by sea-green water, Colorful rainbow, Shower of Rain covers the land and Blue sky. These motivational quotes explain us so much about nature.
Living quietly in the corner of Nature, this overwhelming experience can never die and at the same time makes me separate from successful people as for sure their life adopts another path. They are climbing another mountain, nothing to live and enjoy this version. I lost myself in nature. The Poetry of Earth talks merrily and speaks feebly.

 “Success is measure by the number of people are praising you for what you do” 

Patience, Tolerance, calmness endurance absorbs me so far. It's like a toxin to me. Though it's a tough path but to climb Mount Everest, you have to go through darkness. I am pretty much away from the ego and the attitude that surrounds the successful people most of their life. I behave like a tortoise to joy every phase, each and every bit comes with silent wait. With so much love, warmth, harmony n patience nothing seems to be impossible in such a long journey. Somewhere it covers up my inner thoughts and strength. Patience is like sweetmeat, you eat it and make yourself away from problems and pain. Holy, virtuous manners melt inside you. You reach a point where you don't work for money, fame and get into the race of "successful" tag. Many other layers join you so far. You are the master of your own will power. Crossing the patience bridge with hope and wisdom. It's another medium to tell your tale that brings more pleasure to surround you all time.
One moment of anger never hits your zones. Forgive people at the time when you understand they are wrong, never be a barrier and destroy yourself somewhere. You can't use up patience, the more you use, the more you have. Life is a more melodious song to you.

Think, think and think. Time to think, consider it, judge it, and make a refined opinion. It's a thick manner to accelerate the work. Once the words come out of your mouth without giving a deep thought to what you are saying, there are chances that may give trouble to others. Thinking wisely is a lifelong lesson and philosophy, it's a fruitful expression in your rough timings too. Meditate the significant make a difference to your lifestyle too. Life is in itself is so tough having wings and feathers to both sides as good and bad software's are installed as a default setting, now you have to rethink which version to pick up as there are chances that the bad one collides with your vision and sparkle the fire to many situations. Positive, higher thinking gives shape to life. It's an admirable exercise; more time to explore every narrow shell as things come with more clarity, clear an environment that is more favorable to your surroundings. 

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Writer at billion things to do: Karma is an influencing content writer who can motivate you to become an optimistic personality in life. So much of passion and inspiration you will find in the writings, especially in the fictional articles.

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  1. Avatar
    Manish 20-Feb-2020

    Very motivating.Its inspiring

  2. Avatar
    Vivek Agarwal 19-Feb-2020

    Excellent & very thoughtful message.Very inspiring

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