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Top ways to survive the crypto bear market in 2022

Crypto trading is getting more and more famous with every new day. Just a few times ago, Bitcoin was at a record pretty high, and celebrities were pitching uncertain crypto. Many cryptocurrency investors are coming ahead to invest in these currencies. But if you are new to this success and happiness shell and do not have many schemes about how and where to invest in the cryptocurrency market, here are some good ways to survive the cryptocurrency bear market.

Don’t try to short the market

While few investors might be tempted to short Bitcoin and other cryptos (i.e. bet that the price will continue to fall), experts suggest against it. Such a strategy might do more damage than good.

The time to short is probably over and would be an emotional conclusion based on the plan that the market is going to zero, said Scott, a crypto miner, and investor who hosts Wolf of All Streets, the Spotify podcast, and is the writer of The Wolf Den newsletter. The upside of purchasing now is exponential, the upside of shorting is exceptionally limited.

Conduct Independent Research

While listening to an organization's representatives and ready opinions is important, nothing provides you better judgment than conduct out independent research. Before deciding to trade ETH/USD vs BTC/USD or any other crypto, look at their historical charts.

Build, Build and Build

It is a great manner to stem value in a bear market. No matter if the price collapse, developers would not stop building. Considering the possibilities of DAO’s everybody has the chance to get involved. There is precisely a DAO for everyone. You plainly have to enter with an open mind frame and be inclined to provide value. From there, you will be honored in the DAO’s native token. If the project does something thrilling with a nice team you will know ahead of time as you were literally involved. If it is unpleasant, then you can run. Nonetheless, it is a good way to get started. Also, in respect of a reward/risk perspective, the rewards distinctly exceed the risk. To maximize opportunity, build.

It is also experience gained that you could utilize in the possible job search. Building in start-ups cryptocurrency opens up surprising opportunities, you just have to look for them. Why is building the best alternative? Because it does not take capital to begin getting involved in projects. Bear markets could be hurting and your fortune will go on a rollercoaster. No matter how great or how blue-chip your project is. The orange coin could mess it up. When Bitcoin nukes it bombards everything else along with it.


It is perhaps the simplest manner to grow the value of a portfolio long-term and it eliminates the pressure of taking over daily price fluctuations since the staked asset is carried on with to accrue tokens.

Most layer-one protocols provide the potential to stake their native token on a network to obtain a yield, including Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, and Cardano.

Ether holders could stake their tokens on the beacon chain for Eth2, but it’s significant to note that staking rewards would not be able to be declared until Eth2 is fully introduced.

There are numerous other staking alternatives out there from gaming protocols such as Illuvium and Axie Infinity to NFT marketplaces such as LooksRare, so once a deep dive has been built and fundamentally sound projects are selected, staking becomes a matter of setting it and failing to remember it.

Use indicators to discover the best entry point

For investors that possess a higher or basic understanding of technical analysis – the practice to predict an asset’s price movements based on patterns, chart trends, and indicators– it’s possible to utilize some indicators to gauge when an asset has set foot on the bottom.

Of course, no indicator is entirely foolproof, but they can often provide you a strong signal when to purchase a dip.

A famous method is to utilize the RSI indicator or good to say Relative Strength Index – a momentum oscillator characterized by a line and a channel that oscillates out and in of it. There are two crucial elements to this tool:

•            Overbought: When indicator line breaks out above a channel the asset in question is regarded as “overbought” – in other terms, overvalued – and generally signals that prices will fall back down shortly.
•            Oversold: When the indicator line breaks out below the channel the asset in question is regarded as “oversold,” or undervalued, and generally signals that prices will be rising soon.

Bear markets could be painful, but overall, markets are optimistic a majority of the time. Of the last 92 years of market history, bear markets have contained only about 20.6 of those years. Put another manner, stocks has been on the rise 78 percent of the time.


A bear market is distinguished by a sharpened fall in the prices of investments such as stocks and crypto-assets over an extended period. A market is signified bearish when a fall in price rings at 20 percent and above.

The journey into the bear market often begins with an fearless motivation unavoidable recession, where investors are on the lookout for figures surrounding inflation, unemployment, hiring numbers, etc. As Pessimism motivates the thoughts, investors lost out confidence, and the market starts a cycle of asset sell-offs.

An ultimate sharp fall in prices will lead suit; the bear market is a sentimental time as individuals will keep selling as prices fall more extreme. An easy dive into the thesis of demand and supply discloses that if the number of humans keen to sell is higher than those keen to buy, then the price of an asset goes down.

Just like the economy, the cryptocurrency market is regular and it’s no hidden secret that it is inclined to unexpected, severe, and many a time unprecedented volatility. For traders, this volatility is greeted, even sought after. For those holding cryptos, this is a headache that most desire they could ignore as which cryptocurrency will survive a bear market becomes tougher to tell. 

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