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Ways to starve the ego feed the soul

Don’t seek love externally, it’s short-lived.  Go beyond the ego sphere and rouse the love that already exists within yourself.  It will encompass everything and everyone in your life.  It will pervade your very being.

12 commandments for a happy life and soul

1. Choose happiness. Radiate it. Happiness is an option and positive energy you can plough daily. Motivational quotes of life give you the best to live in good vibration energy like peace, love, joy, and fun — for your own fulfillment and wellbeing, and for the optimistic ripple effect, it has on those around you and the entire world.
Bring a sense of delight, play, enthusiasm, and awe to your regular assignments and life cycle. Decide that no matter what occurs, you will keep your heart open.

2. Enjoy the pleasures of life. You are the globe experiencing itself through you. Show it a nice time. Give it to yourself to joy earthly pleasures. Get up early and watch a ray of sunshine, dive in the ocean, devour fresh juices and salads, put on your favorite music, throw a get-together party, attempt a new recipe, relax in the garden with a great novel, have a cup of coffee, and do the matters that make you feel fully alive.

3. Make empowered choices. You don’t have control over everything in the life cycle but you do have control over your alternatives. Make possibilities that are kind and loving to you. Feel nice about your choices. Make them with wholeheartedness -right energy, permission, and joy. Use permissive verbs – I can do this; I select this.

4. Live in gratitude. Gratitude is illusory simple yet eminently powerful. It makes what you have today enough, while also attracting more nice things to your planet. Say thank you many times a day. Thank you for the bright blue sky, fresh air, nourishing meal, rainwater, loved ones, warm clothing, and life itself.

5. Own your gifts. You are the only you in the heritage of humankind. There will never again be anyone else like you – with your magical and unique blend of talents, quirks, passions, energy, and ideas.
When you think of how many sliding doors events and moments in history had to occur for you to be here today, you may understand for a moment how incredibly worthy and precious you are. Own your presents. Shine your light. Share your true authentic self with the globe.

6. Listen to your heart. Become more centered in your heart and soul and less centered in your circling thinking pattern. When you can hear to your own soul instead of the noise of the world, you’ve mastered your life chain. Your inner guide will always tell you what to do, where to go, what to talk about, and to whom. Your soul identifies exactly what is required for your highest happiness, good, and growth.
Following your bliss is a wise action plan for your life hierarchy because when you do, you open the window to inspiration, ideas, and energy.

7. be creative and curious. Make time for dancing, soul journaling, creating, art, adventuring, and solo dates to get to understand yourself better. Mix up your routine, try creative activities, walk the untracked path, and open your gateway to new persons. When you are in motion, you become more lively and present, as you can no longer dependent on your default autopilot half-asleep mode. Have endless curiosity towards positive expectations and life.

8. Take care of yourself. You are a worthy, divine spiritual being. Treat yourself accordingly. The more you take care of and love yourself, the more you can take care of and assist others. Nourish yourself with nutritious meals, movement, water, sleep, and meditation. Fill your cup until it overflows onto others.

7. Commit to self-love. Your relationship with your self is the most essential one of your life. How you treat yourself will have a profound influence on your relationship with others, as well as your level of happiness and success.
Treat yourself like you would a best buddy or loved one. Put your hand on your heart regularly and tell yourself you are purely accepted and loved. Remember you are always enough.

8. Be mindful and present. The only time frame you can truly experience Disney Island is now. Leave behind those daydreams, circling thoughts, and problems alone for a few times and check out what chances and joys are surrounding you in the present moment.
Give each assignment your full attention, love, and energy. Link with your senses throughout the daytime as a doorway into the present. Give yourself wholeheartedly to each moment. Hold nothing back.

9. Remember to measure and balance. The learned walks the mid-way path, away from the extremes. There is a time for peace and a good time for action. A great time for acceptance and a time for giving. A time for pure silence and a time for talking. A time for holding off and a time for indulging.
Balance the areas of your life – career and calling, relationships and love, money, lifestyle and leisure, spirituality and wellbeing – in line with your values.

10. Creation overreaction. You are a strong creator. Spend few time complaining about how matters are and more time frame deciding how you would love them to be — and then take motivated action to make it so.
Personify the energy of having what you wish in advance of it arriving. dress, act, walk, make decisions and talk as your ideal self.  Keep your eyes open for your vision, and not the illusions around you. They are yesterday’s creativity.

11. Adopt Namaste consciousness. Soul-salute them and bless others as you pass by. Remember the divine aroma within you is the same light within them — we’re all just souls wearing different clothing.
We’re also operating at various levels of consciousness, so practice forgiveness and show compassion. See everyone as a blossoming flower — beautiful and unique in their own way. Replace judgment with acceptance, love, and respect.

12. Think to give. Wake up and talk to yourself: how can I serve my days? How can I personify love? How can I bring pleasure? How can I leave this planet a better place? Have a spirit of work as you go about your day. Be a blessed feeling, good company, a motivation to others. You get more of what you provide, so if you lack abundance, love, or joy, find a pathway to support others find it. It will come back to you a hundredfold.


1. LISTEN TO YOUR EGO. Nowadays, we don’t stop for many matters, not properly. From the time we awaken, our lifestyle is filled with constant sounds, demands, and sensations of ringtones, alarm clocks, vibrations, beeps, traffic, televisions, and so on. Find few minutes to sit in peace, with no demands. If you can explore a few times to stop and calm your brain, you may hear the truth your inner voice talks and start to figure out what it is an attempt to say to you.

2. FILL YOUR SPACE WITH PRETTY POSITIVE. We all have at least some cheerful memories: good years, good days and good weeks; good times with good buddies, times when nothing could go wrong. Bring them into concentration with photographs of your good buddies, or of good times spent with humans you like.  Fill your workspaces and living with images and souvenirs that showcase joyful times, so your energy is spent in an optimistic space.

3. DO SOMETHING FOR CHARITY. There is nothing like that feeds the soul more than doing something for others who genuinely support our help. Fortunately or unfortunately, in the present world, we don’t have to see out far for reminders of how wise we have it in comparison to others. visit with an elderly neighbor, Clean out your closet, or donate clothes to give to someone else so you don’t fixate so much on yourself.

4. CHANGE THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. It’s pretty common knowledge that we are the average of the few humans we spend the most time with. What mental image does that develop? What have they all got in common? They were or still are buddies. Which means they discuss the plan, read motivational quotes and cheer each other on, and most significantly, are pretty honest with each other. Can you say the same for your colleagues and friends? Do they genuinely need to hear what you have to say? It may be a nice time to make a change if this is not the case in your present friendships.

5. CREATE A LEGACY.  If you had time to live, what would you need to leave behind? How will persons remember you? Is it poetry or a painting, a novel or a short tale; or will it be a bunch of payslips from your job place? Pen up the story you want others to read; don’t let your surrounding situations create it. Find the matters that lit up your soul and develop a legacy around it, so humans remember you in a manner that will continue to motivate you. Everyone has a mental picture of themselves. And that image can change based on what is happening around them. The necessary matter to remember is our internal ego, isn’t always painting an accurate view. It’s up to us to listen to it, question it and then change the voice in our mind, so it serves us in the best possible way. 

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