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How to Make Everything Easier by Accepting the Present Moment

The strength of now can only be realized now. It requires no effort and time. Effort denotes you’re trying tough to get somewhere and so you are not present, welcome this moment as it is.

Connect to the Present Moment. I’m guessing this is a routine struggle, and the solution can emotion counter-intuitive. Many humans fear that if they let themselves feel their emotions they will be taken over by them. However, when I make space for my feelings without acting on them, sometimes there is pain, agony and I might cry, but it is a clean pain rather than a mental anguish, and it doesn’t last as long.
I also discover that motivational quotes connecting me to the present moment and assists me develop a little space in my brain when my thoughts start stressing me out.
It’s easy to get caught up worrying about the future, thinking about the past, or wishing the future would hurry up and arrive. When I identify this happening now, I ground myself in the present moment by listening to the sounds around me, identifying my feet touching the ground and my breath flowing in and out, and I feel peace and calmer.

Observe Your Thoughts and Emotions. I’ve grasp to observe my thoughts instead of attaching a narrative to them. Emotions can’t last forever on their own. I heard that the natural lifespan of an emotion is about eighty seconds. But we can keep them alive for longer by thinking about them, resisting them, and being afraid of them. Emotions, like everything else in life, go and come.  
Once I had the capability to develop distance from my thoughts and not be consumed by my emotions, I was able to take action to make my life better, even when I didn’t emotion like it. I did my best to embrace life as it was instead of concentrating on how I would like it to be.
This doesn’t signify I didn’t still struggle at times, but embracing the present moment covers me get through these times more constructively. I don’t think my relationship with my loved ones would have worked if I hadn’t already initiated learning these skills before we met.

Stop Resisting the Present. Fast forward a few years and I am in Sydney, Australia, where my partner is from. I was visiting his family when Covid-19 hit.
Like many persons, I no longer had the independence and freedom that I was used to. Instead of living in the city like we had expected, we were staying in his parents’ city, and my love was working from home. I didn’t have the choice to join a Japanese class or get a job like I had planned, and at times I felt lost. After few months of this, I was getting desperate, but I couldn’t travel home to South America even if I wanted to.
During a careful conversation, my love suggested that maybe I was resisting the circumstance too much. There was nothing we could do about it, and I was just making it unpleasant for myself by withstand reality.
The next day my sister suggested I was reminded that in the present moment in front of me everything was actually alright. It totally changed my perspective. It was when I thought about the future that I got into a dark, rough place.

Stop the Mental Time Traveling. Just like when I was feeling depressed or low, I thought, I can’t take this anymore! How long is this going to go on? And just like then, when I accepted the present circumstance it didn’t seem as bad. I began to enjoy the free time and relish my time there knowing that nothing lasts forever, bad or good.  
I read novels, did meditation, lay in the hammock, and studied Japanese. These were all the matters that I was doing before, but it felt different. I wasn’t resisting being in Sydney anymore, I was just there. I stopped desiring to be back home or fretting how long it would be. And that permitted me to enjoy the fascinating, unique things about that season. I slowed down and let myself see up at the trees and listen to the birds chirping. I enjoyed the chance to get to understand my in-laws and my love culture. Sometimes now, when I stop and listen to the silence, I feel a deep sense of joy and peace.

Take Action When You Can. Now, if there had been something that I could have done to change matters, of course, I would have done it. I’m not advocating for passive fatalism or submission. Sometimes we require to take action, be proactive, or set boundaries. In fact, when you stop resisting the present it permits you to see matters as they truly are. This can empower you to concentrate on the actions you can take right now rather than concentrating on the future. But when there is nothing we can do, accepting this present moment is often more stronger than worrying about all the moments to come. You’ll understand what to do when the time to act arrives.

Concentrate on your present as permit mindfulness to make you more smooth and peaceful your interactions with others.

Surrendering Saves Energy. If you are struggling with a circumstance that you can’t control, can you come back to your body cells and what is around you here and now? Can you make space for any feelings that are present and permit them to move through you? Concentrate on the one breath you are taking right now. What can you hear, taste, smell, see, and feel? Inspirational blogs surrendering to the present. Faith that eventually you will drift safely to shore. This not only saves energy, it permits you to enjoy any positives in your present situation, because just like the tough things the good things won’t last forever either. The present moment is all we have, and in a way, it’s all that is real and pure.

It’s a Practice. Being present and exerting our capability to be mindful not only makes us cheerful, but it can also help us deal with pain more successfully, decrease its impact on our health, reduce our stress, and improve our ability to cope with negative feelings like anger and fear. I suspect it’s something I will be practicing for the rest of my life, and that’s alright.

Remove unneeded possessions. Minimalism forces you to live in the present. Remove items connected with past memories frees you and permits you to stop living in the past. Once the past no longer has strength, you can start to live in the moment.

Smile. Every day is full of endless possibilities! Begin it with a smile. You are in control of your manners every morning, keep it expectant and optimistic. Be intentional about it and you’ll explore yourself doing it every day without even realizing it.

Fully appreciate the moments of today. Soak in as much of today as you possibly can – the sorrow, the smells, the sounds, the triumph, the emotions, and the sights. These are in our normal lives but we often forget to take them in and purely appreciate them.

Forgive past hurts. If you are nurturing resentment towards another person because of past hurts, pick to forgive and move on. The harm was their fault, but permitting it to influence your mood today is yours. Let go and pick to be present in the moment instead.

Love your job. If you just survive the workweek constantly waiting for the next weekend to get here, you are wasting 70% of your life (5/7 days.) There are two solutions: Discover a new job place that you actually enjoy, or explore something that you appreciate about your present career.

Dream about the future, but work hard today. Dream big. Set aims and ideas for the future. But working hard today is always the initial step towards realizing your dreams tomorrow. Don’t permit dreaming about tomorrow to replace living in the moment. Dreaming about the future is only progressive when blended with action taken today.

Don’t dwell on past accomplishments. If you are still talking, thinking about what you did yesterday, you haven’t done much today. There is still plenty of time to build upon past successes and develop more achievements and memories for future-you. In the future, you’ll be adoring the memories of today.

Stop worrying. You can’t completely appreciate today if you worry too much about tomorrow. Realize that tomorrow is going to occur whether you worry about it or not. And since worry has never skilled anything for anyone, redirect the mental energy elsewhere.

Think beyond old solutions to problems. Our life is changing so fast that most of yesterday’s solutions are no longer the right answers today. Don’t get locked into a “but that’s how we’ve always done it” mentality. Yesterday’s solutions are not today’s answers and they are surely not tomorrow’s solutions.

Conquer addictions. Addictions in your world hold you hostage. They keep you from living a fully free life and removes your concentrate from the moment. Find some help. Take the steps. And separate their influence over your life. Motivational quotes of life permit yourself to live in the moment addiction-free. 

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