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Some don’t listen to listen you!
May 30, 2019

In the course of our life, we encounter SOME people who never listen to listen you because they have a whole lot of suggestions for any of your topic of discussion.
May be in the core of their heart they believe themselves to be better than you, but sometimes I believe that we talk to inform what we are going to do or what’s our plan.

But the unnecessary intervention of suggestions ; ifs and buts definitely mark a confusion in the relationships.
It’s always better to talk out your heart where you are comfortable.

But living in this society, sometimes you have to carry the load of few relationships understanding their nature and feelings by putting yourself in those shoes and just praying for healing your relationship and end up towards peace.

Remember, some people don’t listen to listen you.

But personally I believe that one should be a good  listener than a good speaker as it is what marks a pure and happy connection.

So, I insist you must listen to listen others instead of finding points of disagreement or putting others down.
Happy listening!


Deeksha Arora

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