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July 22, 2019

The day was very sunny

With hotness at its glory;

The time was mid noon with sun at its peak.

I was driving the car with my two years old son

sitting on the left front seat adjacent to mine.

I was about to reach home in a minute;

A guy on a two wheeler suddenly stopped abruptly in the

middle of the road and started gazing to both the sides;

Due to his sudden crash stop on the road,

I had to apply brakes to save the guy due to which

my son fell on the front desk of the car and

hurt himself at the forehead;

He cried loud and I took him in my lap and loved him;

He was okay in a while but refused to sit alone on that seat,

So, I took him in my lap and drove back home.



When at home I was wondering that instead of staring and

thinking of the random guy for his misdeed;

I am blessed that my son didn’t have a big injury or bruise,

I am grateful to God for saving me and my child from some sort of negativity.

This gratefulness is so serene and full of energy.

This shift in the thoughts at a neurological level is the main need of the day,

of the event, situations and the people around us.

I am happy I managed well with the shift in thoughts.

May we all stay away from all dangers,

May we all learn the art of shifting the thoughts towards positivity.

Much love and power to you.


Deeksha Arora

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