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July 14, 2019

She was bold

She was beautiful

She sparkled her smile everywhere

She was full of life

Her talk and walk were very attractive

I am afraid! She is lost somewhere.


She is lost in this atrocious world.

She is lost in the difficulties of life.

She is seen no where now.

She has been left behind in the pursuit of time.



I met her recently; wished she was back to normal.

I tried to talk to her, persuade her about the goodness and beauty she possessed.

Still she was blank,

Not ready to meet her own soul.


She lost her mother quite early in her life;

She couldn’t have a happy married life and left the partner in her run of life.

She had insecurities related to her brother and probably couldn’t SHARE her brother with anyone in life.

I totally understand her condition and send blessings for her healing.


She talks by her mood, by her mind now;

She has forgotten all social ethics.

She is no longer a part of the better society instead she is vulnerable to the bitterness of this life.

I really feel pity for her and silently pray in my heart for her betterment.

May the Lord guide her towards the path of authenticity.

May her pious soul be touched and she may run out of the trauma of this world.

Deeksha Arora

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