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Signs of an emotionally secure partner

Your love, care should be more than an embrace of affection. It represents your safety and security. It should make your emotion truly loved.

They don’t pick holes in themselves. Emotionally secure humans don’t waste timeline beating upon themselves. They don’t pick. They’re pretty much aware they’re not perfect, and they work on getting better where they want to, but they go easier on themselves. They absorb who they are. Motivational quotes show themselves kindness when they have made an error. Then they do what they want to do: vow to do matters differently in the future, apologies, make amends— or let it go.

They don’t pick holes in you. When you are low on yourself they’ll be there with the kindness and reassurance you require to help you get up again. When they have something to say to you, they’ll say it with good intent and truthfully— and when they feel hurt by you or have a criticism, they will target your manners rather than your personality. Their verbal words are never an attack on Who You Are; they’re about what you’ve done AND they come from a loving, stable base.

They don’t love, honor and obey all emotion. Emotionally secure people are better able to regulate their feelings, quiet themselves down when heated, or pick or anxious themselves up when they’ve been emotion low. They embrace their feelings — from anger, sadness, and fear to peace, joy, and excitement— as they understand it’s healthy. They can acknowledge and express tough feelings but they don’t get gridlocked by them; they are able to move progressively when the time is right.

As loved ones, they don’t let their feelings dictate their actions and thoughts. They don’t behave or speak impulsively in ways that undermine you or the relationship. Their emotional stability signifies they are able to assess circumstances (or conflict) accurately which covers you both to come up with a healthy solution.

They don’t go silent, stonewall, or hold grudges. Emotionally secure human fight fair. When you get into conflict, they don’t dish out the silent treatment, go to the ground or leave you or storm out guessing as to what’s going on for them. This doesn’t denote they are always able to surface fights in the moment — they may want time to process what has happened. But they’ll talk to you about what they really want. And when they surface, they’ll be reasonable and fair — and up for hearing what you have to talk.

They are not fixed on one world view. Emotionally secure partners are not “my way or the highway” human beings. They don’t always have to be fair or have the last word. They can let you be virtuous. They realize that humans are different in so many ways, that there are many layers and lenses through which we can see the ocean. This makes them wise listeners and able to identify your perspective, even when they don’t much agree with it.

They are not victims of life’s circumstances. Emotionally secure humans tend to operate with an internal locus of control, meaning they are better equipped to take responsibility for the matters in life they can control. When they succeed, they will attribute it to internal factors, such as commitment, hard work, or ability, matters they can own. This signifies they are less vulnerable when things go false way as they won’t slip into a cycle of self-pity. When situations are genuinely frictional, they can accurately realize those things they couldn’t control and, therefore, not be brought to their knees by them.

They share their emotional strength. Emotionally secure people are pretty generous with their strength and stability. They are supportive and patient when you’re feeling upset, struggling (or just being a bit dumb). But they won’t permit a loved one to dictate their happiness and moods. If your problems become too much for them, or unreasonable, they won’t just run away — they will talk to you in-depth about it. And if you listen to their views and continue to work on constructing your own emotional strength, you will gain their love as well as their respect.

Home is an emotional state, a place in the imagination where emotions of belonging, security, family, placement, protection, personal history, and memory abide.

You love communicating with each other. Inspirational quotes of life and Communication are the baseline to a healthy relationship. Whether it’s talking about the family, work, or your emotional troubles, until and unless you’re communicating with your loved one, your relationship is in safe hands. To share your problems, opinions, and fears with your loved one is a sign of a good relationship and portrays the deep thinking pattern you share with your lovable partner.

You resolve conflicts together. Every relationship has its own set of issues. But instead of running and avoiding away from the problems, strong bonded loved ones will resolve and try it together, without playing the blame game on one another.

You agree to disagree. Conflicting ideas and differences of opinions are a slice of every relationship but what is rare is the ability to consider the views and plans of your loved ones. You may not agree with everything they say, but developing a space where criticisms and ideas are welcomed, can only occur if the bond is strong.

You respect each other. If you and your loved one respect each other and give each other the time and space to progress individually, then that is a divine sign that you two are meant to be together. While you understand your loved one's needs and wants, you also know how important it is to give them their independence and space.

You are together, in health and in sickness. Whether you or your loved one are going through a friction patch or having the time of your lives, if you two are supportive of one another and are together at all times, then there is nothing in this ocean that can shake the foundations of the relationship. This in itself denotes the bond you two share.

You spend quality time with one another. No matter how long it has been since you first started dating, if you two still delight in each other’s company and love being around one another, then both of you certainly connect and share a deep connection and are meant to be together.

Security and Self-Control. People who feel emotionally supported and secure are usually better at regulating their own feelings. Human beings who don't feel emotionally secure find it much tougher to do so. Research found that men who described themselves as secure in their romantic relationship were able to get over emotions of anger more easily than subjects without a secure relationship. Unfortunately, feelings of insecurity make it friction to exercise self-control, causing conflicts with your loved one to escalate and leading to more insecurity for both of you.

Attachment and Security. The behaviour human being handle their romantic relationships often has a lot to do with their experiences in childhood. When a kid emotions upset or scared, a caregiver usually steps in and helps the kid feel better. Children learn how to make themselves feel better by internalizing this caregiving experience. A person who wasn't able to consistently get this type of soothing care as a child will not understand how to deal with difficult emotions effectively as an adult. Most humans can soothe themselves impactful most of the time, but not when emotions become too escalated. Some persons cannot soothe themselves effectively at all as they were never shown how. If you usually feel emotionally secure in the relationship but you are prone to insecurity under some situations, you're in the first category. If you feel insecure constantly regardless of the circumstance, you're in the second category.

Know Yourself. The initial step toward greater emotional security is to get to understand yourself better. With some persons, emotional insecurity manifests as a terror of being abandoned and a requirement to fix all issues immediately even if it means chasing after a loved one who is trying to end a difficult conversation. Other humans want to ignore or flee from conflict even when the relationship depends on talking something out. Some human emotions compelled to control their feelings and seem rational and calm, even if this makes them appear distant and cold to a partner who is suffering. All of these manners stem from emotional insecurity, the inability to self-soothe, and the strategies the person has created over the years to ignore painful emotions.

Heal Your Partner. Mindfulness also makes it easy to understand your loved one's feelings so you can offer your partner more security and support. A partner who emotions more secure and supported should discover it easy to help you too, changing a mutually hurtful pattern of behavior into a mutually healing and supportive one. Smile attitude quotes identify the signs of emotional insecurity in yourself, understand that your partner cannot fix the issue for you. However, you can assist each other feel more secure if you take care of yourselves first. 

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