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Is your Relationship Codependent?

If your identity, mood, and happiness is covered up by another individual, then you could be in a co-dependent 

Co-dependent individuals usually go with a pattern of behaviors that are problematic, consistent, and directly involved with the person’s ability and emotional health to discover fulfillment in a relationship. “Signs of co-dependency blends controlling, excessive caretaking, and love smile quotes and preoccupation with humans and things outside ourselves. A co-dependent relationship, by contrast, is completely one-sided. It’s a dysfunctional dynamic where one partner disproportionately sacrifices and gives their own needs and wants to clean up the mess and please the other partner, who rarely offers support in return and often behaves recklessly. 

You’re fast to say “yes” to your partner without pause to think how you feel. “You have all the right to cover up of yourself in relationships by setting borderline and explore the inner power to say ‘I’m not sure’ or no, if something doesn’t resonate for you or if you want more time to study your partner’s request. 

You frequently compensate or make excuses for your partner’s false behavior. For instance, avoid someone’s making excuses or drinking for them to your buddies is likely to define that you aren’t looking up things transparent in your relationship as the dividing line have become hazy.  

Your partner’s pleasure becomes your highest priority. Such a relationship is truly poisonous to the person’s development, and ultimately their delight. Still, blind to the consequence of such mislay devotion, the co-dependent person can’t help but continue to try to please the individual they’re sanction as that person’s acceptance of them has sometimes their sole, priority or become their highest one. 

You think you’re assisting your partner by releasing them out for the umpteenth time. But at this level, you’re just enabling them. You demonstrate your love by rescuing and enabling to assist resolve your partner’s self-manufactured issues. This signifies that your supportive, loving acts serve to foster your partner’s physical health or poor mental one, immaturity, unhealthy dependence, irresponsibility, criminality, or addiction.  

The most hurtful thing is losing yourself in the procedure of loving someone too much and almost forget this fact that you are special too.


You lose your own sense of desires, identity, and interests. Healthy love, care permits for differentiation. Each human can have their own sense of self and yet remain emotionally joint when there is conflict or disagreement. Gaps in the relationship should not be taken personally. Each human has their own buddies, own interests, each is supportive of the other, and their pleasure is not dependent on the relationship. A sense of ‘togetherness should be present.
Co-dependent love survive when each one ends up giving up a sense of who they are in order to make possible the relationship in motion. The dynamic in the relationship is one of enmeshment, control, manipulation, and giving up aspects of yourself. 

Your partner doesn’t battle fair enough and often manipulates you to get their way. Healthy love involves an appropriate borderline around communication, including fight. Healthy couples sort out arguments fast; they don’t manipulate their partner, stonewall, or stew in anger. 

You’re always giving your best more to your partner than you’re receiving in return. Co-dependents are providing a whole lot more from their partner than they’re getting back. Although they may do all this so as to assist ‘secure’ the attachment and also decrease their worry or concern about being rejected as they’re also avoiding their own quite honest relational needs and wants.

Your partner is always taking the power of your bright qualities. Your relationship is with someone that takes a lead of your empathic and loving, kind nature so they can ignore taking responsibility for their own life and adult responsibilities and the consequences of their immaturity, irresponsibility, addiction, poor physical or mental health, or criminal acts.  

You try to take on your partner’s struggles and pain for them. Co-dependents become very uneasy permitting others to have their own suffering. Metaphorically, we take it for them and carry it. Unfortunately, most often this is at our own expense, and we can end up feeling very displeased and give up portions of who we are. Smile attitude quotes are the reason we faith as we are in charge of the emotions of the other and/or that our pleasure depends on being in the relationship. 

Your relationship is predicated on coercive, conditional, and controlling behaviors. For example, ‘If you purely loved me, you wouldn’t make me so irate, angry that I want to unwind with alcohol.’ Or, ‘When we will be getting married, you should stop going out with your buddy. 

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