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August 3, 2018

I being a North Indian, travel quite less towards South India but still I managed to have many trips over there. South India is full of natural beauty, greens, waters and Nilgiris. My recent visit left a few marks on me, the most important was that I met very honest people over there, may be it was likes attract likes or whatever.

We had a flight from New Delhi to Coimbtore which was very enjoyable as I was travelling with my loving husband and three adorable kids. All the way we had fun, gossips, photography, books, tasty food, memories and a lot more. We stayed  in Taj, Coimbtore and visited the Aadiyogi Shiva statue in Coimbtore, the next day.

We were mesmerised by the bliss and magic of the environment. After our short visit to the place we left for Ooty in the taxi. During this taxi journey we enjoyed the forest greens of Tamilnadu and finally reached our destination in the evening. We relished our cottage amidst of the hills and greens.

    Next day morning when we were having breakfast in the dining room, we saw a person searching for us in the whole resort, actually he was the taxi driver of our previous day travel and was searching us. My seven years daughter left her wrist watch in the taxi and he was all the way there to return that to us. So, sweet of him. His honesty really impressed us and we appreciated him for his gesture. The whole day then we were out for site seeing and visited a very fascinating theme park named THUNDER WORLD.


 It constituted Big foot dinosaurs, snow world, forest world, rain forest, trick eye, haunted world, infinity world, bang zone, illusion world and much more. As we were about to check out from this thunder world, we looked for our belongings and our Canon camera was missing. I asked my husband about the same but he said that he didn’t have it. I said, You must have forgotten somewhere, its always with you as its your duty to handle it. As soon as I said this, a little whisper in the back of my mind made me realise that we had to remove our shoes in many activites and one out of them was the Trick eye zone, there we had shelves for keeping our shoes and I kept the camera in the top most row, while I was wearing my shoes.

 We clicked a lot of pictures in this section. I ran towards the trick eye section and asked the care taker about it.

He said, “yes mam, you left it here and I have deposited in the office, you may take it from there. I came out running with a sigh of relief and told my husband to get it from the front office. He just looked at me amusingly and left to get it.

Next, we moved on to a place called Wax Planet, where all the celebrity statues of wax were displayed.

Again we got a shot for photography. Clicks with the celebrity statues.

 Wax planet had two floors, we covered the first floor and were just about to wind off with the second floor that a voice called me from behind me, “MAM, Have you left your hand bag somewhere?” I was like, YES. He told me that it’s at the cash counter, I walked swiftly down the stairs ahead of my husband and kids and silently picked up my bag and thanked the lady at the counter. I joined back my family and went further. After sometime I told my husband about the incident and he said,”thats what I was wondering where were you going at a pace?

Then, we all had a lot of laughter and travelled back to the resort.

      HA HA HA HA

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