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March 27, 2019

Clicked in an airplane,

Share it for the snap contest

and WIN

Snap contest of airplane.

Win to get published.

Your picture will go viral.

 You can send Multiple entries for snap contest.

 Entries allowed till 20 April, 2019

Photography Passion is the passion of many people today. Actually it is an art.

This snap contest is to promote your confidence for this art.

It is the opportunity for all of you to showcase your creativity in this field.

                  Are you photogenic?

Most of you send the entries for best photogenic snap contests for your kids.

Let’s diversify your photography options;

Click pictures of versatile moments,

Don’t just cling to social media status addiction.

Let your picture follow instructions and help your growth process.

Purpose of recharging batteries

A billion things to do snap contest allows you to post picture of different timelines.

Different timelines -:

  • occasions
  • travel
  • relationships
  • incidents
  • festivals
  • special days and
  • a billion things of your life.

So, lets get started with various contests for your mindfulness like caption contest and the element of surprise, RIDDLEs in the form of recharging batteries.

A billion things to do is the best online contest site Best Slogans Website – CHANDIGARH of Chandigarh for your mindfulness #reset #readjust #mind and creativity.

You can check out pictures at Pexels http://www.pexels.com for learning phtography by yourself.

Analyse different angles how the pictures are being clicked and try them out with your camera or your smart phone. You will definitely enjoy it.

Your love for pictures will multiply as you follow these techniques.

Participate in our various snap contests for your recharging, change and passion.

Your photographs could be a source of inspiration for many. 

Many of our subscribers are already into our snap contests and are also enjoying and participating in other mindfulness HAPPINESS VS UNHAPPINESS contests.

Thanks to all the users for their advanced photography and their creativity.

Keep participating!

Enjoy reading!

Trigger thinking!


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