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June 6, 2019

The demons held her tight with all their might
for they feared of their annihilation.
She destroyed thousands of those demons with temerity for she was on the verge of becoming ,
“What she really was.”
She who always feared the demons
for what they were ,
She who was terrified
more than anyone could ever be ,
She who was fragile of them all ,
Had the audacity to annihilate
them all , making them aware of
” What she really was.”
She conquered and butchered them all for they had they dared to infiltrate her mind.
Anger and passion fired up her veins
Like a dynamic star.
At that moment she came to know ;
“What she really was.”
She faced all her fears
She nixed the demon like pessimistic thoughts
which her mind was addicted to ,
She conquered them..
She didn’t give up..
She annihilated them all ,
” She was what she was. ”


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  1. This is an awesome poem!
    so much power!
    Keep going…
    Keep writing…
    We are happy to feature your words.

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