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April 14, 2019

The night was with a cool serene breeze,

with twinkling stars in the sky,

The area was decorated with a necklace of lights

as the twinkling diamonds,

There were a whole lot of people around me but my focus

was on my living deity, My Master, My beloved!


The hymns in praise of the Lord

were in the air as a sweet sound marking its path

inside me as a melodious tune;

I was totally enjoying the moment,

The moment of my meeting with my master,

The prayers for our love deep inside me were in each and

every cell of my body, the atmosphere was full of felicity.


My physical voice was in complete chorus with

the groupies of the melody and my hands were beating in claps

as per the tone of the music,

full of vibration and energy;

The energy which cannot be defined,

The ecstasy which cannot be explained and

gladness that cannot be expressed

But can just be felt;

felt with an open heart with

every elixir of blessings pouring  inside my soul

creating an energy which was high in frequency;

higher than my aura,

much much full of enchantment creating a

euphoric state in me of the Great unknown

as if I was at cloud nine.


I was absolutely immersed in this immortal nectar

when I listened to my Master singing the stanza with

the music, I lost my senses,

I got connected with something that was

in harmony with my soul,

tears rolled down my eyes, my heart was

full of pleasure and I was in the home of God;

With the absolute blessedness around me,

as if I was immersed in delight in this

promised land somewhere in the skies,

This great elation was beyond words,

beyond everything;

Whatever I have compiled is just

not enough to relive that feeling of Nirvana.

But its freshness is in my heart and

I hope and pray it stays alike within my soul till eternity.


My hands were beating and clapping even

in more elated fashion with an unending realm of water

from these eyes;

Deep in my heart  my love for my father just added

beauty to the wonderful moment at this wonderland.

My infinite thanks and gratefulness was and is

not just enough for such elatedness.


May my love for the Lord keep on increasing each passing day of my life.

May  this feeling rest with me as I transit my life to next level of eternal rest.

May I relive this during my departure from life.



Deeksha Arora

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