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August 27, 2019

“Be kind to everything that lives.”

The only place that can solve your problems is “nature.” Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. When you look deep into the nature, you understand everything better. When you come closer to nature then you are not afraid of change. Time spent within trees is never time wasted. Get lost in nature and you’ll find yourself. You must take adventures in order to know where you truly belong. You must read inspirational quotes about nature and know more about its diversity and divinity. Sometimes you need to unplug and enjoy nature’s company. Spending time in nature is actually the healing energy.



If you study nature, love nature, stay close to nature; it will never fail you. It feels good to be lost in nature. The silence of nature is pleasant and real. It’s something you can feel with close eyes. Nature never goes out of style. Take a quite walk with mother nature; It will nurture your mind, body and soul. Go offline; you’ll get a better connection. Nature is the cheapest therapy. If you close your eyes and visualize the sunrise or sun set over a wide country field, I bet it’s going to be breath taking. Have you ever noticed that the trees may be contorted, bent or straight in weird ways still they look beautiful. This is the beauty of nature where everything seems perfect even if it is not. We must learn to see perfection in all things as nature and must accept everything and everyone as it is. For every thing  is unique and wonderful in its sense.

Nature always takes back what belongs to her. If you plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; they come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature. The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man because it wears the colors of the spirit. If you are too busy to create beauty in materialistic things then you definitely miss noticing the beauty of this splendid nature. All mountains in this world have paths although they may not be visible from a deep valley. This nature owes us a lot, we need to return it the treasures in our own unique styles by helping others, by contributing in nature balance plans, building other’s spirit by uplifting them mentally and emotionally.







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