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Why is pain called purposeless, but it teaches us a lot

Pain is our way of telling us that we’re out of sync.

Pain pushed them to view life with an entirely different outlook and adopt a manner of humility. Pain is a meaningless, unconditional, blank canvas. Motivational quotes of life help in making you pick the desired purpose you wish to give it at every moment or, if you pick, leave it colorless for a timeline until you decide to put some color in it. There is no requirement to be scared of it. It is a rough blank painting. It’s up to you to keep it colorless or put a meaning. Rather than being afraid of the lack of color shade, and force some color into it, maybe there is no requirement for that, maybe you can just be without a reason.

The great gift of life is that pain is fundamentally meaningless. All things, situations, circumstances in life are neutral and devoid of any particular built-in meaning. They are neutral symbols, props. There is no automatic built-in meaning to anything.

Pain is a purposeless play. Chill, drop the future completely. Only this moment comes to the horizon and this moment is eternity. Don’t permit any pain to be here, just be completely alone in the absolute purity. Attempt to live moment to moment as if there is no pain. In the initial stage, it will be only a small pain, but in the long way journey, you will become aware that as if pain is the only hard reality check. In the beginning, it may be just like a tiny obstacle. Soon you will realize that pain is the only hardcore fact.

It’s better to do things that excite you the most. The main inspiration is to ignore pain and boredom and to seek pleasure in the long run pathway.

Pain inclined you to go in the wrong direction? Then you will have wasted time, and time is finite. And everyone else is so far ahead. Everyone else seems successful and happy. Everyone else is climbing the ladder, earning more dollars, making a difference, mattering.

Pain was something wrong with you for being so resistant, so uncertain, so unable to identify and commit to any path. You felt adrift and incredibly out of control. You thought you are a failure as you hadn’t done anything that felt important. Pain makes you lost, undisciplined and immature. You stayed in the pain as an adolescent and refused to look forward.

Pain got harder to breathe and even the thought of social interaction made you tired. You started becoming anti-social and always wanted to be alone. The pain of constant anxiety about the future, the realization of the complete and utterly embarrassing ignorance of the world, the sleepless nights where all the flaws exposed themselves without mercy. The self-doubt, self-criticism, self-hate, self-judgment that overtakes your mind and does not let you escape as you realize that it is almost impossible to eradicate the painful ocean.

Wisdom is nothing beyond than healed pain. Keep our hearts and mind open to the wisdom from every painful experience that we endure.

There is another line of thought where pain pushes you to teach some good lessons otherwise. There is something about going through a painful river that makes you to be a good person. Here’s how pain can make you a better figure:

It makes you compassionate. When you dive around a lot of pain, you become more kind; you don’t wish the pain you experienced upon anyone and you don’t want others to go through what you’ve been through. Love smile quotes aid in as it teaches you how to be empathetic and to never underestimate someone else’s pain just as you haven’t face the heat by yourself.

It makes you wiser. The small matters don’t bother you anymore, you don’t sweat the little stuff like you used to; you look at the larger image instead. Pain makes you look at the world differently and it makes you understand the essence of the ocean.

 It makes you cherish your relationships. Pain makes you value the relationships more, you realize that you have persons you can lean on in times of problems and individuals who genuinely happy to support you and really love you. Pain makes you strengthen the bond between you and your closest family and friends.

 It makes you stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. After the wind has passed, pain makes you a lot powerful and better prepared to face tough circumstances. Pain is sometimes the pathway you want to pass the tests of life.

 It makes you re-evaluate your life. It makes you reconsider your relationships, your finances, your health, and your career. It can assist you to go in another direction or explore a meaningful purpose for the life. Pain makes you stop and question a lot of matters and try to figure out solutions and these answers can change your universe.

 It can be a major source of inspiration. Your pain can be the basic motivation for a new charity, for a new project, for a new community event and if you’re an artist, it will be the catalyst for the art you created. Most masterpieces are canvased by strokes of pain.

Your scars make you beautiful. The scars no one can see, the scars that hold stories of survival and pain, the scars that describes that you’ve fought for something or loved someone, the scars that denotes that you have been bruised but you’re still in momentum as your scars make you stronger, they make you special and they make you a person with imperfections.

Your love becomes stronger.  You are more open to being vulnerable and you love more deeply. Even though pain makes you tough, it makes you softer too. It makes you want to give ease and love someone else’s pain. Your love becomes profound and more pure.

 It makes you fight for happiness. When you’re in pain, you look for ways to be happy and ways to feel better. You do things you never ever thought you would just put a smile on the face. It makes you in motion in the pursuit of happiness.

 It makes you more spiritual. When you don’t understand why certain things come to you, you tend to look for solutions outside of yourself. You attempt to understand the universe and God. Motivational quotes are the reason for you to try to comprehend the divine laws and you begin to slowly faith that there must be a big reason for your pain and you become more in touch with the spirituality and you pay more attention to it.

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