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Ways to stand up for yourself

Never give anyone permission to exploit you. No one can't lead you down that road.

Practice being authentic and transparent. It might be tough at times, but if you grasp to express yourself honestly and openly, inspirational blogs make your emotions like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. So often, we conceal behind a half-hearted smile and nod instead of saying what we really think. It takes a lot of practice, but learning to be authentic and open about what you are thinking or feeling is the baby step. Once you get in the habit of making yourself heard without being overly defensive or accommodating, people will be more open to hearing you.

Take small but powerful steps. If you are struggling with being positive, start taking small baby steps to stand up for yourself. Even just learning to walk more confidently—head held high, shoulders back—will help you feel and appear more confident. Channel that assertiveness when dealing with others. This attitude can apply to all zones of your life. Feeling annoyed at the human who cut in front of you at café coffee day? Politely ask them to move to the back.

When someone attacks, wait them out. As you progress more confident in expressing yourself, you’re also going to have to grasp to face those who need to override you. There will always be humans whose personalities are set to attack mode. It’s necessary that you remain calm but confident if you emotion like someone is trying to bully you. Don’t permit yourself to get broken or react with low blows. Walk the high road journey but stand your ground.

Figure out what’s really bothering you. Going with the flow for the purposes of not making waves actually develop more anxiety and stress for yourself. But facing the problem will empower you to make it better and diminishes the control it has over you. Remember, persons can’t read your mind; if you don’t vocalize what is bothering you, no one will understand.

Clarify first, without attacking. It’s good to take a self-righteous stand, especially if you are certain you are in the right mode. From your perspective, you are justifiably defending yourself against someone who seems to be entirely in the false pond. But it’s necessary to resist the urge to react with emotion. Instead, take a breath and calmly explain your outlook to them. Avoid accusatory words or combative tones. Throw light on exactly what you mean and silently listen to their response. Only then can a real discussion start to take place.

Practice makes perfect. Once you begin getting the hang of what it means to stand up for yourself, it’s time to practice asking for what you require as often as possible. When someone says something you openly disagree with, or you feel pushed into doing something you don’t need to do, say something. Studies show that it takes 66 days to shape up a new habit, so stick with the new assertiveness for few months and you might be amazed by the outcome.

Be deliberate. Here’s a circumstance like sharing space with a roommate who is a slob or messy co-worker. You might have remained silent while progressing more aggravated at the circumstance. It might be tempting to slip into passive-aggressive behavior, such as making snide comments or angrily cleaning up the mess. Try being careful instead. Tell the human how you are feeling without being exaggerated. Be straight with your concerns. Follow up with a good suggestion that can correct the circumstance.

Stand up for your time. Time is precious and yet we often emotion pressured to give it away when we have the ability to say no. There are times when you might not have a real choice, such as when your boss says an assignment has a high priority. But don’t let responsibility dictate how you spend the hours of your day. You are in pretty much control of your own time. Push back when it’s appropriate, or tactfully disengage from those humans or situations that submerge your schedule.

Recognize that no one can disprove you. You are in complete ownership of your actions and emotions. Your faith, feelings, ideas, inspirational quotes, and thoughts belong to you, and no one else can tell you what you invalidate or feel for your opinions. Likewise, if you seek to invalidate other people’s perspectives, you are also destroying any chance for problem-solving or having an open discussion.

Stand up for what is true and worth even if you stand alone. Stand up for righteousness, regardless of who steps on it.

Fake it till you make it. Learn to stand up for yourself won’t occur overnight. It takes time to progress comfortably with being assertive. While you are in the learning stage, it might assist you to imagine that you are an actor grasping to play a new role. Imagine that you are the most confident human you know. How would you handle yourself in a tough circumstance? Learn to stand up for yourself is like riding a bike: Eventually, you will discover the right balance.

Have confidence. Develop a strong sense of self-confidence is the first baby step towards standing up for yourself. If you don't have any confidence or faith in yourself, how can you expect other people to? It's easier for others to spot when someone is failing on their luck and lacking in self-confidence -- which makes them an easy target. If you're confident, persons will be less likely to identify or tease you as weak.  Assertiveness has to come from within, so do whatever it takes to make you feel good about yourself. Learn a new skill, lose out some weight, and repeat positive affirmations daily -- nothing will change overnight, but your confidence will progress in time.

Set goals for yourself. Goals control your own destiny and give you a sense of purpose, and they assist you to realize what you truly want. This is a necessary chunk of standing up for yourself and preventing others from walking all over you. Motivate yourself by setting an ambitious but achievable aim over the next few months, weeks, or years of your world. It could be anything -- a top grade in your next school paper, a promotion at work, or running a marathon -- as long as it's something that provides you a sense of self-worth. When you finally reach your aim, remember to take a moment to look back on how far you've come and appreciated how much you have achieved.

Develop a good attitude. Your attitude is everything -- it influences how other humans perceive you and even how you see yourself. Your attitude sets the quality of your thoughts, tone of your voice, and is reflected in your body language and facial expressions. Remember that attitude is pretty infectious. If you're happy, bubbly, and bright about things, you'll motivate those around you to feel good about themselves and the world around them. If you're pessimistic, and down about everything, you'll soon infect others with the same negative energy. We naturally prefer to be hanging around the human who makes us feel better about ourselves, and we're more inclined to respond and listen positively to someone who has a great attitude.

Feel good about yourself physically. While you don't want to look like a superman or fairy tale woman, your appearance does matter and looking healthy, fit, and strong will provide you greater confidence and assist you to stand up for yourself. Choose an activity that you enjoy doing -- whether it's running, weight training, rock climbing, or dancing-- and throw yourself into it. Not only will you look and feel good physically, but you will also have a lot of enjoyment and become a more interesting and fulfilled person in the procedure! You should also consider starting self-defense or martial arts class. The inner discipline taught will refine your confidence a great deal and the moves you'll grasp to defend yourself will double your confidence and permits you to stand up for yourself should you ever discover yourself in a physical battle.

Learn how to say no. Learning how to say no is one of the toughest but most significant ways of standing up for yourself. If you tend to be a "yes" human who never needs to let anyone down, you risk becoming a door-mat who everyone walks all over and takes advantage of. Learn to say no will cover you to stand up for yourself with buddies as well as humans who intimidate you. Think about that buddy who keeps borrowing cash but never pays it back; assertiveness and best success quotes will enable you to ask for that money back and to say no next time, all while maintaining your friendship hierarchy. People may be taken aback at first, but they will grasp to accept your newfound determination and may even come to respect it in a complete way.

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