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Qualities that make you unforgettable

People will walk out and walk in of your ocean, but the one whose baby steps made a nice lasting impression is the one you should never permit to walk out.

Stop seeing and start doing. Can you speak brilliantly about how clothing provides a door into the inner world of Mad Men characters? Do you explore yourself declared about the degree of depth lost in the Game of Thrones TV series as compared with the novels? Anyone can share opinions about TV or movies or even (I'll grudgingly admit) novels. That's why opinions are swiftly forgotten. What you tell isn't interesting; what you keep on doing is interesting.
Spend your life doing instead of watching. Cool things will occur. Motivational quotes are the reason behind Cool things that are a lot more exciting and a lot more memorable.

Do something unusual. Draw a rectangle and put all your "stuff" in it. Your rectangle will look a lot like everyone else's: Everyone has a family, everyone works, and everyone has clothes and homes and cars. We really like to think we're unique, but roughly speaking, we're all similar, and the same isn't memorable.

So, occasionally, do something pretty different. Backpack to the next city just to see how many humans stop to offer you a ride. (Don't take them up on it, though. Unless you appear to be in distress, the human who needs to give you a ride is the last human you need to ride with.) Try to hike to the top of a nearby hill no one climbs. (Trust me: Take water.) Compete with your son to see who can swim the most laps in few hours. Or work from a Maggi shop one day just to see what you grasp about other humans and about yourself.
Whatever you do, the less sensible and productive it is, the better. Your aim isn't to accomplish something worthwhile; the aim is to collect experiences. Experiences, especially unusual experiences, make your world a lot richer and way more fascinating.   

Embrace a cause. People care about--and remember--people who really care. When you stand for something really appreciable, you stand apart.

Let other humans spread the word. People who swagger or brag are not remembered for what they've done; they're remembered for the fact they swank or brag. Do nice things and other humans will find out. The less you say, the more humans remember.

Get over yourself. Most of the time, your professional world is like a hamster wheel of résumé or CV padding: You ignore all possibility of failure while maximizing the odds of victory in order to certain your achievement graph climbs up. Inevitably, that approach begins to extend to your personal world, too.

So you run, but you won't enter a race as you don't require to finish at the back of the pack. You sing, but you won't share a mic in a buddy band as you're no Adele. You'll sponsor the employee badminton team, but you won't play as you're not pretty nice.

Professionally and personally, you emotion compelled to maintain your all-knowing, all-conquering image, all-achieving.

And you're not a human. You're a résumé.

Stop trying to seem pretty perfect. Accept your mistakes. Make errors. Hang yourself out there. Try and fail. Then be gracious when you fall down. When you do, humans will definitely remember you, a person who is willing to fail is rare, and as humans who display humility and grace, especially in the face of the defeat cycle, are quite rare.

Optimism. The human mind is wired to be negative. We exaggerate threats. We anticipate threats. We sometimes see threats that plainly are not there. It’s protective, but it’s also burdensome. When we meet someone who is optimistic and upbeat, we remember them. You understand the type: They see the glass as half full, while the rest of the planet see it as half empty. Their optimism can be contagious. We feel better just being around such a human race. Compared to the pessimist, the optimist is an excellent light in the darkness. Optimists might confuse us, but they are unforgettable.

Reliability, Trustworthiness, and Taking Responsibility for One’s Actions. Sadly, many humans tell one thing but do another. They make promises, but then explore reasons why they can’t keep the promises they made. When these humans make errors, they spend inordinate amounts of energy trying to ignore responsibility. Sound familiar? There is, however, a minority of humans who actually show up when they say they will. They do the things that they tell they are going to do. They take responsibility for their actions, especially their faults. Rather than cover up their faults, courageously, they are the initial ones to point them out. In doing so they earn admiration and trust. They are unforgettable. They take our breath away.

Thinking in a different pattern and being different makes a human unforgettable. History never remembers the forgettable.  

Tenacity. For most endeavors in life, Inspirational quotes of life and determination are the single good predictor of success. Success in academics, business, and even business is predicated upon persistence. You’ve heard the tales of numerous popular humans who failed time after time only to persevere and emerge from those failures successfully. Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Al Neuharth (USAToday), Col. Harland Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken), and Ray Kroc (McDonald’s) all suffered repeated failures before they changed the planet. President Calvin Coolidge once said that compared to education, talent, and genius, tenacity is omnipotent.

Self-Confidence. We remember humans who have confidence. Confidence is pretty magnetic. We are attracted to humans who exude confidence. We need to be like them; perhaps we wish some of their confidence will transfer to us. Research over several decades has shown that self-confidence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy predicting success and happiness. It makes us quite unforgettable.

Respectfulness. Sadly, the demands upon us are so huge that many of us only have time to respect ourselves and the here and now. It seems colleges spend little time teaching history yielding to demands to spend our precious time on other topics. Yet this is short-sighted. I have seen many instances where younger colleagues have claimed to have made a significant advance in their zone only to explore that same advance was made many years earlier. Harvard professor William James once said the biggest craving of human nature is the wish to be appreciated and respected. To consider others and take time to read history, especially the contributions they have made.  If we respect other people, in turn, we will earn their respect. And we become lifetime unforgettable to them.

Interpersonal Connectedness (It’s Whom You understand). Studies tell us that area of loneliness predicts heart disease as strong and powerful as does cigarette smoking. Research also tells us that interpersonal support is a good predictor of human resilience. We go through a life cycle hoping to discover someone who will have our backs in times of turmoil. When we discover them, they become unforgettable. If we are there for others in times of requirement, asking nothing for ourselves, only to help, then we become invaluable and unforgettable.

Resilience. Flexibility is the reactive ability to bounce back from hardship. We surely arise from difficulties. In doing so, we become clearly unforgettable. But a recent study from Johns Hopkins has explored another type of liability that we shall refer to as resistance. Think of refusal to accept as a form of psychological immunity. With reactive elasticity we become unforgettable. With psychological immunity, we become indestructible.

Laughing at Yourself. Humans who don’t take themselves too seriously are alright with who they are and what they do as they like themselves and have grasped to embrace their imperfect self. If something doesn’t go their way, they have the capability to laugh at themselves. Embrace your imperfect side without any scary effect. Fall in love with it. Grasp to healthily laugh at yourself as you would do with your best buddy when they do something really funny. And don’t get upset over small matters; laugh at them, instead.

Never Trying To Impress Others. Unlike many people who were continuously bragging about herself and her accomplishments and tried to impress others all the time frame. And hardly asked others anything about their career, life, or hobbies. I had always seen her as a great human, but it was clear she had few insecurities to work on at that time.  I don’t know about you, but when I see someone trying quite hard to impress, the initial thing I perceive is insecurity.  
Simple. Be you. Best success quotes lead you to never give up on who you are, on your passions, and on your standards — as long as this doesn’t interfere with respecting others. Unforgettable people mostly speak about themselves only when asked to, and they don’t overwhelm you with too many details. They don’t feel the requirement to impress others. When you talk to them they are spontaneous, relaxed, and natural.
How to apply this, in a nutshell: If you often explore yourself trying pretty hard to impress others, work on yourself, and on your self-confidence. When you understand your value and have high self-esteem, you won’t feel the requirement to prove yourself to others.

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