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How to Be Satisfied With What You Have

Happy humans never compare themselves with others as they are satisfied with what they are and what they have.

Developing a good Attitude
Practice daily gratitude.
Pen up in a gratitude journal and read motivational blogs each day in order to consistently identify all of the good things that you have in your life. Whether you pen up a whole page or just a sentence every day on what you feel thankful for, this activity may support you feel satisfied by bringing all the positivity of your life to light.

•            Try pen up one thing for every letter of the alphabet (a-z) that you’re thankful for.

•            If you need to involve others in the daily gratitude, consider writing thanks notification to those you’re thankful for.

Be open to change. Those who change at least one of their perspective or behaviors every few months are more likely to look to the future with positivity and hope. These individuals also usually claim to be in a great mood most of the time. Keep in head that progress isn’t possible without change, and try to attain life’s changes with open arms so that you can feel more satisfied overall.

•            For example, you may discover that you accidentally interrupt humans sometimes, and then make a conscious attempt to change this habit.

Look at matters from a new outlook. By attempting to look at negative circumstances in a positive light, you can change your thinking processes over time. This may support you to feel more satisfied as you’re putting a positive filter on the situations, humans, and events in your life.

•            For instance, maybe your job wasn’t really cool, and losing it was a gift in disguise as now you can go with your true passion.

Identify that having more doesn’t mean happiness. Reflect on those who you identify who are wealthy and those who aren’t as lucky. There are numerous people who have less than you but still manage to have a good outlook on life. There are also many who have more than you and are pretty much dissatisfied. Keep this in your head when you think you do not have to have more in order to be satisfied and happy.

Interacting with Others
Invest in friendships.
Research has shown that having some close friendships significantly increase people’s life satisfaction and optimism. Reach out to your buds and invite them to stuff more often. Make a conscious attempt to prioritize time with buds. The closeness that may outcome in investing in your friendships may also come with fun experiences and comforting support.

Accept dear ones for who they are. You may hope that your loved one would be more organized or that your kid would be more intelligent. Try not to get too caught up in what you desire was different from those who you admire. This can cause stress on your relationships and dissatisfaction. Instead, give your best to absorb those who you like for who they are.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Most of the humans that you come in contact with are on a different route or at various stages of life than you are. Try to celebrate others’ accomplishments, happiness, and good fortune instead of comparing them to your own. This will lead to lesser bitterness and more mental peace. Stop comparing yourself to other humans. Envy is like poison for a satisfying lifestyle. It's very tough to keep your happiness alive when you're concentrated on how other humans are better than you. When someone has something that you love (like a job, a car, a significant other, a fun vacation, etc.), don't be upset that you don't have that stuff. Instead, be happy for the other human and concentrate on making yourself happy. Remember: humans tend to only share the chunk of their lives that they're grateful about.

Keep in head that humans often omit negativity on social media. When scrolling through all of the fun adventures and happy faces posted on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites, it’s easier to get jealous. Try to remember that everyone has negative and positive experiences, even if you only see the awesome aspects of their lifestyle on social media.

Volunteer to serve others. Helping others can lift up your spirits and offers you a sense of purpose. When you’re engaged in the hard work of day-to-day life, it can be tough to see the point of everything you’re into. Volunteering for those in requirement can often have a more obvious influence. This sense of purpose can support you to feel more satisfied with your life. For instance, you might feel purposeful while volunteering at a kitchen to serve dinner to the homeless people in your society. The influence of this activity is apparent as it involves feeding those who are without food and hungry.

Happiness does not come from having much, but from being content, even when you have little.

Embracing Simplicity
Incorporate non-materialistic joys into your life.
Begin by making a positive human being note of all the stuff you love that doesn’t want or involve money. Refer to this list often and try to incorporate one or more matters on the list into each day. Some things on your list might involve faith, laughter, love, nature, long walks, family, and more.

Desire what you have. Instead of concentrating on all of the stuff you don’t have, try to concentrate on all of the stuff you do have. If you often need more than you possess, you might never feel fulfilled as there are so many fancies, expensive material stuff out there and you may never be able to purchase all of them. Try to get enjoyment out of the things you already own and utilize. If you’re irritated as you can’t afford a video game that just came out, play some of the stuff you already own.

Take a moment to think about your numerous gifts. In other words, think about all of the great matters that you do have, not the stuff you don't. When you're feeling low, this can be hard to do, so begin with matters you may have taken for granted. Ask yourself certain questions. If you do answer "yes" to anything, you have the reasoning to celebrate — not everyone can.

•            Do you have someplace to live?

•            Do you have a good job?

•            Have you had an education?

•            Do you have a significant other who adore you?

•            Do you have a family person you have a great relationship with?

•            Do you sometimes have free time to do what you need?

•            Are you reasonably good-looking?

•            Do you have good friends?

•            Do you have a nice zone of wilderness near where you live?

•            What else do you want? And is it required?

Think of the ways matters could be much worse. Next, try thinking of everything that could be worst right now. Reflect on why these matters have not happened. Consider each false thing that hasn't occurred to you as a gift in itself. Below are just certain questions to get you started — this time, if you can answer no, to any single one, you have reason to be happy!

•            Are you the wrong person?

•            Are you in trouble?

•            Are you in bad health?

•            Are you completely alone in the universe without any chance to meet new humans?

•            Are you completely heartbroken?

Let go of the past. There's no manner to change the past, so worrying about it does nothing for you. Don't spend a few seconds concentrating on the many stuff that could have been — this stuff doesn't exist in the present, so they're not real. Concentrate instead on the matters that do exist and that you can change. Below are just a few examples of things that you must waste absolutely no time feeling regret over.

•            Romantic things that didn't pan out

•            Errors you made in your career path

•            Adventures you didn't dive

•            Embarrassing circumstances you were involved in

Release yourself from desires for material stuff. Possessions can't make you satisfied in the long term. The "glow" from buying fancy new stuff fast way wears off. Soon, your new possessions are earthly and you're no happier than when you began. Money, houses, and shiny cars are pretty things to have, but they're not the key to happiness, so by permitting yourself to crave these things you're only setting yourself up for more unhappiness. Keep in mind that material stuff is good if the rest of your life is alright, but on its own, material stuff will disappoint you each time.

Focus on your happiest memories. While you must not fret about the past as there's nothing you can do to change it, you can and must savor the great aspects of your past. The fact that you have been happy in the past is something to be grateful for. No one else in the universe has your happy memories, so self-development quotes are uniquely privileged you in this manner. Below are just certain things you may need to think about.

•            Happy memories from the childhood

•            Achievements or milestones that you have attained

•            Family gatherings you have fun with

•            Fun outings with your buds

•            Professional aims you have met

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