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Habits to Adopt to Make This Your Best Year Yet

For last year's words belong to last year's language and next coming year's words await another sweet voice of your inner depth.

Set daily priorities. One of the good productivity strategies out there involves cutting down your to-do list. If you are unable to limit yourself to a handful of tasks per day, you will inevitably lose sight of your purpose, lose focus, and get discouraged.

Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is critical for both your mental well-being and physical health. Inspirational quotes of life improves the immune function, but persons who get a full night’s rest are typically happier and alert overall.

Spend time outside. If you are trying to juggle a social life and work, it can be easier to forget to take a moment for yourself every once in a while. To combat this, spend more time in the great outdoors on your off days and resolve to increase your vitamin D intake.

De-clutter your space. Whether it is your home place or your job office, a tidy space promotes relaxation and calm. Pick the place you spend the most time in, figure out what you can get rid of, and tackle that first.

Learn a new skill. New aims often require new skills. Identify what it is you require to learn and begin looking for the resources that can cover you acquire them.

Be present. While this may sound simple, being present wants a major shift in thinking. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by life’s daily responsibilities and pressures, joy the moment and attend to what is happening right now.

Give gratitude. A trap that many humans fall into is what author Jim Collins has referred to as the undisciplined pursuit of more. In other words, we are constantly working to attain the next level of success instead of count our blessings and stopping to be grateful.

Hold yourself accountable. Lack of accountability is one of the single biggest reasons for failure. When you hold yourself accountable for what you do or say, you are far more likely to reach your goals and stay on track.

Do not wait for the right time. If you are waiting for the timing to be just right to move abroad, pursue your passion, or make a career move, it does not exist. The ‘right time’ will never float present itself, which is why you want to take action today.

Do not be afraid to fail. While resilience is a basic ingredient of success, the fear of non-success is deeply ingrained in many of us. However, if you can figure out a way to bounce back after failing, you will open yourself up to many more fascinating opportunities in life.

Start the day with positive intentions. The moment I wake up, I am not in motion and move. I hold still for few minutes. I contemplate qualities I would like to offer for the day.

Then I calmly repeat the affirmations:

And I keep in momentum until I emotion I am done.

Some days are tougher than others, especially if I wake up pretty early, still tired, with the prospect of a long day ahead?

However, this simple, short and sweet practice sets the right tone. It fills me with gratitude and it firmly places me on the right streamline.

From that point on, my day goes better, and everything aligns in the best and good way possible, even if/as and when challenges arise.

Practice mindfulness. For someone seeking a change in their life— to start doing something healthier, to block doing something destructive, to step into the version of themselves they understand they really are, to become more confident—the single good habit to cultivate is mindfulness.
Mindfulness is the skill of paying attention to goals, ambition, and purpose to the present moment without judgment. This is the first layer to change. It helps you recognize when you are doing the matters you need to change. It helps you know when you are stuck. It assist you realize what you are really thinking and feeling. It provides you the starting point of your map. You can understand what is really happening.

Hope, Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Enjoyment, it will be happier

Adopt a meditation practice. You understand that feeling when you’ve been away from the household for a while and then you finally walk in the door? It feels good, right? It’s tough to put into words, but something in your heart opens.
For everyone, meditation is like this. A returning home. Motivational quotes of life make your brain starts to quiet, there’s a powering sense of stillness that comes forward, and your heart responds. Stillness brings a sense of stability, peace, clarity, and an in-depth sense of connection and being held. Meditation assist us remember and build our relationship to stillness by getting us out of our mind and into our heart. The more we visit calm aroma through meditation the more it permeates us, which denotes it’s more available for use in everyday life.

Use mantras as affirmations. I’m a big liking of using mantras as affirmations. Sometimes life can feel as though it’s spinning out of control, and our brain cells can conjure up daunting scenarios that enlarge our stress levels and add to anxiety. A simple mantra can be super impactful in helping to cut through the din and bring us back to a single focal point. I recommend developing your own mantra using words that emotion grounding for you. Keep it small—a sentence or two is plenty. Using affirming words (especially out loud) can create an empowering and healthy habit of self-care and self-awareness.

Try habit stacking. Highly recommend a self-care practice I call ‘habit stacking.’ This is taking several tiny habits and putting them all together in the one-time frame, i.e. first thing when you wake up. For instance, you might start by doing a few meditation steps, which would lead to drinking a quart of water, followed by few minutes of stretches, and then maybe preparing a green drink. Habits are inspired by triggers, so each activity stimulates the desire in the body for the next one.

Be choosy about the news sources you tune into. It’s admirable to require to stay informed about current affairs, especially in an election year, but carefully pick out news sources you faith and even then, limit your exposure. There’s no value in feeling resentful for half your day, having arguments on social media that you can never win, or getting angry with people or over events you have no control over. All that achieves is that you hand over your personal strength to others who are more than happy to take it.

Add gratitude to your sorry’s. I don’t just say, ‘I’m sorry. I also say, Thanks. For example, instead of only saying, ‘I’m sorry I was late,’ I also say, Thanks for waiting for me. And instead of merely saying, I m sorry I was sort of out of it the other day, I also say, ‘Thanks for being there for me both during good times—and my not so really good times. This subtle shift covers you to feel better about your human glitches. Plus, it also winds up improving your various relationships—because you are sharing your appreciation with people, and gratitude is the best heart connector.

Talk to strangers. One habit worth adopting in 2021 is talking to strangers. This is a habit I started picking up in earlier days, and it has been the best change I’ve ever made in my life. Our relationships are most probably the second most necessary determinant of our well-being, trailing only behind our health. All interactions and relationships —including the ones with strangers—play a massive effect on how much you relish and delight in every moment. By talking to strangers, you’ll improve your social skills, get better at connecting with other persons, and you’ll grasp how to enjoy any moment with random humans. When you’re able to go to a book club, a bar, or a work conference by yourself and have the best time, your life chain improves drastically.

Get more and better sleep. I have come to grasp that the quality of our sleep dictates almost everything on our planet! It has an impact on our attitudes, our physical health, our mental state toward matters, our relationships, and ultimately our success in each area of life hierarchy.  
Sleep has taken a back seat in the island of healthy living with nutrition and exercise being in the spotlight. But all the evidence points to sleep being the basic foundation of our overall health. If we sleep well, we make better decisions, choose better meals, can exercise more effectively, and we can ultimately dive into a more successful, impactful, and rewarding life. It has a domino effect.

Play in nature. How you play in nature is up to you. Motivational quotes signify sitting in your yard, on a balcony, or even next to an open door and permitting yourself to revel in a tree’s stillness or a bird’s melody. Not only does playing in nature reduce anxiety and stress and improve overall health, but it can also assist us to find our way, both figuratively and literally. 

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