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Habits of Highly Miserable People

Many humans feel miserable and lonely just as they avoid their inner critic, develop a gap between themselves and their inner voice, and delete their true self!

They’re never thankful for anything. Being thankful and grateful for anything in a highly miserable person’s world is a big no!
Inspirational quotes are the reason when a person shows gratitude, they must do it from a perspective of happiness and are usually many times more likely to be thankful for matters they already have rather than the things they don’t. A miserable person avoids any expressions of gratitude at all costs as it goes against their faith. They think that counting their blessings is a waste of energy, time and the world will always be full of something to be ungrateful about.

They lead a very unadventurous life. Highly miserable people lead an unadventurous, dull, and boring life. They were certain to have a dull existence, with no possibility, no fun or excitement, and then complain about it!When life is boring and unadventurous, they’ll begin to faith that they are boring and project that upon other personalities.
Life is pretty predictable as far as a highly miserable human is concerned. TV is a big activity in this kind of lifestyle blended with addiction and other ordinary activities such as reading celebrity magazines and tabloid papers, none of which invigorate or stimulate the mind or body.

They live in and glorify the past. We’ve all done it, said matters like ‘it was so much better when I was a child except highly miserable people tend to live their lives stuck in the past tense rather than remember it fondly and moving on.
They’ll talk about what has occurred, what they have done, and what it was like back then, saying that their life has only gone downhill or ungroomed since. When highly miserable people disparage the past, they refer to it as being born in the false place at the false time, or life, when they were a child, was pretty unhappy and they never got what they required.

They do matters for personal gain. All the goodness in the globe stems from getting others to be happy, and all the suffering on the planet comes from wanting the self to be happy.
Only doing matters for personal gain and being self-centered is an extreme habit of a highly miserable person. Life is about gaining more and getting it no matter how they get it, even at the expense of other people. They’ll cover themselves with like-minded persons and even take on professional work that connects criminal activities. They’ll have no second thought about taking from others or acting as if they are doing good whereas their intentions are not so.

They are afraid of economic loss. Fear is a nice habit to have if you need to be a highly miserable person. Fear keeps the miserable human from doing a job work they absolutely don’t like; it makes them work long unbearable hours working for an organization that doesn’t support or cares about its employees.
They are stingy and greedy with cash, liberality isn’t even in their vocabulary; and if it is, there is personal gain involved.
They’ll become ill as of their dollars worries, probably depressed, and lose family /friends as a result. If they could, they’d worry and sit all day long, think about what they could overlook if they took a risk, left their job work, or tried something quite different.

They love to pick fights. Every now and then again, a highly miserable person often picks a fight out of the blue with someone near to them. They usually pick a fight about something absurd and completely unlinked to their present circumstance. 
Secondly, they expect that people to respond with sympathy and kindness and if they don’t, they’ll be fast to point it out. If however, the other party mentions it again, they’ll be certain to make it seem as if they don’t understand what they are talking about and that they never intended for the situation to happen. They’ll swiftly act to be hurt and be the victim, even though they began the fight.

They blame other people and play the victim. Highly miserable people are excellent at blaming their family members, because, after all, they were the ones who brought them to this planet and shape them into who they were.
Typically, they’ll also responsible for the bully who bullied them as a child, a faculty who didn’t admire them, or a buddy who never wanted to do what they needed to do. They simply can’t let go of the plan of playing the blame game.

It’s ok to be crazy at almighty when your world is miserable. It's okay to ask for his support and to feel low and upset when he does not answer you.

They think every human intention towards them is mostly dishonorable. Do work on motivational quotes of life as miserable people will take any opinion, remark, or comment the wrong way, faith that whoever gave it is trying to belittle, insult or put them down. The faith that humiliation is at the forefront of most human's intentions of which will make highly miserable people resentful, distrustful, and always on the defense. Miserable humans expect the very worst from people and can’t imagine humans acting on good intentions.

They give themselves a false, negative identity and revel in it. The highly miserable human let their perceived emotional problem absorbs their very core.
For example, if they suffered from depression, anxiety, then they’d define them as a human. They also attempt to make everyone understand exactly what’s wrong with them. They make this the center of their life, talk about it constantly, and bringing it up at every opportunity.

They get involved in others’ drama. They are the focal point of all the drama in their lives and others’. This includes community and family dramas.
They want to be the human that people will turn to, to share their miserableness with, and to help carry the drama to new heights; exaggerating circumstances and consoling others with their own sorry narrative about how the life chain has dealt them a cruel hand.

They always expect the worst. Life sucks and all the bad stuff that occurs to them is the mantra of a miserable human.
Optimism for the future tense is nonsense and being positive will only be done in pointless. To them, their marriage likely won’t work out, their kids won’t love them, their home will fall apart and their job work is an unbearable chore.

They focus only on themselves. Highly miserable humans focus on themselves, their requirements, and their problems, as they faith that nobody else’s struggles or issues are as bad as theirs. They worry all the timeline about why they do things, why they behave in certain manners while analyzing their flaws and chewing over their issues.

They are critical of everything. Nothing works, nothing is good enough and nothing makes a highly miserable human happy. They are critical of everything whether persons agree with them or not.
Miserable personalities always voice their opinion before everyone else. They criticize something that someone likes just to make certain their point is heard. They love to antagonize and faith they are always right while everyone else is always on the false side.

They worry too much. Worry makes people miserable. Miserable persons won’t listen to reasons and are obsessed with circumstances and matters they have no control over. Worrying feeds into their distress so it’s only natural that these kinds of people are worrisome by nature.

They are jealous of other human success. Miserable people won’t outright say they are jealous of other people’s successes. What they will do, however, is to put down other people’s successes and achievements by pointing out the negatives or downplaying the matter so the other human excitement is immediately deflated. When someone is happy, a highly miserable human will point out all that could possibly go false at great length.
If you feel as though you have few or all the traits of a miserable person, now is the right time to change so you can be a cheerful, happier, and more successful person.

Their default faith is that life is hard. Happy people know the life cycle can be tough and tend to bounce through rough times with an attitude of curiosity versus victimhood. They take responsibility for how they got themselves into a mess and concentrate on getting themselves out of it as soon as possible. Highly Miserable people see themselves as victims of the life chain and stay stuck in the look what occurred to me attitude versus discovering a way through and out the other side.

The faith most humans can’t be trusted. Healthy discernment is necessary, but the happiest humans are trusting of their fellow man. Motivational quotes do faith in the good in people versus assuming everyone is out to get them. Generally friendly and open towards others they meet, happy people foster a sense of society around themselves and meet new people with an open heart.
Highly miserable people are distrustful of most humans they meet and think that all strangers can’t be trusted. Unfortunately, this manner slowly begins to close the window on any link outside of an inner circle and thwarts all chances of meeting new buddies. 

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