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What are the right questions you need to ask yourself to audit your life?

Life can only be understood and must be lived forwards. Stay positive, work hard and make it happen.

By applying space to see where each zone of your life is, you create a starting point for change, growth, and expansion. You are permitting yourself to see what could be improved, what’s working, and what isn’t working.                                                                                                                                                                      Best success quotes are the reason to be confronting, to begin with, but the more you permit yourself to go through this method, the more you will create momentum to move forward in creating the world you really love.

Here is a chance to dive in with each area of your life and give those areas an honest rating so you will have a beginning point for change.


Most of us have blocks around cash and cash flow, usually because of the faith our parents have instilled in us. Unless we are clear on where our management of a large amount of money currently is, how can we change it?

Ask yourself why you want to rate your finances as you did:

•            Do I have enough cash?

•            Do I just make ends meet?

•            I am in debt?

•            Do I battle about cash with my partner?

Knowing your numbers is important. Most humans don’t have any hint of what their financial position is. Remember, it’s impossible to move forward without understanding where you are right now. I review my complete financial position three times a year—at the starting of the calendar year, the end of the financial year, and when I do my taxes.

After you get transparent on your numbers, ask yourself the following questions to ascertain how you can better your financial situation:

•            Am I living beyond my means?

•            What can I scale back on in order to save more cash?

•            How can I grow my earning potential, if not immediately, in the future?

Health & Well-Being

List out the reasons you rated your well-being and health as you did.

Maybe you are telling yourself:

•            I’m overweight

•            I feel unfit

•            I am not exercising enough

•            I drink too much

•            I eat junk food

You might bring knowledge to what you’re consuming each day. Are you conscious of what’s going into your body cells or are you unconsciously consuming drink and food? Now it’s time to consider your movement. Do you take regular walks? Are you participating in sports or going to the gym?

Career or Business

Consider these questions:

•            Do you love what you do? If not, why not? If so, why?

•            If you do care what you do, what zones are there for improvement?

•            Are you pretty much clear on what you do or why you do?

•            What is the why?

•            Do you emotion energized by what you do, or does it exhaust you of energy?

•            Does your work orient with your values?

•            Do you feel joy working with your colleagues?

•            Are you happy with your marketing?

•            How is your time management?

Knowledge & Learning

 Are you attempting out new experiences and grasping new things? Are you expanding?

Ask yourself:

•            Am I closed off to new plans?

•            Do I have an open brain, or am I relying on what I already know?

•            Do I proactively seek new knowledge for my business or career, or do I only seek new learning for fun?

•            When was the last time I actively sought out a circumstance where I could grasp something creative and expand my skyline?

We are reviewing everything to see how we can do it faster, better and more efficiently as live the width and length of your Disney Island.

Travel & Adventures

Ask yourself:

•            Am I giving myself space to travel, to have adventures, and to see new things?

•            Do I even know what’s out there?

•            When did I last go somewhere on a notion?

•            If I can’t manage to travel, how could I be more adventurous in my daily life?

•            How can I be a “tourist” in my own zone—what could I explore, do, and see?


Ask yourself:

•            Do I love and care where I live?

•            Is my household a home?

•            Do I feel happy, safe, and comfortable in my home?

•            Is my house a sanctuary?

•            Do I love the suburb, the city, or even the country I live in?

•            Do I enjoy inviting people to my house, or am I embarrassed by it?

•            Do my family and friends feel comfortable in my house?

If you don’t care and love where you live, you may require to work toward the long-term aim of moving somewhere new place or you may be able to change that easily. Motivational quotes of life help in making changes in your habitat, remove unnecessary items, infusing your house with your personality, or keeping work out of certain areas to make your home more relaxing.


How do you rate this chunk of your world?  It’s an area that is often ignored. I know when I begin my personal growth journey, I considered my spirituality non-existent.                                                                    Spirituality doesn’t essentially mean structured religion as it’s whatever it means for you. Simply take time to what it could mean for you if you positively changed this aspect of your life and to consider how your spirituality is being nurtured or not and. Ask yourself:

•            Am I part of a spiritual group, and if not, would I like to be?

•            Do I permit myself time to bond with nature?

•            Do I make time for spiritual exercise that renew my spirit?

•            What does spiritual self-care denote to me?

Giving Back

Giving back isn’t just donating money or giving gifts or time, it’s also about how much you give in service to others, your community, or the environment; how much you give in yourself. Inspirational blogs aid in about how well you think of your community, others, or the environment as well as our actions.

Ask yourself:

•            Do I give as much to myself as I give to others?

•            Is there a balance of receiving and giving in my life?

•            How am I serving my planet, the loved ones, and my community?

•            How do I require to give back, and why?

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