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What Helps Me Get Strong When Life Gets Hard

It’s time you recognize that you have something in you more miraculous and powerful than the matters that influence you and make you dance like a puppet.

It is your friction to “what is” that causes your suffering. – Remember, happiness is permitting yourself to be perfectly OK with “what is,” rather than worrying for and wishing about “what is not.”  The rest is just you, arguing with Disney life.  Think about that for a small time.  This denotes your suffering only ever happen when you resist how matters are.  You cannot control everything that occurs to you; Inspirational quotes aid into you can only control the manner you respond to what happens.  In your response is your power. 

Where you are right now is a crucial step. – Sometimes we ignore experiencing exactly where we are as we have developed a faith, based on our ideals, that it is not where we should be or want to be.  But the truth is, where you are right now is exactly where you want to be to get to where you want to go tomorrow.

Things will change (again) sooner than you think. – You’re not going to ignore change.  It is the process of life itself.  In fact, everything is changing every small minute of our world.  However true or false a situation is now, it will change.  That’s the one matter you can count on.
You have to be clearly defined about how you intend to move ahead. – Don’t be someone who goes through greater lengths to ignore change than you do to obtain what you wish.  Your world will start to improve when you define precisely what improve means to you.  The frustrations and agonies will begin to ease only when you have something positive and real to replace them with.  Be specific.  Happiness is not an aim, it’s the answer to a life well-lived.

You can’t change circumstances you don’t take responsibility for. – Sigmund Freud once said, Most humans do not really want freedom, as freedom involves responsibility, and most personalities are frightened of it. Don’t let this be you.  When you criticize others for what you’re going through, you contradict responsibility – you surrender power over that part of your world. 

Your manner can improve your situation, or degrade it. – No matter how false things are, you can always make matters worse.  You can’t have a good life with a false attitude.  When a false wall controls your thoughts, it limits your opportunities, behavior, and action.  If you understand how powerful your thoughts were, you would never think of another false thought again.

Other people’s negativity isn’t worth worrying about. – Truth be told, what others do and say, and the school of thought they have, are based entirely on their own self-reflection.  Don’t take matters too personally.

Anger is poison. – Always forgive persons and move on, even if they never ask for your forgiveness.  Don’t do it for others, better do it for yourself.  The best medicine is a strong dose of letting go, love, and laughter.  Just like we would never permit even a tiny bit of poison to be in our meal, let us not permit even a small bit of anger to dive into our hearts.

You are strong enough to rise above. – Don’t permit your temporary injury to permanently transform you into someone you aren’t.  A strong human is not one who doesn’t cry; a strong human is one who cries for a moment openly, and then gets up and battle again for what they faith in.

You have to risk it sometimes. – Life game is inherently risky.  But there is only one risk you should ignore at all times, and that’s the risk of doing nothing.  Get out and make something happen, even if it’s just a baby step in the fine direction.  Strive for growth, progress, not perfection.

You may encounter many failures, but you must not be defeated.  As it may be necessary to experience the failures, so you can understand who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.

Failure you absorb from is always a step forward. – When he was functioning on inventing the light bulb, Thomas Edison famously said, I am not unsuccessful.  I’ve just explore 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  In other words, he faith he never once failed at inventing the light bulb, he just first discover many ways that didn’t work, which led him to the one manner that did.  So take your so-called non-success and grasp something from them.  Inspirational Blogs help in making to learn how to do it better next time.  That’s what’s necessary.

Finding the lesson is the key. – A happy, efficient mindset is really dependent on perspective.  If you think something is difficult, then your emotions and thoughts will be negative.  But if you think it’s something you can learn from, then suddenly, it’s not an issue anymore.  In almost every case, nothing is stopping you, nothing is holding you back but your own ideas and thoughts about yourself and how life is.

Everyone has their own journey, everyone has their own challenge. – It is pointless to compare one with the other.  We all want our own time to travel our own distance.  It’s perfectly fine to be different.  Today, the only human you should effort to be finer than, is the human you were yesterday.
You really are pretty amazing. – Even when life gets tough, you want to be willing to bet on yourself.  It’s the one investment in life you can control better than anything else.  YOU are worth it! 

Being kind to yourself is the best medicine. – Your self-worth has nothing to do with your activity, your calling or your triumph, and everything to do with how you act yourself. Being kind to everyone around you is crucial too.  Good words can be easy but echoes are countless.  Be kind and nice whenever possible.  And realize that it is always possible.  What goes around comes around.  You know this.

Letting others in when you’re in an unlighted place assists. – No, they won’t always be intelligent to pull you out of the dark place you’re in, but the illumination that spills in when they enter will at least show you which way the window is.

Gratitude improves every situation. – Even in the calmest surroundings, the ungrateful heart explore trouble.  Even in the most troublesome environment, the grateful heart discover peace.  Remember this.  There is always, something to be grateful for.  Life is good when you’re smiling.  Being optimistic in a false situation is not naive; it’s a sign of strength and leadership.  You’re doing it right when you have so much to complain and cry about, but you prefer to appreciate and smile at your life instead.  Ask yourself: What if you woke up tomorrow with only the matters you were grateful for today?

Rough times help you appreciate the good times. – If everything was always perfect and smooth, you’d get too used to that, you know?  You have to have a little bit of disorder and chaos in your life now and then.  Otherwise, you will never really joy it when matters go right.

All the small victories are worth celebrating. – Sometimes we fail to pause and appreciate all our little success.  Remind yourself: It’s the tiny things done well that make a big life.

It’s OK to give up on matters that aren’t getting better. – Move forward with no hesitation, no second-guessing, and no guilt trips.  Your motive is to let go and then redesign yourself anew in each moment.  There’s a big distinction between giving up and knowing when you have had enough.  Sometimes we have to move on to move ahead. 

You are not trapped; you just want to re-learn a few matters. – We all have uncertainty that makes us feel trapped at times.  If you confuse your potential to make a life-altering decision, to take on a new chapter in your world, or to fend for yourself after years of being overly-fostered, consider this:  Surely if a bird with good feathers is locked in a cage long enough, she will uncertain her own capacity to fly.  You still have your feathers, but your muscles are weak. Stretch them slowly and train them.  Give yourself space.  You’ll be flying again soon.

Great things take time. – By all means, explore ways to be more effective in your work.  But make no-fault that it takes diligent effort through right times and false to build something worthwhile.  There are certainly some best success quotes story tales out there about humans who excelled rather quickly, but you will often explore they had put in years of related work long before anyone was paying notice to their seemingly rapid victory.  In other words, their present state of attainment is simply all those years of work coming together flawlessly in the present.  To begin every morning ready to run farther than you did yesterday and fight tougher than you ever have before.  It won’t be easier, but it will be worth it in the end. 

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