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The most important life skills nobody taught me

But one of the good lessons you might learn from your pathway is you cannot please every human, so don’t even try to attempt.

How to Be Happy. From a very young age, we learn it’s necessary to “be happy.” But no one actually taught us how to be happy. Ironically, the chase for happiness actually makes us less happy — seeking joy from external sources like money, people, or accomplishments always leaves you falling short as they will never bring true satisfaction. Read Inspirational blogs as the truth is we have everything we require to be happy right now. There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the pathway.  Watch and listen to life chain and see the beauty on the planet right now. Let go of your attachments. And by doing so, it’ll be a lot easy to slip into happiness.

How to Be Fearless. Despite childhood matters that left you with severely low self-esteem, you might learn to overcome your fears and do things like relocating to various continents, starting a business, and much more.  Sure, we all identify the chichés about conquering our fears. But the only manner to truly become fearless is to take action at the moment, even when you’re terrified, again and again. (There’s no other way out)
No one can teach you the way how to do that — you have to firmly decide to do that. And in my experience, the best manner to gain that courage is to become 100% sincere about your aim ladder. If you need something badly enough and you design your environment to achieve it, all the worries, excuses, obstacles and fears dissolve. Your courage will skyrocket as you’ll no longer let anything block you. And that’s when braveness becomes who you are.

How to See My Own Programming. There’s a saying that most people progress up to be just like their parents. And it’s often true… unless they can see their programming node and change it. Growing up, I had many faiths and behaviors ingrained in me that I repeat out unconsciously. But it wasn’t until my mid-20s that I started seeing my own programming method, discovering how it gives me pain and rewriting the tale I was living out. For this, I recommend journaling. Journal about the matters that makes you upset, or even cheerful, and ask yourself, “Why?” Reflect on how you think, behave, and respond to various situations or tension. Then, see if those structures serve you or not. If not, replace them with healthier ones and initiate changing your life cycle.

How to Learn. No one taught me how to grasp things or how to like learning. (If anything, the school did the opposite.) But gaining new techniques quickly can accelerate your progress, and being open to new lessons can unlock more paradigms, opportunities, and ways of life chain.  
In my experience, the best method to grasp anything quickly is to put yourself in real-world circumstance and try it. Even if you read hundreds of novels until you utilize what you read, you won’t actually grasp it; once you apply using it, however, you’ll get the instant feedback required to rapidly improve.

Also, ignore judging yourself as “good, stupid, dumb, smart,” etc. Being afraid of being false will only stunt your learning and progress. Instead, let go of your anxieties or control and simply permit yourself to learn.

How to Connect to Myself. Connect with yourself and become self-aware is unbelievably powerful. You’ll grasp to be at peace with yourself. You won’t be as controlled by your programming, feelings, or habits. You won’t require to distract or numb yourself to ignore feeling uncomfortable with your thinking pattern.
Each day, how often do you watch the thoughts, emotions, and feelings going on inside you? How often do detach yourself from your inner voice so you can ignore getting so caught up in it? No one teaches you that and, frankly, You have to explore it yourself. Learn how to be comfortable being alone. Unplug from busyness, declutter, and distractions and come back sweet home to your thoughts. For this, meditation is a great practice, but you have to practice—as you do it more and more, you’ll get a divine feel at connecting to yourself.

The world is what YOU think of it, so think of it in a different manner and your life will definitely change.

How to Connect to People. Growing up, I was very introverted and shy, which kept my social circle — as well as my opportunities and experiences — very limited. But in life, it’s not your IQ; it’s your EQ (emotional quotient) that signifies your success parameter. Best success quotes learn how to empathize, connect, and relate with people. Learn how to build comfort and rapport. Learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. My family lacked these skills so I had to grasp them myself — and I cannot tense how much it revolutionized my life. A definite good way to improve your social skills is to literally talk to lakhs of different people. It’ll suck at an initial level, but as you do more, you will rapidly gain skills and change your life cycle for the good.

How to Say No. It’s strong to say “no.” For example, it can help your emotional and mental health by developing boundaries with people or ignoring situations that bring you down. Saying “no” also cover your time. Nowadays, we live on a planet where it’s a badge of honor to always be “busy.” (How often do you ask someone, “How is your life going on? and they reply, Busy! I’ve got so much to do!). The most victorious people in the world are extremely protective of their time as they understand their time is all they have. Yes, there are moments you must work your ass off, but if you’re always doing that all time, you’ll burn out. Instead, learn how to say “no” and start defending your life—you’ll explore that your quality of life expands in proportion to the boundaries you set.

How to Get In Shape. Just because you are not fat doesn’t denote you’re in shape. Truer words have never been spoken. Most people frequently tell us to eat healthily and exercise, but most people don’t actually identify how to do those things. Seek the creative skills, but go beyond traditional books and sessions. Talk to experts and grasp how to actually develop a healthy diet, improve your conditioning, build strength, and more. Also, build new attitudes and habits so you can stay consistent over time. 

How to Be Decisive. The manner to create decisiveness is to begin right where you are, with the very next question you face. The longer you take to make a decision, the longer you take to get to where you need to go. That’s why it’s so significant to grasp how to be decisive. To do so, you just have to start—it’s that simple. You have to create action instead of endless overthinking. You have to be alright with the opportunity cost or being wrong. But the profit is you’ll actually move forward in life while everyone else is still wondering what they must do.

How to accept rejection. From the very beginning as young kids who were dependent on others for survival, we grasp to value approval and acceptance from others. It can trigger powerful feelings of fear when we don't receive that approval. Yet fear of rejection keeps many of us following our biggest dreams. Learning that it's alright even when others don't agree is key to happiness.

How to hear inner guidance. As a good parenting technique, we were trained to listen to our parents, and then our teachers, without paying attention given to hearing our own inner wisdom. Learn to tune into that guidance is a skill that comprises greatly to a happy life. You'll go far learning to understand and follow the critic voice within.

How to prioritize joy. Many traditions teach that work comes in the initial layer and the reward is later - if we're lucky. We pay our dues upfront and wish to earn our desserts. But declutter stuff and misery are too often the results of this life approach. Being willing to front-load life with joy and happiness is the wiser route to true success.

How to put yourself first. Selfishness is often criticized and selflessness respect in our society. Yet we are useless to the planet when we are not taking care of ourselves first. Motivational quotes of life learning us to practice effective self-care permit us to be of biggest service to the passions that fill our heart, which makes for good world citizens.

How to appreciate what is. More, bigger, better, and faster is the center point many folks engage in their pursuit of happiness. But if we don't grasp how to appreciate the current moment and enjoy what the life cycle offers right now, it's hopeless that we ever will. One of the most worthwhile manners we can master is becoming grateful for what is. 

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