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How to Live With a Controlling Person

Divine relation is built on free choice and free will, not manipulation and control.

Navigating Day-to-Day Life
Remain calm during frustrating circumstances.
  When someone is efforting to control you, remain calm. Being controlled is understandably irritating, but read inspirational quotes and a calm response is more constructive than an angry one.

•            People who strive to control are often deliberately hostile. They apply this tactic to frighten you into bowing to their will. If you show you will not be terrified, they're less likely to target you.

•            Stay calm when being criticized or confronted. Before reacting, take a very deep breath and wait a few minutes. Do not respond to the command instantly, as you may end up saying something you regret.

•            Instead of firing back with angry criticism, say something like, Let's talk this over later or I'll think about it. This buys you some time to think about healthy behavior to set boundaries.

Do not take it personally. If a person is controlling, it isn't all about you. Even if a controlled human blames you for their manners, this is not the case. A controlling individual has their own issues and reasons that have nothing to do with you. In frustrating moments, attempt to empathize with the controller.

•            Keep in mind, controlling another person is never alright. Acknowledging how and why the attitude happens does not excuse it. Having a point of view is a means to keep your self-esteem intact at the moment. It is not a permanent answer. In the future, you will require to work towards establishing healthy boundaries.

Incorporate humor. A good sense of humor can support reduce the tension of hostility. If you're able to, the effort to apply appropriate humor to defuse the circumstance. Keep in mind, however, this works best in more mild circumstances. If someone is getting very aggressive, they may not take well to humor.

•            For example, you live with your mummy, who tends to be very controlling. On occasion, she acts out by avoiding you when you defied her orders. You come sweet home one day and say something like, "How was your day?" Your mummy does not respond.

•            Give a lighthearted, humorous response. For example, "Dog got your tongue?” Or, “Earth to mom!" This may support defuse the circumstance.

Learn to pick your battles. You do not need to get into a power struggle with a controlling personality. Let go of unnecessary matters.

•            For example, you live with your mother, who dislikes it when you leave half-full glasses in the fridge. She tends to get on your case about it, which you find irritating. It's a minor problem and not worth engaging in a power battle. Attempt to leave glasses in the fridge less often. Save your time and energy for more significant matters.

Do not indulge in unhealthy behaviors. A controlling personality may not just seek to control you. They may also attempt to control surroundings, buds, family people, and other people. A controlling human will often enlist your support to indulge in unhealthy behaviors. For example, your boyfriend gets very controlling in regards to social plans. When you make plans with mutual buddies, he always has a reason to change them, often last moment. he may say, expect you to be on his side when he demands to change a meeting place for a social gathering last moment. Do not agree to do this if you don’t need to. Be firm and say something like, I think Theo really loves this Cafe. We've had these plans for a while, so let's just meet at this place. The place you need to go to is a little out of the way for everyone.

Setting Firm Boundaries
Try to identify the person's need to control others.
This can support you figure out how to best address the problem. Remember, a person's reasons never excuse the attitude. Knowing these reasons, however, can make establish boundaries go more smoothly.

•            Usually, controlling behavior is some sought-of-defense mechanism. Humans use it as a manner to bury emotions that trouble them. Consider the person who controls you. What problems do they have that may manifest in a need for control?

•            Most controlling people have problems with anxiety. They feel uncomfortable on the planet. Try to observe how the controlling person may feel on the inside. Maybe they lack stability in childhood. Maybe they've had rough relationships in the past. All this can lead itself is a requirement for control.

Control is not love; the outcome is a life of incarceration ultimately leading to deep-rooted feelings of displeasure.

Embrace your fundamental rights. Controlling humans often blame other people for their behavior and make those around them feel their demands are reasonable. This is not the case. Motivational quotes of life have fundamental rights as human and controlling figures tend to violate them.

•            Everyone has the full right to be treated with respect. If you emotion disrespected by someone, even if that human did not intend to disrespect you, that's not acceptable.

•            You are permitted basic independence. You must be able to express your own feelings and wants. You are permitted to have different opinions than others.

•            You must be permitted to have your own priorities. You must be able to say "No" to someone without feeling guilty.

Be clear about what manner is and is not acceptable. You want to make this clear to the controlling person. Slice of setting boundaries is establishing where the line is. When talking to the human, make it transparent what you will not tolerate. Convey which manners you discover disrespectful and damaging to your relationship journey.

Accept some people will not change. You cannot make a person change. Even when you state your boundaries, many controlling human figures lack the mental strength to change. If someone does not relinquish control, you want to consider ending the relationship and moving out.

•            Remember, it is not about you. Controlling human have problems they're failing to deal with, that often manifest in a need for control.

•            You have a choice in the circumstance. You can absorb their rules, or you can disengage. Disengaging often denotes lessening contact as much as possible or terminating the relationship.  

Identify when control is abuse. Control can cross the line into abuse, especially in love relationships. If you feel isolated and controlled in your home, reflect on whether or not this manner is actually abusive.

•            Financial control can be a big red flag. Does this person control how you spend dollars? Do they give you a tough time over your expenses or withhold your credit card at times? They may also do matters like reading credit card bills or bank statements and push you to explain all your spending.

•            Does this person isolate you? Many abusers will effort to cut you off from forms of support. They may make you feel guilty for spending time with friends and family or doing anything not directly linked to them.

Assert yourself when required. You cannot permit yourself to be controlled in all circumstances. If your emotion like your boundaries is really being violated, assert yourself at the moment.

•            When your emotion like a boundary is crossed, say so in no uncertain terms. Let the human know what they did wrong, and explain the consequences for this manner.

•            Instead, say something like, I have a right to choose my buds. You don’t have to like my buds, but you can’t push me to stop spending time with them.

Escaping the Situation
Stay out of your sweet home as much as possible.
If you're unable to get out of your living circumstance, seek space whenever possible. Try to spend as much timeframe away from the household as possible for your own mental health.

•            You can spend time in public places. You can, for example, bring your laptop to a pastry shop and browse the net for an afternoon.

•            Spend time with buds. If you're unhappy being at a sweet home, go to a buddy house for a night or invite people to go out on the city with you.

Ignore dependence on a controlling person. This is sometimes not easier to do, especially if the controlling person is a spouse or parent. However, work on getting your own cash and finances together. You do not need to be dependent on a controlling person financially, as this will rob you of a lot of independence.

•            You must also protect yourself emotionally. Do not reveal your deepest emotions and secrets to a controlling individual. They may use these matters to control you later on. Keep your own buds group and support system intact.

End the relationship, if required. You may want to move out if the circumstance has gotten out of control. You can attempt staying with a friend or family member. Let the controller understand you're not interested in having a relationship with them any longer.

•            It can support thinking about what you would advise someone else in your circumstance to do. Imagine someone else coming to you and outlining these issues. Would you tell them to leave?

•            Think about what you would profit from by ending the relationship. Would you have significantly less declutter in your own life? Would you be able to better concentrate on your own aim?

Consider cutting off contact. After moving out, this might be a bright option. Controlling individuals are very nice at manipulation. A controlling human may continue to cause you tension even after you're no longer sharing a sweet home with them. Inspirational blogs consider ignoring events they will be attending, block their phone number, and not seeing them again in the future.

Contact the authorities, if required. Controlling individuals can sometimes get dangerous. If someone is preventing you from leaving physically, or if someone is harassing you after you've moved out, report the manners to the cop.

•            If you are a minor in a controlling circumstance, please contact a family law attorney. Many family law attorneys will offer consultation for free if you're being abused. 

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