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How to Keep Busy when You are Stuck at Home

In general, humans who keep themselves busy are pretty much happier than humans who do not. However, motivational blogs make it easier to fall into the trap of keeping yourself mindlessly busy with tiny projects. While there’s a time and place to finish up day-to-day tasks, you’ll be much happier if you keep yourself busy with activities and pursuits that are purposeful to you.

Keeping Your Body Active at Home
Dance to music.
Turn up a few of your favorite music on the stereo and move along to it for a fun activity that will give you smiling and get your heart pumping for a great workout.
•            Try a Zumba program and video for a fun activity that blends dance and a physical workout.
•            Sing along to the music, too! Challenge yourself to grasp all the words to a song, or all the dance moves in some video.

Do a home workout. Find free yoga and workout videos online to follow along with, or do make up your own routine. Jump on the treadmill if you have it and watch television or listen to music while you do.

•            You can rent workout DVDs from your local shop for free.
•            Try exercises for something that doesn’t require a lot of space or take up a lot of movement in the home.

Go for a walk or run. If you can leave the home, go out for a quick run or walk, even if it is only a few laps around your own home to enjoy the dusky day and fresh air.
•            Try to identifying a flower you don’t understand the name of, or make a point to observe certain new things around your house or yard that you’ve never observed before.
•            You can also do simple workouts in your sidewalk and driveway, such as playing hopscotch and skipping rope.
•            If you can’t go outside but still need to run, try running up and down a flight of stairs in your house for a great workout. Just make certain you are wearing shoes with good traction and make other precautions required to ignore slipping or falling.

Keeping Your Brain Active at Home
Read a newspaper and book.
Delve into a motivational quotes book you’ve meant to read or an informative magazine or newspaper on a new topic to keep your brain engaged and agile.
•            Try to pick up a publication you’ve never read before, or a nonfiction novel on a subject you understand nothing about. Next time you have a conversation with someone, you’ll be able to tell them all about what you grasped.
•            If you have to read a novel that you’re not too interested in for a task or work project, get into it by curling up somewhere comfortable with a cup of tea or coffee, take the novel outside, or even read it out loud to make it pretty engaging.

Do a word or number puzzle. Open up the newspaper to the Sudoku, crossword, or other puzzles and try to solve them. If you don’t have a magazine or newspaper at home, find digital versions online or on take your mobile out to play as much as you love. If there are other humans at home with you, or you can have others come over, welcome them to play a word, card, or board game and solve a puzzle with you.

Learn a language or take a class. Begin one of many free courses accessible via the internet or mobile apps to grasp a new language or skill.
•            Take some courses from a good university to grasp something new from the comfort of your own desk or couch.
•            Or try to take out an online course to grasp the basics of computer coding.
•            You can spend some time away from PC by picking up an encyclopedia or dictionary and grasping a new concept or word.

Tune in to a new radio or TV show. Keep your mind active and challenge yourself to grasp something new by listening to a radio story hour and watching a documentary series.
•            If you have limited access to a TV or radio, you can explore many documentaries and shows streamed online. Almost all radio shows do found in podcast form on the station’s website or other podcast platforms for streaming or download.

Catch up with family or friends. video chat online, call on the phone or send a text message to a buddy or family person who is available to chat.
•            Try pen up certain good old-fashioned mail to a buddy. Pen up your letter on fun stationery and decorate it and the envelope with markers, stickers, or other fun surprises for a recipient.
•            If you can invite humans over to your house, do so! Plan to make food together, play a game, or just catch up over coffee or maybe tea.

Try a meditation exercise. Relax while enlivening your head by practicing meditation nad learn life lessons. Learn one of the numerous easy techniques accessible for free online.
•            Try a plain mindfulness meditation, which you can do anytime if you have just some minutes to spare.
•            You also don’t want any specific instruction to meditate. Simply try sitting peacefully with your eyes closed to think or just observe all your senses being activated by the globe around you.

Completing Tasks
Plan ahead for the time at home.
Make a to-do list for the month, day, or any other amount of time you will be stuck at home to assist you to manage any project you’d love to get done during that time.

•            Try prioritizing your to-do lists by listing things in order of significance or breaking them into a specified manner (e.g. Soon, Urgent, Weekend, or Tomorrow, Today, If Time permits).
•            Make completing tasks more fun and satisfying by applying stickers, colored pens, or other decorations, and make certain to cross off every item as you finish it!

Clean or tidy up. Get to chores you’ve been ignoring, such as washing dishes, vacuuming, or dusting. Make it fun by putting on music or singing while you work.

•            If you do some work from home, concentrate first on decluttering and reorganizing your desk or office space to assist you to think clearer and be more concentrated while you work there.
•            Try reorganizing and rearranging zones that typically get messy, like kitchen cabinets or closets, so that it is easy to keep them consistently tidy.

Mend or fix broken stuff. Try to fix broken household devices, make simple repairs, and mend clothing, that you’ve been putting off.

•            If you don’t understand how to fix something, look up instructions online. It could be easy to fix up than you think.

•            Utilize a simple thread and needle to sew on patches or buttons, stitch rips, or make any other adjustments to damaged clothing stuff so that you can wear them again.

Plan an upcoming event. If you have someone’s wedding, birthday, graduation, or other function coming up, apply your time at home to plan out what you’ll do and make any calls necessary to reserve order supplies or location.

•            Try making your own decorations or invitations for the event to save certain money and lend a personal, creative touch.

Getting Creative at Home
Begin an art project.
Draw or doodle with markers or pencils, paint with watercolor or oil paints or sculpt something out of dough and clay. Look up a new type of art project or image to draw motivation from.

•            Try brushing up in a coloring book. You do even print off pages to color in from online, or computer programs or download an app to color virtually.

•            Pick up an art form you’ve never tried, such as cartoon drawing, embroidery, and origami.

Play an instrument. Choose up an instrument that you haven’t played in a while or never had the chance to grasp. Try to identify a new song, or just master a sole scale progression to begin. You can explore sheet music or chords for guitar, piano, and other usual instruments for nearly any famous song online. You can also utilize online tuners to assist tune your instrument before playing it.

Pick up a creative hobby. Try something you’ve always been required to get into or never even thought you’d attempted. Pick up crocheting or knitting, photography, juggling, or anything else you have around the home.

•            If you have a tough time sticking to one hobby, try setting aside just half an hour at a time to concentrate on it before moving on to another activity, especially if you get distracted and frustrated easily.

Try a DIY project. Life changing habits help make your life easy around the house, decorate, or develop a piece of furniture or another fun invention by looking up instructions online for do-it-yourself projects.

•            Put together images into a collage or frames to display on a shelf, or maintain them into a scrapbook and album.

•            Try making your own cleaning or beauty products, lighting and wall decorations, or clever manners to display plants outside and inside.

•            You can also help to keep regions of your home organized by developing your own storage solutions out of simple items like tin cans, boxes, or jars. 

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