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Golden rules for not taking things too personally

Not taking things personally is a good sign of maturity. When you lose your ego quotient, you win. It really is that simple.

Do you know who they are? Who has judged/hurt you? Do you even identify who they are? The cruel critics are often anonymous voices on social media. Immediately avoid the criticism of anyone who hides behind a mask, a weird avatar, or an unfathomable user name. Best success quotes make Freedom of speech pretty necessary. Persons should be permitted to have and express opinions. Anonymous constructive comments are alright. Anonymous signifies comments are cowardly. Why would you permit anyone who doesn’t know you to hurt you?

Do they (really) matter to you? So many humans are affected by the actions, words, opinions of people who don’t really matter. That teacher in the school playground. That buddy who left you out who won’t be a friend in the end. That obnoxious chic in the next cubicle at work. That micro-managing client you will eventually move on from. The toxic past you never have to see again. Some politician you’ll never have to meet. Yes, they’ve hurt or irritate you but, when you step back and see the big picture frame, they’re not truly significant to you. So keep them in their zone; don’t make them larger than they are. And, if they do matter to you, don’t be too fast to react. Listen — and try to understand their outlook.

Are they Going Low? Avoid anyone who judges you based on your gender, looks, any points of difference, ethnicity, relationships, and personality. That’s none of their business. Smile and think this: if they’re making it personal, they can’t have anything considerable to say.

Know this is about them. There is great energy in realizing the manner a person speaks about or acts towards others is utterly revealing of who they are. In their behavior, tweets, posts, comments — or acts of meanness — they are telling you about their past history, their character, their belief systems, their emotional game, the often narrow way they view life. Any wrong judgment they make is a product of who they are. It’s helpful to understand that. It’s helpful to understand that’s NOT who you want to be. It’s probably even more assist to stay away from them.

Don’t make assumptions. When you are angry or upset it’s easy to assume you know what the other people meant. It’s also possible you have it completely wrong. Stay neutral: permit another person’s opinions to be theirs — and theirs alone. You don’t have to do anything with them.

Figure out how they can help you. Feedback is not always in a negative shadow. And, even if it is, it can contain matters that can help us, particularly around our work. If you’ve had some feedback that’s tough to take, sit with it a while and — when you’re ready — unpack it and see what you can grasp. There are always better, or alternative, ways to do matters. Stay open to them.

Don’t let them limit your life. The great danger in taking things too personally is that you get defensive and it starts to dictate your life. Don’t let them trap you. Don’t let turn you into a victim pond. Don’t let them own your life cycle. If you are going to do anything worthwhile at all, the critics will come near to you. But they’ll only secure if you hand them the power to do so.

Stop Worry So Much About What Others Think of You. The only reason why you would take something someone says about you personally is if the approval of the person you’re interacting with is significant to you. Realize the following: The truth is, not everyone has to love and accept you. In addition, you can’t control streamline what others think of you. Even if you stick to all the rules and do everything righteous, how others respond to you is outside of your circle of influence. If you accept yourself and act in the manner that you think is right, you’ll attract persons who will accept you for who you are.  

Recognize the “Spotlight Effect”. A lot of the time when we feel that we’re been criticized or judged by someone else, we’re actually not. Since we’re each inside our own mind, we’re acutely aware of our insecurities, flaws, and weaknesses. But another human, for the most part, isn’t. Therefore, you may think that you picked up on some criticism from a co-worker when the truth is that they weren’t talking about you at all. Think of the following: without a doubt, there have been various times in the past when you’ve taken something personally, when what was said or told wasn’t even about you. Keep that in your head the next time you’re tempted to take something personally.

Don't Take Anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others do is a projection of their own dream and reality. When you are unaffected by the actions and opinions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

Become More Confident.  Inspirational quotes of life and Confidence acts as a buffer between you and the actions and comments of other people. Look at the following:

            If you have less confidence you’re likely to rise at any negative comment person throw at you as there’s a chunk of you that’s afraid that what they’re saying is true.
            If you have high confidence and someone talks something negative about you, you understand that what they’re saying isn’t true; that it’s a tiny flaw that isn’t going to hold you back in any way; or that it’s something that you have the ability to fix up. Therefore, it’s much easy for you to simply shrug it off.

Think: “Troll-Delete”. Right now the comments section for the blog is closed. However, there was a time when the comments section was pretty open and the person would leave comments. Although most of the comments you received were positive, you would sometimes get comments like the following:

            This is so stupid. Whoever wrote this must be crazy.
            What a lame blog.
            You’re obviously not an educated human being.

Did you take these comments seriously? Did you dwell on them? Did they make you feel bad about yourself? No, on all three accounts. You would think, troll. Then you would delete the comment, and move on to the next task on your to-do list. The next time someone says something false about you out of the blue, just think: Troll-Delete.

Be Too Busy to Care. The reality is, if you have time to settle endlessly on what so-and-so said about you, you have too much time on your hands. Discover something productive to do. Listen to some good music, go gardening, grasp some phrases in a foreign language; take an “Introduction to Computer Science or read a novel. The next time you’re tempted to rehash a conversation that left you feeling as if you had been downgrade, tell yourself: I’m too busy for this. I have far more constructive matters to do with my time than sit here, thinking about this.

Stop Giving Your Power Away. When you let other people upset you, you’re permitting them to dictate how you emotion. That is, you’re giving them power over you. Stop giving your power away. Do the following:

            Silent yourself down by taking a few deep breaths.
            Tell yourself that you will not give anyone the power to make you unpleasant.
            Take your power back by taking control of choosing a different line of thought and what you’re thinking.

Stop Worrying About What Other People Think. At the end of the day, it really is not anyone's business what other people think of you, or anything else. You should worry about what you think of yourself, and what humans you know like and care about you think of you, and that's it. Acquaintances volunteering and strangers give their opinion of you has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. The sooner you do not care what other humans think, the more liberated you will emotion, and you will have more of a sense of self.

Know Your Worth. You're not going to faith what other humans think and say about you when you understand who you are, and you like who you are. Having self-confidence, and know your self-worth is the basic foundation on which everything else is built: your relationships, your achievements, your ability to keep going when work and life get tough. Doing the work to have self-confidence, and self-worth is the good work you will put in. The dividends will show in every aspect of your world, professionally and personally.

Let Things Go. Frame painful experiences as lessons, on how to be stronger and how to better navigate false situations. Do not let them make you bitter or angry, apply them to make you better and move on. Holding on to pain does more destruction to you than to other people. Inspirational blogs learn to let things go, make more room for happiness and joy.

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