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Things to Do When You Feel Sad Hopeless and Defeated

Hope can be a vibrant force. Maybe there's no actual miracle in it, but when you identify what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make matters occur, almost like a real miracle.

Cry your eyes out. Too many of us hold back our tears as we thinking pattern is it’s a sign of weakness. It is perfectly not, and it’s almost compulsory to get those tears out. Go back to the last time you had a nice cry fest and attempt to remember how you felt afterward. I’m guessing you felt like lots of stones were just lifted off your shoulders.Best success quotes lead to crying that is pretty therapeutic. Do it. As often as you have to. Cry and scream into a pillow if you have to but get those wet drops out.

Call a friend. While this almost sounds too plain, most don’t even think about doing this either as they don’t want to burden their buddies, or because they’re too stuck on their issues to consider talking about something else. Pick one human you absolutely like chatting to and just talk your sweet little face off. You can chat about your issue if you think it will support it, or you can utilize this as a chance to get your brain off of things. Just talk!! About everything, anything, silly matters, and nothing.
I remember the time my business crashed, and I was so upset and angry but also embarrassed as I didn’t need anyone to identify what occurs to me and that my business was gone. After a month I decided to call one of my dear buddies, and not only was he great at comforting me but also reassuring me that matters were going to be alright. It was such a huge comfort to get this confirmation from a buddy. Sometimes we want to hear only comforting words!

Volunteer. I tell everyone this. If you’re feeling defeated, go volunteer. Like right now. You can’t even imagine the capacity behind helping someone or something in need. Your heart fills up and then blows up, you cry happy shred, and it honestly just provides you so much enjoyment. Find a Foundation that resonates with you and call them. Go spend a few hours a week there. This will soon become your happy smiley place and something you will look forward to every day or month.

Pen up yourself a love letter. I’ll be honest, I haven’t written once in a while, but I think it’s time. A love letter to yourself is so therapeutic and powerful. In this letter, you tell yourself all the awesome and amazing matters about yourself. You list out all the reasons you must not emotional like a loser. You can go on and on about how amazingly wonderful you are. Pen out all the matters you like about yourself and all your redeeming and radiant qualities.
Now before you say, Oh, I don’t like anything about myself, stop right there. Go look into the mirror right now. I bet you have the sweetest smile and the most beautiful eyes ever. Or maybe you are a determined, feisty person. Or maybe you have a heart of pureness! I bet there are a zillion awesome matters about you. Explore them and pen up about them.

Put on some music and dance and sing. Oh yeah. Select the thrashiest, loudest music you have (and love) and crank up the stereo. Or maybe you love jazz or country or whatever! Turn it up and rip off the knob. Dance, sing, listen to music around your sweet home like a silly fool. Some days when you are feeling defeated, you put on the saddest music with the roughest hitting lyrics, sing loud, cry your heart out, and remarkably afterward you feel a zillion times better!!
Let lose and loose all your woes and cares in your favorite music. You’re gonna emotion astonishing, you’ll even get a small workout in, so you’ll maybe even emotion unbeatable! Go you!

Go for a walk. Another cute matter to do that we often overlook. For many of us, when we’re feeling really hopeless, we don’t need to get dressed and go out. We require to stay inside and weep and eat junk meal (more on that later), but you can’t stay there forever. You have to get yourself out of your dark zone. You have to take action baby steps to move ahead and be happy again. Put your shoes on and get outside. You never identify who you’re going to run into or what kind of super cool matters can occur to you. Be pretty open to astonishment and chance meetings. Or maybe you’ll just discover and see small things that bring a smile to the face.

The courageous thing I ever did was continuing my life cycle when I felt pretty hopeless and shattered.

Watch funny movies and eat junk meals. Yes, I said it. Eat junk meal, aka comfort food. Everyone calls it a comfort meal for a reason. Because that’s exactly what it does. And yes, I get that we might have a teeny sore belly in the evening, all depending on how much comfort meal you swallowed the night before, but really, chocolate ice cream and burger and pizza and shake really do the soul good.
A small word of warning here, though: please don’t make this a routine habit. We all know eating junk meals is not good for us. It’s a nice quick fix on a really hopeless, defeated day but not something you should do all the way. Remember, read inspirational blogs as life is all about balance. That involves your eating habits. So explore your favorite movies—I usually opt for sensitive ones or super sad thrillers—and lose yourself in them. Forget your cares even if only for few hours or so and let yourself indulge a little.

Write a truth letter. Yes, I like writing letters. It’s the good therapy out there, I swear! Much like a love letter to yourself, a truth letter is a message you will pen up to someone or something that is causing you sorrow and grief.
This is where you get to pen out all your hurt, all your anger; every damn feeling your emotion about this thing /person, get it all out! I understand some human who has written truth letters that were thirty pages long. You write until you can’t pen up anymore!
This is something you can try every time you have an angry thinking structure about this human or thing. Eventually, the thoughts won’t show up so often.

Set a timer. We already identify we can’t stay in this dark sad place for too long, or it will consume us. After a few months of feeling like this set a timer for twenty minutes, twice a day. In this time slot, feel angry, scream, sad, weep, or do whatever else you have to do, but when the timer is up attempt to compose yourself and shift your focus elsewhere—on your hobby, work, helping a buddy, anything other than your own issues.
Negative thoughts will appear outside of your time slot. But remember, you can select whether or not to engage with them. You always have an option to let your thoughts pass without getting caught up in your mental tales. That’s up to you to do. Yes, this is tough to do, but the profit is that you are permitting yourself time to grieve without permitting your grief to dominate your days and totally consume you.

Have a ‘me’ day. Even if you can’t take the whole day, try to take at least 3 or 4 hours to pamper yourself. Get a pedicure or manicure or do one for yourself at sweet home. Take yourself out on a date, get your hair done. Do something you smile at, something that gets you into a state of nice flow. Whatever it is that you do, do it in honor of yourself and how awesome you are. Take this time to like yourself, as tough as that may be, and just be present with yourself and only you.

Explore your passions and gifts with someone you love. Get together with someone you like and tell each other what you really love about, what you have a real passion for, what you think really wants to be done on the planet, what you think you could really contribute to effectively and would really enjoy doing. Then say to each other what you think each other’s presents to the world are—the matters that the other person is uniquely nice at doing. I bet you’ll feel matters beginning to transform, in ways that are nice practical, instead of just, uselessly defeated.

Be good to yourself. We’re fucked, and you know it, but still, you’re doing your chunk, doing significant work to mitigate, taking responsibility or support adapt to the defeated future we all face, right? So ease off. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Give yourself a good break. Pamper yourself. Inspirational quotes of life welcome the fact that you’re good enough, strong and informed enough, sensitive enough to emotion utterly defeated and sad. 

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