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Mistakes to Avoid When Chasing Your Dream

Don't be forced around by the fears in your brain. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

Accept Your Current Reality. Your present circumstance may not be perfect, however, consider this the initial point to which to move on from and chase your dream. If you do nothing to change your present situation, your present reality will remain the same. Motivational bogs of life accept your life aroma and assess what talent you do have to move forwards. Never underestimate what you presently have, it may be more than what you think. Tiny daily changes compound after time to develop a major shift, permitting you to move nearer towards your dreams.

Let Go of the Past. Holding onto your past tense, specifically, if you have painful memories can be debilitating, do not allow it to cloud your present decision-making. Letting go of past experiences, particularly rough ones is necessary. Do not give those experiences any meaning, pure way accept that it occurred and shuffle forwards.

Avoid Comparisons with Others. Envying other humans good fortune is pointless, it develops negativity, stifles personal productivity and progress. You have no plan for other humans behind the scene struggles so focus your efforts on shaping your dreams into a reality.

Do not let Failure Crush You. Disappointment and Failure are inevitable, accept that it will not be a Disney ride grasp the lesson and move on. When you permit disappointment to crush you, you miss the chance to see a different opening.

Seeking Approval from other people to track Your Dreams. Everyone has an opinion, their dreams and aspirations differ. Seek approval from others who are clearly not on a similar page as you will hold you back. Seeking encouragement from those who support your dreams, you may require the cheering squad during tough times.

Neglecting Your Health. Many of us underestimate the element of our fitness and health. Without our health, nothing else really matters. You want to take time out to exercise, eat good and concentrate on your overall well-being. Attaining your dreams is a closed chapter if you do not have the health to enjoy it. Get some fresh air, clear your head, practice yoga, meditation, whatever works for you.

Expect Fast Results. This error does have a major impact on your motivation and belief to succeed. If you don’t get them and expect fast results, what occurs is you lose your trust in your goal or your dream being possible to attain. Never underestimate the potential of patience when it comes to working and setting towards your dream or a goal. It is your calmness that will keep you on your journey to attain success.

See Failure As A hint To Give Up. I have failed many times in my life cycle and it is hard but not impossible to pick yourself up and begin all over again. The point in the life chain when you have the most control of your life is when you are absorbing failure or you have failed. It is only you that has the potential to select how you need failure to influence your life. You can select to see it as a sign to give up or you can select to pick yourself up and initiate again.  It is all down to you.

Here are a few significant questions that you could ask yourself to support you keep moving past your failures toward your aims or dreams.

1.           What was the reasoning for my failure – what can I grasp from this and how can I refine it?

2.           Why did I need to pursue this dream or aim to start with – and has anything changed?

3.           What would I say to someone else if they were in my place?

Fail To Expect Or Plan For The Unexpected. With your life aims expect the unexpected – it will occur. When we are not prepared for the unexpected and it occurs, we let these events bring our planet to a crashing halt.

Preparing for the unexpected is great we can manage when it comes to life aim ladder and any other aim we set for ourselves.

The basic steps to prepare for the unexpected are to:

1. Acknowledge the Unexpected

2. Make yourself prepared for the Unexpected by having an Action Plan that considers the following questions

a. How would you deal with these hurdles when it comes up?

b. What paces would you put in action to overcome this obstacle?

3. Commit to keeping moving forward towards your aim or your dream island.

Quitting is not the outcome. Life is not fair and you can’t quit every time something rough occurs to you.

Get Bored With The Daily Grind. To attain what you need in life requires you have to change, to do matters differently, to develop new habits, new behaviors, and new thoughts. All of these cases do not appear overnight. Fearless motivation of life come as a result of you repeating on a daily basis the actions that you want to do over and over again to take you nearer to you reaching your goal or your dream.

Successful athletes will practice and train technique or one drill for numerous hours just to get that one thing right. That is the difference between being ordinary or being great.

Be prepared for boredom as there will be times when you just have to keep doing the similar thing and keep going day in and day out.

Never Visualise What Is Possible. If you need to increase your chances of attaining your goals and dreams then, visualizing is where it all begins.

It is one of the most powerful brains exercises you can do to attain a specific aim and make significant changes in your life. Visualization works as your brain can’t tell the difference between an actual event and visualization. It helps your mind to identify what resources you will require to attain your goals and dreams.

A vision board is a manner for you to bring your desires to life, thoughts, and dreams. When you are visualizing you are doing two significant matters,

1.           You are developing a visual space of possibility which is your inner motivation for you to draw from on your journey to reach your goals and dreams.

2.           With possibility comes optimism and hope and it is these positive thinking patterns and feelings that support you to stay on track to success.

Visualizing what is possible supports you to keep your eye on the bigger image. When you take your eye off the bigger framework you slowly lost your desire, your belief, and your trust in you.

Easily Distracted By Others and Life Events. I have found that when I feel blue, have lower confidence, or feel irritated with myself it is generally a result of me spending a lot of unnecessary timelines comparing myself to other humans and their success in life.

This action of comparing my life cycle to others does not serve me well. I have a grasp to identify when I am doing it and how to fast way shut that behavior down.

One of these methods I utilize to keep me on track is that I do keep a Gratitude Journal. In here I pen up all the best things that have occurred or are happening in my life chain that I am thankful for. Supports me to keep matters in perspective.

When you start to utilize excuses such as this, not the perfect timing or I am not pretty much ready or too many of my buds think that it is not a good plan or there are too many others who have the similar plan and they failed, you are moving further away from reaching your goals and dreams in life.

Know that when you do this you are at risk of accepting the shorter-term comforts of life over the longer-term gains of attaining your dream in life.

Set Unrealistic Steps to attain Your Goals. If you are setting goals that you have never achieved before then it is expected that a chunk of you is not going to faith it is possible. Too often when we set our aim we concentrate on the future of attaining the goal – not the everyday paces we want to take to get us began and to keep us on track.

So take action and identify the hurdles that will stop you from reaching your goals. Once you have identified these hurdles then:

1.           Look for proof that your aims are achievable and realistic

2.           Argue with Your Negative shell –tell it to take a hike!

3.           Discover a supporter to share your emotions, your dreams

4.           Acknowledge your previous successes – CELEBRATE YOU

Thinking you can keep old habits. You have to get the pure kind with yourself here. In order to make the significant changes in chasing your dreams, every day power will have to take a look at your life and see what habits are hurting you. You can begin out by monitoring what you’re doing each day. Are you sleeping in or getting up early, are you skipping workouts or exercising, are you loading up on junk or eating healthy, are you watching too much TV or reading inspirational blogs, are you on social media or generating—you get the idea. The healthier you are in spirit, mind, and body, the stronger you’ll become to handle life’s challenges. 

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