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How to Quit Pretending to Be Happy All the Time

Happiness is an attitude of brain cells, born of the plain determination to be happy under all inner situations.

Acknowledge That You Are Pretending
Become aware that you are pretending.
Often you cannot strike that you are not happy until you become self-aware. You may not understand you are pretending you are happy. Inspirational quotes of life to figure out if you are happy or just pretending, pay attention to yourself, your thoughts, and your actions.
•            As you go through your days, explore out how many times you actually feel happy. Be true to yourself. If you don’t feel cheerful, admit that.
•            It may take you a while to grasp how to be observant of your manners. That is alright. The more you pay attention to your emotions, and the more you are pure with yourself, the easy it will become.

Figure out why you pretend. As you really work hard to stop pretending, you must figure out why you pretend to be happy. Is it so you won’t show weakness? Is it because you need others to see you as successful and cheerful? Are you trying to support your family people? Determine the reason you pretend can assist you to address any underlying issue and get to the real basic key root of what’s causing your discontent. Analyze your behavior. How do you behave? After you realize these matters, analyze why you need to pretend to be happy in many circumstances.

Realize you don’t have to be perfect. Many human figures think they have to be perfect and cheerful all the time. You don’t. No one is delightful every day, and no one has an ideal kind of life cycle. Pretending to be happy to please others or hide your true emotions is unkindness to you.
•            You must concentrate on being more authentic with your emotions. You don’t have to pretend to be something you aren’t. You may explore that the less time you spend pretending, the cheerful you will be.
•            Remember that you will not disappoint or suffer your buds or family people if you stop pretending you are cheerful. You are not covering them by faking it; you are only hurting yourself. They will not block caring about you if you are true about how you feel.

Understand that people go through unhappy times. It is alright if you are unhappy. Everyone goes through a timeline in their life chain where they are not cheerful. This may be due to a change in situations, emotional disturbance, or something else. Accept that it’s alright to be unhappy at many times. Some unhappy times may last for months or days. However, if you are blue for longer than this, it may denote that you have a more sincere issue.

Work through Your Unhappiness
Stop deny negative emotions
. When you pretend to be cheerful, you push down frictional emotions that require to be expressed, worked through, and dealt with. This is not good. Emotionally healthy people experience negative and positive feelings. Expressing false emotions in healthy manners, such as journaling, talking to someone, exercising, or another preferred pattern, support you deal with them and be happy and healthy.

Work through your emotions. Many persons pretend to be cheerful as a coping mechanism. By doing this, you deny yourself the real process of surviving and working through what has occurred. Instead of pretending to be delightful, face your emotions. Work through all the negative emotions. This can support you move beyond pretending to be cheerful.
•            Let yourself feel the matters. If you are pretending to be cheerful, you are avoiding how you really feel. Begin by taking a breath and saying, I feel blue. I feel depressed. I feel disturbed. I feel sad.
•            Permit yourself time to go through the feelings. For example, if you are suffering, this can take months or weeks to fully work through. Sadness or Frustration may last only a few times or could go on days.

Learn to enjoy every code of your life. Be cheerful now. Think how really significant is the time you have to spend, whether it's at job place or with your family. Every time must be savored and enjoyed.

Put yourself first. Pretending to be happy is often an act for other individuals to gain. You may be doing this to cover the people around you. You may not be happy in secret, or you may be fooling your own self. Motivational quotes of life must put yourself first as you block pretending to be cheerful. Not pretending is doing something for yourself great.
•            You may keep a happy face for your kids and your soulmate. This is not covering them, but lying to them and yourself. Being truthful does strengthen your relationship with your family people and support you fix whatever is making you unhappy.
•            Remember that it is not your matter of thing to please others. Being true to your actual emotions is more significant than what others may think.
•            If you explore that there is someone in your life that was happy by your pretending, try talking matters through with them. If you cannot attain a mutual understanding, you may need to spend less time with them.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Some persons pretend they are happy than they are because they used to compare themselves to others. They see individuals on social media posting happy status updates and images, or they talk to others who are pretty optimistic and always seem cheerful. You must delete measuring your happiness against others.
•            Social media is not a good sign of people’s positive emotions. Many persons fabricate photos on social media.
•            Many persons pretend to be happy, just like you.  

Choose to be polite instead of happy. If you work in the office where you work with co-workers, you may be needed to act delightful while at work. This can be emotionally draining. You can select not to pretend to be cheerful just as your job prefers you to. Instead, be respectful and polite to your clients. Treat them with humbleness, but you don’t have to be a bubbly essence of sunlight. Say polite matters like thanks and you’re welcome, and you can smile at the boss, but you don’t need to fake being cheerful.

Enjoy the small moments. Individuals think happiness is discovered through large amounts of dollars, new things, a better relationship, or job promotion work. Often, this would not lead to happiness, though persons may pretend it does. Instead of pretending to be feel good all the time, comfortable and let life happen. Not trying and not pretending to explore happiness in everything around you can support you feel more relax in your daily life cycle.

•            Instead of pretending and pushing cheerfulness, just enjoy the tiny moments. Try being who you are and engage in the matters you enjoy, and see where that takes you.

•            For example, you may find contentment and peace watching TV with your family people after lunch or going on a dinner date with a buddy.

Seeking Help
Talk to someone you trust.
If you are pretty unhappy, you must reach out and confide in someone. Just telling someone your faith can be a step to absorb that you are unhappy and trying to figure out how to be cheerful. This trusted human may be a family person, buddy, or professional.  
•            This may be someone you have hidden from to protect them. For example, you may have pretended to be happy for your soulmate, best buddy, or parents. Tell them how your emotion instead of protecting them from the truth. It can lead to a healthier, stronger relationship between the two of you.
•            You may need to tell the individual, although I may not act like it, I am not pretty happy. I have been pretending for a very long timeline.

Decide if you are depressed. Sometimes, persons are unhappy due to life situations. This may be due to job work, career, a relationship declutter, finances, or life stress. However, if you have been unhappy for a longer timeline, you probably be suffering from depression. If you are pretending to be happy, you may never explore that you are depressed. Depression is a sincere mental illness that must be treated. By not treating depression, you are putting yourself at risk of both physical and mental side effects, such as lethargy and fatigue, weight gain or loss, and anxiety.

Seek professional help. If you identify you are not happy but you cannot stop pretending, you definitely need to visit a therapist. By discussing to a therapist, you do try to work through why you feel you want to pretend and figure out how to delete pretending to be happy.  
•            As you go through this procedure with a mental health professional, you can work with them to figure out how to be much more authentically happier.
•            These kinds of structures are often learned from your family people, and these tendencies should be unintentional. Read inspirational blogs as a mental health professional can support you grasp techniques to break from this pattern. 

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