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How to Be As Perfect As Possible

When you stop expecting humans to be perfect, you can love, admire them for who they are.

On the Outside
Practice good hygiene
. Staying fresh and clean gives you the building blocks to work towards your best self. Motivational blogs create a routine that leaves you feeling smelling great and squeaky clean. Remember to always scrub zones like knees, elbows, and necks due to the bacteria you bring home each day. The bacteria will cause your elbows to turn dark if you have a yellow skin tone.

Get a good night's rest. Not only do a few hours of sleep a night make you feel good, energized and ready for the day, it profits your quality of life and appearance. (Stop out darker bags under your eyes too!)

•            Circulation expands in our sleep. That denotes our skin is receiving the nutrients it gains at night, preparing it to look glowing and healthier.
•            Metabolism and Sleep are controlled by the same zones of the brain. Research has shown that participants who get more sleep lose more fat than their counterparts.
•            Sleep permits our mind time to consolidate memories. Not only does a healthy zone of sleep make for easier recall, but the similar restructuring of memories stimulus the creative process. Our attention is sharpened, making it easy to concentrate (and get good grades!).
•            Sleeping around a few hours a night spurs athleticism, too. Athletes who slept around sometime a night experienced faster running times and less daytime fatigue. 

Care for your skin. Depending on your skin type, this could denote various things. But whatever skin you're in, create a regimen catered to it.

•            Identify your skin type. If you have dry skin, utilize a heavier, more moisturizing cleanser. If you have oily skin, stick to something oil-free and light. Wash up at least once a day to eliminate residue and dirt.
•            If you have acne, utilize treatments containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to combat imperfection on your own. If that is not working, think about seeing a dermatologist. Make-up works to cover things in case of an emergency, but it can lead to more breakouts in the future and clog pores.
•            Protect your skin from the sunshine even 15 minutes outside can initiate the process of rolling. Utilize lip balms and moisturizers with SPF 15. Pale will always be more in than wrinkly and splotchy.
•            Don't forget, the chunk of skin is nails! How short or long you need them is up to you, but be certain to eliminate sharp edges and keep them clean. And do not miss your toes!

Style your hair. Every human has a different perfect hairstyle. Experiment with someone or consult a stylist.

•            If you've explored a style you're happy with, maintain it well. Trim your hair every 9 to 10 weeks and eliminate twist with a huge-toothed comb. Too much brushing does put stress on your hair and scalp.
•            Stay away from appliances and heat treatments. Unnatural steps of heat dry out your hair and weaken it, causing it to destroy. Air dry your hair as early as possible.  
•            Styling hair follows the same usual principles.

Go natural. Anyone who wear out too much make-up is sending the universe the message that they are not attractive on their own. Stay natural-looking to look organically perfect.

•            Utilize powders to soak up a shine.
•            Tinted lip balm and Blush will give your sun-kissed look, visage a rosy (without the damage).
•            Utilize a bit of mascara to accentuate and lengthen your eyelashes.
•            If you have skin problems (or an occasion to wear more), familiarize yourself with how to wear foundation and concealer. Worn right it can look great, but worn wrong, it can look absolutely beautiful.

Dress to your ideals. There is no one perfect look; in fact, the look that is great on you is the one you are pretty comfortable in.

•            Whatever clothes you select, make certain they're clean. Dirty is not trendy.
•            Don't think of yourself as being fashionable. Trends come and go and it'll be stressful keeping up. Instead, create your own style and set them yourself. Your dollars will last longer and you'll be happy being yourself.
•            Wear clothes that are appropriate and fit. Too tight and you're attempting too hard, too loose and your right hand is wasted holding them up. When trying on dresses, think about all angles and move around before purchasing.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

On the Inside
Be confident
. A human that lights up a room is the one every human wants to be around. Acting confident--whether you are or not--is the initial pace to present the image you're aiming for.

Smile. It is contagious. If you're the one who's always smiling and happy, others will be naturally attracted to you. Not only will those around you feel the uplifting mood, but you will too! Everyday power as your mind takes cues from your muscles; smile and soon you will feel its natural, even if it wasn't in the foremost place.  

Be healthy. When you're feeling declutter, everything is tougher to do. Being perfect is much easy to manage when you emotion and look your best. Stick to a balanced, healthy diet. When we treat our inner self, we treat ourselves. Loading up on vegetables, whole grains, and fruits not only stops weight gain, but also leads to a longer life, more energy, and a lower risk of disease. Stay away from too much-processed goods--they often are high in unhealthy, unnatural sugars and lack nutrients.

•            Stay active. Exercise has been shown to lead to better sleep and make skin glow, in addition to its various health benefits. Even taking a walk sometimes a week will support clearing your brain, complexion, and leave you feeling more relaxed?

Love yourself. In order to be truly beautiful and confident, you should love the skin you're in. This may seem tough, but, luckily, you are the only hurdle in your manner from true self-acceptance.  Pen down a list of all your nice qualities. If that's friction, ask others what they think. Go over this list every sunshine, adding qualities as you observe them.

Open your mind. With a closed brain, we cannot see perfection in all its formats. The globe out there is huge and you may not have all the info. As you form thinking, put yourself in others' shoes. Keeping open-minded will lead to understanding, positivity, and empathy--attributes all people are attracted to. You'll be more open-minded about the less glowing facts about our world, your own flaws, and the shortcomings of others. Others will see that you absorb them for who they are and they, in turn, will be more lovably to accept you.

Carrying It Out.
Pursue your goals.
Whatever they are, go for them. A human with motivation and ambition is often unstoppable. Stick to them. When you begin seeing them fulfilled, your inner pride and sense of worth will swell. After all, most of the battle of being perfect is the faith that you're perfect.

Master a skill. If you're creative, dance, sing, or paint. If you're athletic, visit on the field. If you're tech-savvy, construct a computer. Doing something well not only makes us multi-dimensional and interesting (and gives us more matters to talk about), but it leads to different and new opportunities.  

Keep on learning.  You’re not just a cute face. Read up on current topics and events that interest you to be a great conversationalist.

Be kind. If you're skilled, intelligent, and confident, it doesn't matter unless you put those qualities to great use. Take chances to make others' lives easy. Being beautiful and smart is great, but being giving, sympathetic, beautiful, and smart is near perfect.

•            Help others. When you check out someone struggling--be it with too many math difficulties--offer your help. You'll put a smile on their face, which will put happiness on yours.
•            Be respectful and polite. If someone feels differently than you and is different, take a step back before you judge. You may not fully identify where they're coming from and simply need clarification.

Be a good Buddy. Being perfect does not have to be a selfish attempt. In fact, it often means putting others first. Consider others' desires in addition to what you need. What's great for you, may not be fair for the whole. Always thinking "me, me, me" will make you human others don't want to be around and aren't attractive by.

Stick to your values. Understanding yourself, lessons learned in life and what you value will make it easy to make great decisions and become the human you want to become. Don't make excuses for hypocrisy and dishonesty. If you know it's fair, it doesn't matter whether or not it's famous.
•            Cover yourself with like-minded people. It's too easier to get caught up in a mass that forgets about progress, respect, and positivity. Negative impacts will stand in your manner of becoming your best self. 

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