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Courageous people have things in common

Failure is not fatal, Success is not final as it is the courage to continue that counts all the time frame.

They're not scared to faith the unimaginable. Best success quotes try to attain the achievable. That's why most targets and aims are progressive rather than massive or even inconceivable. Progress is safe. Believable is safe. Why? When you enjoy it safe you're less likely to fail short. You're less likely to fail. You're less likely to lose authority and credibility. Don't be scared to await more from yourself... and to anticipate more from others by helping --and showing--they strive for unsafe horizons.

They're not afraid to be patient. When matters go poorly, simply giving or changing course up is often the easy way out. It takes more courage to be patient, to faith in yourself, and to show people your faith in them.
Show patience in others also shows you care. And when you show you truly care, love the persons around you, they explore ways to do matters that amaze everyone--including themselves.
Don't be scared to give other humans the gift of peace, patience; it costs you nothing but could mean the whole world to the recipients.

They're not afraid to say no. Turn down huge requests is somewhat easier, but can you say no to requests for demands or favors on your time? In those cases, saying yes is normally the easy move. Saying no, even when you identify you'll later regret or resent having said yes, is much tougher. Yet it's often the good thing to do, both for you and oftentimes even for the other human. Don't be scared to say no.

They're not scared to take an unpopular stand. Many human figures attempt to stand out in a superficial manner: public support for popular initiatives or clothes. It takes authentic courage to stand out by taking an unpopular stand. Don't be scared to take risks not just for the sake of risk but for the sake of the reward your faith is possible... and by your example to motivate others to take a risk in order to attain what they faith is possible.

They're not scared to ask for help. No one does anything worthwhile on her or his own. Even the most fabulously, brilliant, and visionary brilliant people attain their success through collective effort.
Yet it takes courage to humbly and sincerely say, Can you help me? as asking for help shows vulnerability.
Don't be scared to ask for help; not only will you get the help you require, but you'll also provide the gift of respect.

They're not scared to show genuine emotion. It's not easy to show sincere disappointment, sincere excitement, and sincere appreciation --not just in others but also in yourself. It takes real bravery to openly worry, openly celebrate, and openly empathize. Don't be scared to strike a balance between humanity and professionalism. That's what builds exceptional relationships--both personal and professional.

They're not scared to forget and forgive. When an employee makes a fault--especially a major error--it's easier to forever view that employee through the lens of that error.
But one weakness, or one mistake, or one failing is also just a chunk of the whole human.
It's easy to resent, to fire, to punish; it's much difficult to step back, set aside an error, and think about the whole human. It takes courage to move past and forget faults and to treat a friend, an employee, or a colleague as a whole human and not just a living reminder of a mistake, no matter how grievous that error may have been.
Don't be scared not just to forgive... but also to forget.

They're not afraid to stay the course. It's easier to have ideas, but it's difficult to stick with those plans in the face of repeated non-success. And it's incredibly tough to stay the course when everyone else emotion you should give up. Failure, Hesitation, and uncertainty cause persons to quit. It takes courage to face the fear of failure and the fear of the unknown.
Don't be scared to trust your willingness, your judgment, and your instincts to overcome every obstacle. You can.

They're not scared to earn the right to lead. Every leader has a title, and in theory that title confers the right to direct, organize, make decisions, and discipline and instruct. The truly brave boss forgets the title and leads by making humans feel they work with, not for, that person.
Don't be scared to stop falling back on a title but instead workaround to gain respect; when you do in motion, you gain the permission to truly lead.

Real-time courage is the most significant of all the virtues as, without it, you can't exercise any other virtue routinely.

They're not scared to succeed through others. As inspirational quotes make great teams are made up of persons who identify their roles, set aside personal aims, willingly support each other, and value team success over everything else. Great business teams win as their most excellent members are willing to sacrifice to make others happy and successful.
Don't be scared to answer the question, "Can you make the selection that your happiness will come from the victory of others?" with a resounding "Yes!"

They're not scared to say, I'm sorry. We all make faults, and we all have matters we require to express regret for: actions, Words, failing to step up, step in, show support. It takes even more spirit not to add, But I was really mad, as... or But I did think you were... or any words that in any way places the tiniest amount of blame back on the other human.
Don't be scared to say you're sorry. You'll profit, not lose, respect--and in the process repair a relationship that might have been destroyed.

They're not afraid to take undeserved blame. A customer is frustrated. A coworker is upset. A supplier feels impatient. An investor is shortchanged.Whatever the issue, the courageous human figure steps up and take the hit. They help others. They cover their teams. They willingly take good responsibility and draw negative attention to themselves as to do otherwise is not just demoralizing and de-motivating, it also undermines other human authority and credibility.
Don't be scared to throw yourself under the car; and if that's too much to ask, at the very least never throw other humans under the car.

Self-confidence. Courageous people faith in themselves. They understand what they stand for and who they are. They have good values, identify their personal capabilities, and are confident in meeting the challenges that come before them. Courageous people are purposeful and passionate. You can feel courageous human when they walk into a room — they have a bounce in their step, balance a positive outlook, and are pretty comfortable in their own skin.

Change Masters. Courageous people step outside their comfort zone to meet the challenges that come ahead. They identify that change is part of the life chain and that some of the biggest advances have been overcome by embracing change.

Embrace the Unknown. Courageous humans follow their intuition. If the information needed to make a good decision is not available, they rule out their instincts.

Action. The courageous human put their cash where their mouth is. They understand that it’s not enough to talk about doing something — instead, they act wisely.

Face reality. Courageous people accept that they are not in control of matters because they realize that the world is a series of unfortunate and fortunate incidents where they don't always get what they need or want. They acknowledge difficulties and don't run away from them. They reflect on the matters that have hindered their success and are never in denial because they understand denial develops more disappointment and suffering.

Confront fear. Courageous people faith themselves and tackle their issues directly by evaluating circumstances and taking action accordingly. They understand that confronting their fears is a good strategy to get over them, and they do so in a timely way.

Persevere through struggles. Courageous people don't give up. They may fail, but they get up to struggle again as many times as they want to. They keep themselves in motion. They are very well aware that fights are only temporary and that's what keeps them waiting persistently. They visualize themselves conquering their hurdles while passing through life's storms. They ignore getting wrapped up in their own life and refuse to get into a structure of negative thinking.

Don't waste energy complaining. Motivational quotes of life lead to Courageous humans may express their emotions about their challenges, but they do so without complaining. They are very well aware that complaining will not cover them to overcome their fight. They keep their feelings in check and don't permit worrying or negativity to filter through and develop unnecessary declutter that will rob them of their inner peaceful voice. They brilliantly utilize their energy to concentrate on solutions.

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