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Choose between Mind and Heart

“Maintain balance through the combined conscious states of both heart and mind.”

To create a balance between your mind and heart is one of the toughest things that you may ever do in your entire life. It’s an everlasting fight, because the brain knows what’s right, but the heart always aches. Inspirational blogs and if the heart is pretty satisfied, the mind is always running and you may feel that you didn’t make a good decision. I’ve taken decisions listening to my heart and not my mind. In the end, the heart hurts by itself.

Now, it’s time to go more lenient and understanding. So here goes: I understand. No, seriously enough, getting back to your pal for the several times wouldn’t make you look like a fool. Yes, there is a high figure that you will get hurt yourself again and eventually break-up but you will keep going through this chain until your brain is fed with enough experiences and information that make convince you that this relationship is not healthy for your own well-being. Everyone will pressure you and their judgments will influence you all way. But what nobody can’t do is empathize, really understand what your feeling inside motion is. So, let the overall experience be your guide. There is no brain over the heart or heart over brain. Use them both in equal pots. You might start your world having more of one than another but the sequence of events in your life will help you keep them balanced. This equality balance is the optimal scenario for self-control. No one can really make you honest but only your heart and mind can do that in proportion.

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Mind says yes but the heart says no, the conflict between the both makes life more mess up.

We cannot find soothing peace when the mind rages war against the heart, when we battle with our thoughts the pull of our love smile quotes. The most unique creative state to bring your desires into reality is by bringing the conscious and subconscious into blend then keeping your heart and mind in perfect tune. Be pretty natural at heart and new in mind waves.  Let prosperity flow into you like the waves of love and kindness that fill your heart and mind in a perfect way. Our heart that is the record-keeper of all personal feelings, emotions, and attachments, honors conceptions that the lucid mind might not agree with at all.  It’s better to learn to open your heart and mind to the infinite miracle that exists for you in the world.

The difference between heart and brain is your mind tells you what is smart enough and your heart tells you what you are going to do anyways in every possible way. It’s an open battle between what you know and what you feel all-time respectively. Some days follow your heart means losing your mind line.

There are two different perspectives as you can either be a harsh, rude heartless advisor or an understanding and empathetic one. Let’s go rough, first. No matter how much you love, adore him/her, no matter how much he/she keeps apologizing, it’s better to let go if after many chances disappointments keep on happening. It’s good not to listen to your heart. It will give you pain. No matter how much you might suffer from trying to move on things, you might eventually be very proud of yourself for being strong. Shut your heart wave journey. It’s good to be better off without him/her than constantly being hurt and disappointed in the long run theory graph. In order to take such a precise decision, let your brain take control, safe, and not your heart. Mind over heart everyone.

Difficulties are meant to be happened, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong, tough by conflict. Heart and peace of mind do protect us as they allow us to overcome the barriers that life hands us, they teach us to do the survival series, to live now and then, to have enough courage, and to confront each and every day. Somewhere, the tears come from the planet's heart not from the mind. It takes courage to follow your mind cell but it takes everything to follow your heart enigma. 

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