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Check out the wonders of appreciation

When you make your people think that there is something in them, the life begins to change and you really see the magic. Appreciation helps you receive the simple interest on your investment. The kind and encouraging words trigger the soul around you as someone recharges a battery and it works great. It is for sure that everyone around you has some special talent. Sometimes the person gets so occupied in this existence story that he/she forgets their own real treasure, the thing that gives them spark but when you see that unique quality and touch that soul by your pious words a miracle happens. All this is possible when the appreciation is honest and genuine.

Inculcate the habit of using encouraging proverbs and inspirational quotes in your conversations. This also leads your path towards a right attitude and right direction which motivates others. It’s true that the right way to cheer yourself is to cheer someone else. Always let everyone who comes to you being better and happier than before. Have that power, that leadership in your personality. Then and only then you can become a leader who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

When you really care about your people, everything goes well. Always remember true leaders create more leaders and the queue of followers is just a by-product. When you are empowered and you empower others, the best happens. Your actions always speak better than your words, always exhibit the superb ones.  Put that touch of genius and lot of courage to go best even if tide is stronger. When you learn to take little more of the blame for a misdeed and little less of credit for a job accomplished you are all set for your goal of a true mentor.

You have to remember that a person who is appreciated always does more than what is expected. That’s the magic you have to create. Be magnetic in your aura and let everyone around you just get attracted to your vision. The most important thing is to be kind but not weak and to be bold but don’t bully anyone. Being positive in a negative situation will always be an add on in your spark. Helping others extract the greatness which is already in them is the best service you may do to mankind.

Published By:

Deeksha Arora
CEO of A billion things to do, A Social Media Agency. A Pharmacognosist by profession, ex-lecturer, author, blogger, LifeCoach and Director of LeDaffodils play-school. Keen on spreading positive vibes by giving thoughtful tips through her quotes, blogs, videos, counselling and webinars.

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