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30 0ptimistic habits, Be The Most Vulnerable You

CHALLENGE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. By pen up, you make your false thoughts less daunting than they are up in the sky, and therefore easier to conquer.

FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS, NOT PROBLEMS. Spend as lesser time as possible dwelling on problems and placing blame, and jump right into how best to address the circumstance. Inspirational blogs by switching to solution-based thinking, you set up your brain for forwarding movement, care, and positivity.

Practice PROPER SLEEP HYGIENE. Minimize blue light, set the temperature, and stick to the same sleep and waking schedule.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE. Surround yourself with humans who look at the world positively.

FIND A ROLE MODEL. When faced with a tough situation, ask yourself what that person would do in your place, and find a way to channel their optimism into your world and thinking.

Practice GENEROSITY. Be generous in words and actions.

GIVE YOURSELF PATS ON THE BACK. Before going to sleep, spend a few time reviewing what went right during the day – what you enjoyed, felt validating, made you feel hopeful about the future.

SMILE, even if you have to fake it. HAPPINESS LAUGHTER is even more contagious than smiling and can bring even more reflection into life.

LEARN TO BE GRATEFUL. your mind will have been trained to spontaneously detect for optimistic things over the course of the day, even when you’re not doing the physical effort.

TRY A SIMPLE THANK YOU. Over the course of time, The Thank You Habit deepens and strengthens your network of relationships.

SEE MEANING IN SOMETHING. The visualization habit – think of one meaningful thing that happened to you in the past 24 hours. Our mind can’t tell much difference between visualization and actual experience, so this enhances the impact of the most positive moment of the day: a reminder that the day was worthwhile.

GET UP AND GET ACTIVE.  The Exercise Habit – do something physical, for some time a day or for half an hour three times a week.

TAKE TIME TO BREATHE. Meditation gives the head a new pattern as your mind is usually bombarded with information – both true and false – it feels under threat, which forces it into defensive mode.

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 SET YOUR MOST IMPORTANT TASKS FOR THE DAY. Controlling the narrative for your day is a good way to be more productive throughout.

CONNECT WITH YOUR BIGGER GOALS BY JOURNALING. The act of composing text and deep light on your aim, ambitions, and even emotions has been found to improve our sullen state of mind and even help us perform better at work.

SKIP EMAIL first thing in the morning. You can make progress on concept work and construct a manner of committing to your important matters.

EAT THE FROG as tackle something tough when your energy is highest.

SCHEDULE AND TAKE MORE BREAKS. Releasing stress hormones to give us an extra kick of energy. Listen to your body and schedule regular interruption away from your electronic device at least every 80 minutes.

BATCH SIMILAR WORK TOGETHER. Build a habit of "batching" or arranging things in sets, this is so crucial.

SET HARD LIMITS ON CERTAIN ACTIVITIES. You need to break rough habits if you want to be truly productive.

SCHEDULE YOUR EMAIL AND IM TIME. The best manner to engage is to be energetic with your email and not just react to it.

USE GTD (getting things done) to build a habit of staying organized as one of the most foundational workplace habits.

REFLECT ON YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. One way to help de-stress from the workday is with a personal debrief.

TURN OFF the EQUIPMENT at least half an hour before bed. You’ll  have a satisfactory sunrise by not awake up to a screen full of notifications.

GIVE YOUR EYES a BREAK. There are numerous methods you can cover your eyelids during the light.

DRINK MORE WATER during the day as it is a magical productivity tool.

CLEAR YOUR HEAD as allows you to put one side the competitive situations of the sunny day and prepare your head to shut down.

MAKE SPACE FOR MENTAL SOLITUDE. Best success quotes allow you to crack tough problems and are often necessary for creative insight.

SPEND TIME on a HOBBY as more energized and focused the following day.

PREPARE For TOMORROW With SHUTDOWN RITUAL. Creating a sense of control, no matter what else happened during the day.

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