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Ways to dissolve the ego

The instant you become conscious of the ego in you, it is rigidly speaking no longer the ego, but just an old, conditioned brain pattern. Ego denotes unawareness. Ego and awareness cannot coexist.

Recognizing the Ego
Identify that ego, in this context, is identification with brain and form.
When you say matters like "I am a scientist," "I am a technologist," "I am a craftsman," "I am homeless,", "I am a designer", "I am a writer,", "I was betrayed", "I am a sufferer of some disease" etc., Inspirational quotes of life is a slice of identification with mental conditioning or mind. This means thinking or taking that role or story or label, which are no more than a bunch of thoughts attached to the primordial 'I' and its other thought forms, are you. In more direct words, you become your emotions, thoughts, and reactions. That's what 'mind identification signifies, in this context.

Recognize form-identification. Identification with conditions and matters like looks, disease, title, gender, money, nationality, assets, religion, race, skin color, age, etc. It's all slice of form identification, which are ultimately thoughts in your mind, contributing to the 'illusory self-image' of who you think you are. Ego continuously requires feeding and identification with forms to strengthen and survive its false sense of self. Since all conditions and things are subjected to the law of impermanence, that is to say fleeting, so ego dive into a constant state of fear; anxiously looking for the next matter to identify with. Part of the reason why thinking becomes compulsive, and desire and fear are primary inspiring forces.

Realize deeply that fundamentally it's all in mind. Whether it's desire, fear, stuff you have, happiness, sadness, achievements, depression, relationships, longing, nationality, your job, possessions, nationality, or any other identification. They are all ultimately thoughts that are connected to the primordial 'I' and its other forms. Like your car becomes a thought in your mind and gets attached to the primordial or conceptual 'I' thought and its other forms that say ‘I have a car ‘or’ my beat-up car. Similarly primordial 'I' thought or Egoic self connects itself to other thought-forms or labels, like 'I am suffering from anxiety, 'I make a lot of dollars, 'I am an average looking human, 'I have achieved this or that, 'I am a man/woman, etc.

Identify the insane, incessant, and suffering-inducing nature of mind or 'voice in the brain. Your brain is hyperactive as most of your thinking is pointless, compulsive, and recurring. The same thinking patterns come again and again, and they trigger the same reactive thoughts and emotions, based on the conditioning. Like 'old broken records' playing in your mind.  Also, due to thinking's often negative manner, much of it is harmful and causes sincere leakage of energy. This is the never-stopping voice you understand that treats the present moment as a hurdle or enemy or means to an end. The basic dysfunction.

See that brain is an impersonator that pretends to be you. A mind is a powerful tool, but the issue comes when you seek yourself in it; then it becomes an egoic brain and takes over your whole life. That's when your sense of self is derived from the ever-changing content and conditioning of your brain, which is based on identification with forms and past. This does not denote that all the thoughts are unproductive or painful. However, we are primarily pointing to certain persistent, emotions, negative thoughts, emotions, and reactions that shape the core of ego. Which contributes to 85-95 percent of your mental-emotional activity.

Realize that this globe is like a playground. Like a sportsperson has their tactics, gear, practice, strategies, etc. for a match or game or event, in the same manner, you have your things, body, knowledge, and mind as your gear to play in the playground, this globe. Realize that it's just a 'gear' and not 'you.' Yes, this gear (mind, body, skills, and knowledge) has its place to play on this planet, but that does not denote you want to identify or get lost in it. you share this essence with all beings. It’s because we are all expressions of One life.

Recognize the impersonal nature of the mind. Like a program or code repeatedly perform the same function, in the same manner, your mental conditioning runs as a bundle of conditioned reflexes or reactions but a brain developed 'personality' or image or 'sense of self, which interacts with other brain created images or personalities and world. It doesn't matter where you are, as long as the ego is running your life, the same egoic patterns will emerge in various circumstances or places.

Spirituality damage the ego. Religion strengthens it.  The ego seeks to separate and divide. Spirit seeks to heal and unify.

Watch the Mind
Observe that mind or Ego feeds on negativity.
Have you observed when you feel upset, sad or any other form of negativity, there is something in you that arises more negative situations, emotions, thoughts? You are looking at the ego that feeds on negativity (conflict, drama, stories, and pain) to certain its survival.

•            You don't feel uncertain or angry or sad because of the circumstance. However, you feel upset because of the automatic false thoughts or tales that come in response to it.

Offering No Resistance
Accept what is
. Inspirational quotes lead to the most divine manner to live life is to purely accept the present moment the way it is. In other words, offer no resistance to the life chain. Which is now and never not Now. Which denotes resistance is futile. To fully accept whatever arises in the present moment, as if it was your choice. For example your habits (bad or good), people around you, thoughts you are thinking, your physical appearance, negative mental interpretation of the things you said or did, suchness of pain-body, your life situation, location, condition you are in, etc. Fundamentally, accept any form "this moment" takes without add on any judgments or mental labeling, because it is as it is. That's when you transparently see what action, if required, to take. This action is truly intelligent as it's in alignment with the One consciousness.

Make present moment your best friend. The timeless present moment is your biggest buddy, as that's the only time when you have access to One Life or presence; the biggest power in the universe. However, when you treat the Now as a 'means to an end,' or a hurdle or enemy, that's when you get issues as you are cutting yourself off from that power. Deeply realize that you can never get away, have never escaped, and will never run away from the present moment. Since there is no break free from the now, so why not become friendly towards it or at least accept it? That's when Life really works with you.

Surrender. Surrender is the plain but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of lifecycle. It is inner acceptance of what is. In more straight words, Surrender is accepting or allowing the emotions, thoughts, and reactions that arise at 'this' moment in response to anything (situation, condition, emotions, thoughts, or people).

Being Present
Realize that 'You' are consciousness.
Can you become aware of the space where emotions, thoughts, sensations, reactions, sounds, images, etc. come and go? You are that space of awareness or no thought. Here's another pointer: Who is aware of the tension or sensation in your body? Who knows or sees the unhappy feelings or declutter in you? Who is aware of the thoughts that go and come?

Engaging in Practices to Dissolve the Ego

Listen. When you truly listen, a space of knowing holds both the perceived and perceiver, that connects you with others on a much deeper level than the movement of emotions and thoughts. In that space, there's no 'other'. So listen with your whole being or inner body, which is a necessary chunk of true listening and to be present.

Be alert to bring the unnoticed brain patterns in the light of your consciousness. Thoughts can be fast, slippery, and can be gone in just milliseconds, especially unverbalized or pre-verbalized reactions and thoughts. However, they have a good power to manipulate you like a puppet. So a high degree of alertness is needed to make them conscious. One practice is to pen up your recurring, negative, and persistent thoughts. Writing can support bring the deep-seated thinking patterns in the light of your consciousness? Plus, it covers to give them full attention and full attention denotes full acceptance.

Use memories to learn and become more aware. If you utilize your memories to grasp and not for psychological suffering, they can support you become more aware of your mistakes and unconscious patterns without actually have to indulge in them again and again.

Allow. When you detect yourself resisting 'what is' or whatever arises, say I allow or "I accept or I surrender or I forgive, or I yield, again and again, depending on the circumstance or condition and whatever seems natural to you. It's even more impactful if you synchronize your breathing with these phrases.

Watch physical reactions. Have you observed when an egoic (emotional and/or mental) reaction arises, then the body also reacts in form of movement or pressure, tension, sensations, twitching, etc. in mind, heart, tongue, body, face muscles, hands, etc. If you are alert enough, you may observe movement or sensation in muscles or body parts as if attempt to control or fight or suppress 'what is' (emotions, thoughts, situation, etc.) in form of muscle contraction, fidgeting, clenching hands, leg shaking, etc. This is the body's physical response to an egoic reaction. The powerful the reaction, the tenser the brain, face, or body muscles become and may even cause physical pain.

Meditate. It may seem like a platitude, but read inspirational blogs and meditation essentially means being present. In essence, there's no doing or trying involved, but keeping the full or chunk of your attention in the Now. Since time is always Now, so you can be present, fully or to some degree, while doing any project like interacting with someone, cooking, sitting, thinking, even while walking, etc. So allotting dedicated time for meditation is not always essential. 

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