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Things That Happen When You Finally Decide to Live Your Dreams

Be powerful enough to live the life of your dreams as per your purpose and vision instead of the opinions and expectations of others.

You’ll see “it” everywhere. Once you commit to live your dreams, the lids blind your eyes will be lifted. Motivational quotes opens a completely new world to your view. You will identify opportunities that have been in your reach all along, ones your conscious brain simply didn’t pay heed to. From a psychological outlook, your selective attention will zoom-in on what you need in microscopic detail.  
The basic change taking place is your self-identity. This is the point of no return. Once this shift has occurred, your complete world changes.

•            Nothing is impossible to you.
•            Your only limitations are your consciousness, which is swiftly expanding.
•            Whatever you want quickly becomes yours because you see what most humans don’t.

You’ll Be Completely Transparent about the good, and the Bad. You no longer care about looking dumb and stupid. You’re more concerned with the righteousness. You want intimate and deep connections. Your relationships are a sacred space where you and those you care for, love can be fully authentic. Your faults intensify the love other people have for you, and vice versa. Furthermore, you’re respectful enough to admit when you are wrong, or if you’ve changed your brain. At the same time, you’re not hiding yourself. You’re not scared of being seen in all your glory. You’re not fear of admitting you rock at something, and that you apply to use your skills to help.

Nothing scares you anymore. Once you have decided to go with your dream journey, there’s no stopping you. You are actually FEARLESS. You are ready to take risks, which you wouldn’t have taken otherwise. You are more exciting to step out of your comfort zone. It is because now you identify everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of the fear.

Every issue seems to be an opportunity. The one matter which is certain to occur with you is — the paradigm shift. You begin to see matters differently. Everything that was an issue earlier is now an opportunity to be ceased. This paradigm shift acts as a desire for you to take action towards your dream.

Right people will meet you at the right time. Ever since you decided to live your dreams, everything initiate to favor you. Call it a beginner’s luck or whatever. You tend to meet the right person just when you want them the most. May be study said it right, when the student is prepared, the teacher will appear. You can see it as an indicator from the forces to keep going, everything else will fall into the right place when it is meant to be.

Uncommon becomes the new common. The day you took this unconventional step to live your dream journey, you explore the beauty that lies in uncommon matters in the most uncommon ways. It makes you see matters and human in a different light altogether. Everything that was pretty common earlier now seems to be oddly graceful. This reflects in the choices you make in the future tense as well. It gives you a fresh outlook on things. You feel uncommon is the new common.

No more judging others. The best gift of being human beings is that we have the strength of empathy. You don’t judge people anymore for their choices because you understand that they might have a reason that would justify them. You tend to put yourself in their shoes to identify their prerogative as you’ve been there and done that. You become wise enough to understand the fact that life is different for different human beings.

Progress becomes your obsession. When you are on this journey to dive with your dream ladder, you become obsessed with growth. You want to spend every second of your day honing your creativity, learning new techniques that take you a step near towards your dream. You absorb the importance of taking action and you begin taking a lot of it. In fact, it comes to a point, when progress and growth become your obsession and an addiction. Fill your soul and heart - love, no matter what, is always the answer. It's not about faith in yourself; it's about being yourself--take action!   

Reality is a dream island that someone was courageous enough to conquer.

All of your needs will be met. Beyond your center of no return, luck and miracle become your norm. All of your needs are met—be they financial, material, relational, intellectual, or spiritual. Inspirational quotes is the reason that nice people will come into your life. You will have enough money and time to get moving. The right audios, books, and articles will discover their way into your life at just the right time.
Don’t question why—just gratefully, gracefully, and humbly receive? Receiving, at evolved and conscious level, is your purpose. The universe wants to provide you everything as soon as you are prepared to receive it. You will be given everything you want when you want it. And you no longer question that fact. Here you are.

People will enter your life to help you. When you are on a devoted mission, people will come to your aid to help you make it real. When you are ready to get in, here’s what you will discover:

•            Mentors who will teach you and radically accelerate your growth.
•            Fans and supporters.
•            Students who want to grasp.
•            Haters (these are just as important as the others who enter your life).

Your relationships are by far the most necessary aspect of your journey. You will start attracting the right people in your life when you begin doing the work. It begins with openness and initiative. Once you’re ready to grasp, you’ll have teachers. Higher up the hill, your work will attract the very people who will cover spread your message and forward your cause.

You’ll have time of doubt, but it won’t last long. Doubts will crawl in. what you’re doing as you’ll question everything about yourself. You’ll go through intervals of time without victory. Matters might appear to be falling apart.
Living your dreams is not a non-sense experience. It is supposed to require great effort, something from the depths of your soul. So even when you’re convinced to quit, you will cultivate deep. And if for some reason you decide to quit, that will scare you until you rectify that decision. A brain that is stretched by a new innovative experience can never go past zone to its older dimensions. You can never go back to the way matters once were, even if for a time you pretend to. No matter how destructive your doubts, you will eventually regain the hope you once had. But now it will only be solidified and stronger.

You’ll feel inclined to do matters you never considered before. You are no longer tough in your thinking. You’re open to whatever your emotion inspired to do, even if—in the moment—it feels extremely uncomfortable. You no longer operate based on how you are emotional in the moment. You expect to be inclined to do matters yourself and others might be uncomfortable with. You are completely pretty open. You are moving.
 You respond automatically and immediately.
And when you act on these impressions, you never feel sorry about it. You only remorse when you don’t act and are left to wonder what might have been. The more open you become, the more you discover yourself in places you never thought you’d be. But you don’t question why, you just keep going in motion. Along the pathway, you join the dots looking backward.
Nothing will seem impossible to you. Faithing something is impossible is arrogant. It was arrogant of a person to faith we’d never fly. It was arrogant of a person to faith we’d never put a man on the moon.
We don’t know what we don’t know. Why put a cap on what’s possible? Why live in the past tense? Everything and anything could happen. And being open to that fact permits you infinitely more options than those who put an invisible barrier on possibility. Without question, you must faith what you’re doing is possible. Whatever the brain cell can dream up and faith, it can achieve.

Luck/miracles will become commonplace. “Shallow men faith in luck. Strong men's faith in cause and effect. You make your own when it comes to luck. Almighty and Luck favor those with good habits. When you have decided to live your dreams, you expect radical and amazing stuff to occur. You don’t define what that must be; you simply trust that matters will work out. Your daily habits regularly attract fascinating things from the outside world. Some will call you blessed. Others will call you lucky. Whatever be the case, it’s your new normal.

You’ll be genuinely happy for other people’s success. As an evolved human, best success quotes make you happy when another person succeed and upset when another person fail. The victory of others is seen as the success of the whole. You genuinely need what’s good for everyone, even those you consider your competitors. Envy and Jealousy are the ego, which operates out of fear. You’ve moved beyond that as Ego is the rival. 

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