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Stop striving on everything and start thinking how can you enjoy your life

Every human image wants to build a world on top of the hill, but all the growth and happiness comes while you’re climbing it. For once in life, I didn’t want to reach the top. I didn’t need to conquer the next big challenge. I wanted to stop. I wanted to play. I wanted to breathe.

Acknowledge.  The first step to letting go of striving is to understand that you’re doing it in the first place. Admit you’re striving for a longer period of time as it is an invitation to buy into an idea about yourself that doesn’t serve you well, and makes it harder to change.
By seeing it in a regular manner, you can change it. Best success quotes make it easy to change away from something that's imprinted on your identity. As you acknowledge, think through what circumstance brings out your striving behavior on everything most strongly.  

What does it feed? Understand that node, why you challenge yourself with ultra-high standards is also helpful. Like any other manner, striving might be serving some part of you, but not good for the long run as enjoying every moment of your struggling time makes it more valuable.
Simply identifying the underlying faith that drives your striving habit is a good step toward changing them. You can pick the faith you want to hold, and the ones you want to feed.

Face the worst case. Striving for everything is often a manner to make sure you don’t fail. But a prevention mind-set is the best one for innovative and creative thinking. To get over this, it is useful to look at the worst-case scenario, and how likely it is to occur. And to realize that there’s probably something happy thing you can feel in that remote situation anyway.
If you’re a champion catastrophize too, then it’s wise to list out all the worst things that can happen versus the most likely scenario. Then talking them through with someone you trust is even better and feel those dark efforts out in the fresh air to emotion the complete journey.

Adjust your standards. Even when others have lower standards, those of us in the perfection mode path can have a tough time letting go of our own super high standards. We really think we must go beyond and above what’s expected, to outperform.  Adopt the idea of setting balanced standards, so things might be different.

Watch your self-talk. As you retrain yourself, one of the strongest hurdles in your journey will be your self-talk. So begin noticing your self-talk and how it supports your striving manner. And when you find yourself in that self-talk spiral, you can pick to replace it with something else. When you discover yourself in “just a little more” mode, step back and ask yourself whether that’s essential for the task at hand before you float in.

Give yourself a reason to move on. This one is about doing the very good you can do, but within a specified time limit. That way, you came to understand that to keep re-working something until it’s perfect is not a much-applied theorem. Sometimes you just have to put in a little bit of effort and limit on how much you can work on something.

Do experiments.  This is about testing out what really works for you, and practice it regularly. Since every circumstance is different, it’s necessary to try out various techniques and see what happens. Begin with low-risk parameters and learn as you go on the pathway ladder.  

That the next big thing, the next best thing, the next hilltop would always be ahead of us. And I realized how much of my universe I had wasted. Striving, waiting, wanting.  

Simple Ways to Train Your Brain for Happiness

Ask yourself if you're thinking positive. It's a necessary issue to consider, and it offers a simple self-assessment that will assist you figure out just how much of a bright positive thinker you are (or aren't). But beyond that, Smile attitude quotes are the reason for the simple manner of asking the question will cover you begin thinking more vibrant thoughts more often.  That's because of a phenomenon called metacognition, a glitter word for thinking about thinking, which is a strong memory aid. Ask yourself regularly whether you're thinking righteous manner will help you remember to concentrate on the positive chain of flow.  

Memorize a list of happy words. It may sound unlikely that simply memorize the list of words linked with enjoyment, happiness would be enough to make you feel good, and yet it can. It's because when you push your mind to use true soulful words frequently, you make these words (and their basic meaning) more connected, more activated, and more easily accessible in your mind. So when you go to retrieve an idea or word from your memory, positive ones can come to the surface more easily. 

Use associations. You can train yourself the same way, creating associations that you can use to your own benefit. You get a daily reminder to live in the moment and enjoy this universe.

Practice gratitude. There's sufficient evidence that being grateful for the nice things in your life, even very simple matters, will make you happy. There are all types of ways to give yourself a regular reminder to concentrate on something you have to be grateful for. Pick out one that works for yourself.

Writing about something that made you happy.  It’s well worth the days to spend a few time each day pen up about something that made you truly happy. Spend some moments thinking about a wonderful, amusing experience from your past.

Celebrate your success, even the small ones. So battle that tendency by rewarding and even congratulating yourself for the time you did do the exercise rather than concentrate on the few days you didn't. Inspirational quotes of life makes the nature of victory. There will be missed and detours opportunities, and pretty much guarantee that you will unsuccessful to meet your own expectations. It's almost never a refine straight line from where you want to be or where you are to. Make sure you enjoy the tiny efforts, achievements along the journey is one of the surest possible pathways to make yourself as happy as you can be.

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