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How to Put Yourself in a Better Mood

I travel light. I think the most significant thing is to be in a better mood and enjoy life, wherever you are.

Finding Quick Fixes
Spend time with a buddy.
 Call up a buddy. Spend time with your buds, even if it’s just to watch a silly TV show or take a walk, will take your mind off of what’s bothering you. Society and people will feel good and less alone.

Go outside for some sun. You may be feeling blue as of not getting sufficient sunlight. Go outside when it’s sunny. 10 to 30 minutes a day is all you want. This will enhance your mood by increasing melatonin production, a hormone that has an impact on mood and sleep. If it’s not sunny where you are at present now, buy a high-intensity light. Although it won’t be as impactful as sunshine, it will support in the short term.

Move. Take a short walk, do certain jumping jacks, run in place, dance around your room, or go for a cycle ride. Even short exercise sessions of just a few minutes can be effective in lessening stress and lifting your spirits. If you’re injured, disabled, or don’t need to do a faster-paced workout, try some sweet stretches while sitting or standing.

Start a project. Starting a new project will support to distract you, and as an added bonus will offer you a sense of accomplishment. Maybe you’ll tackle a project you’ve been meaning to do for a longer time, or maybe you’ll be motivated to begin something new. Either manner, initiate with something tiny and enjoyable at first to get you out of your shell. Some ideas.

· Organize photos

· Redecorate your room

· Find something innovative to do off of Pinterest

· Begin a blog

· Wash and clean out your vehicle

· Grasp a new language

Listen to music. Choose music you enjoy that’s upbeat. Turn it up and dance it out. The music itself will generate the pleasure centers in your mind and dancing will release endorphins, both of which will enhance your mood. Music does bring back happy memories, provides you with a boost of energy, and permits you to let out a certain emotion.

Watch a funny movie or stand-up comedy. Watching something funny will likely make you smile and laugh. Laughing and smiling will naturally stimulate happier emotions, even if you weren’t necessarily feeling happy, to begin with.  

Cuddle with a pet. Spending time cuddling with a beloved pet will not only get your brain off your worries but will also lessen your blood pressure and lower other physical signs of stress. If you don’t have a dog, consider going to your to a local adoption event at a pet store or local humane society. Even if you can’t adopt a dog right now, you’ll get a chance to dog animals, socialize with other individuals, and maybe even think about volunteering for organizations.

Hug someone. If you have a friend or dear one nearby, provide them a hug. Hugging lowers releases oxytocin and stress hormones, which can enhance your mood. If you don’t have anyone to hug, that’s alright. Give yourself a fast massage, which can lower your heart rate and lessen stress hormones. Try rubbing your shoulders, and neck.

Practice deep breathing. Getting control of your breath will concentrate your brain, lift your mood, lower your heart rate, and ease tension in your body. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit before you get began.

· Close your eyes

· Inhale slowly through your nose for certain seconds

· Exhale slowly through your mouth for several seconds

· Silently repeat a word to yourself every time you exhale, like "relax"

· Repeat 10 times

Buy yourself some flowers. Get yourself a plant some flowers or bouquet of flowers in a garden or pot. Being around the scents and colors of flowers and plants lessens feelings of sadness and stress. flowers and Plants typically lift your mood more than if you just bought yourself any other present, too.

Building Long-Term Solutions
 Exercise increases the chemicals dopamine and serotonin in the mind. These chemicals lessen stress and are as impactful as anti-depressants. Even doing exercise regularly, like taking your pet for a walk around the block, will increase the heart rate and boost mood. Aim for 50 minutes a day. Make sure to select exercises that match your Fun and inspiring personality and mood, rather than pushing yourself to do something you do not enjoy.

When it rains, I have awesome energy; I'm in a better mood.
Change your diet.
 Concentrate on foods that are great for your brain and body. Foods, Alcohol, and sugar that are processed or high in fat might temporarily boost your mood, but you’ll often experience an energy crash and mood soon after consuming them. Instead, concentrate on 

· Eating fresh vegetables and fruits

· Consuming healthy fats, like nuts and olive oil

· Limiting artificial sweeteners and sugar

· Limiting or avoiding alcohol

· Eat lean protein and complex carbohydrates

· Eat tiny snacks and meals every few hours

Get better sleep. Individuals who get lesser than 5 hours of sleep per night tend to feel sadder and stressed, while individuals who regularly get 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep tend to report being in good moods.

Enjoy your work. To improve your mood and mental health long-term, evaluate if you love your job. It doesn’t matter so much if you get paid well, as much as if you’re satisfied with what you’re doing. Does your work challenge you? Do you feel productive and creative at work?

Develop a positive social network. Humans are social by nature, so make certain you’re not isolated from other humans. Develop a network of supportive individuals, whether that’s friends, family, and/or employees, and interact with them on a regular basis. Surround yourself with individuals who will listen well without judging, help you reach your aim, and be there for you during frictional times. If you’re having trouble meeting new buds.

· Ignore spending so much time utilizing your TV, phone, or computer. Get outside and interact face-to-face with humans!

· Join a club, a support group, and a professional networking group.

· Take a class at the yoga.

· Take a walk and involve yourself with neighbors.

· Volunteer.

Do yoga. Doing yoga a few times a month lessens symptoms of depression, and permits you to concentrate on breathing instead of what’s bringing you blue. The stretching in yoga does support opening up spots on your body that might be storing tension. Certain good yoga poses to boost mood are there.

Cultivate a spiritual practice. Enriching and Looking inward at your spiritual life can be a source of inspiration, happiness, and motivation when matters might not be doing well in your life. Some manners you can strengthen your spirituality include:

· Prayer

· Meditation

· Attending church

Volunteer. Think about a charity or organization in your neighborhood you’ve been needed to help out. Give them a schedule and call, ask how you can support them, and schedule a time to go volunteer for them. Committing to taking time to support others, especially for a cause you love, will instantly lift your mood.

Try aromatherapy. It can help boost mood and productivity, mostly because your sense of fragrance is connected to the zone of the mind where feelings get processed. You can buy essential oils at online or your local drug store. Simply put one or two drops on a cotton ball and inhale whenever you want a boost. Some scents and essential oils that are awesome mood boosters are:

· Lavender

· Jasmine

· Peppermint

· Rosemary

· Lemon

Changing How You Think
Reflect on what went well.
 At the end of the day try to think of a few matters that went well for you. Re-play those things in your brain and pen them down. In this manner, you’ll trick your brain into focusing on the positive.

Brighten someone’s day. Expressing kindness and gratitude towards others will not only cheer you up but other individuals too. Select some significant people in your life and send them a tiny reminder of what you appreciate or like about them.

Change your negative thought pattern. When you’re feeling blue, you’ll notice negative thought patterns begin to emerge. Put a block to these thoughts by confronting them or challenging them with a positive counter-thought.

Express yourself. Take time to vent what you’re irritated or down about. While it’s significant not to overthink or overly concentrate on the negatives, it’s also significant not to avoid them. Instead of denying your emotions or keeping them bottled up inside, express yourself to a trusted buddy. If you don’t emotion like talking, consider pen up in a journal, drawing, or painting.

Let go. If you're holding on to past hurts or resentments, let them go. They only continue to bring you pain and suffering if you still focus on them or think about them. Also, let go of any mistakes you've made in the past or worries you have for the future. The University of Life cannot control matters. 

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