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How to Make Someone Smile Mindful Acts of Kindness

The sweetest present you can give someone are your attention, your care and love, and your time.

Ask someone to say you the good matter that occur to them lately, or something they’re passionate or excited about, and fully listen. Smile attitude quotes make most humans love talking about them and their passions, but we don’t always get the chance, especially when the persons around us are pretty busy or stressed and not available to fully listen. Get someone talking about something that you understand will light them up and ask sweet questions to get them to elaborate on the details and to show you’re pretty interested.

Identify when someone is using one of their strengths and compliment them. We all have strengths, but we don’t always acknowledge them, perhaps as they feel like second nature to us, or we presume other humans do whatever it is better. Say someone they’re an impressive listener if they’re tuned in when you’re chatting, or you honor their empathy if they defend someone who others are talking about, or you like their entrepreneurial and ingenuity spirit if they’re talking a new business plan they’re considering.

Scan your environment today for matters that remind you of persons you adore and text them to let them understand what you thought of them, and why. This is a win/win as looking for matters in your environment that make you think of personalities you like will get you out of your mind and pull you into the moment. And sharing these matters with other persons will make them feel loved and valued. 
Use all your senses for this one. Maybe it’s the aroma of a certain meal that brings you back to a fascinating food you shared with a buddy. Or it’s a piece of music on the radio that you and your brother listened to obsessively in school time. Or it’s the emotion of snow crunching under your shoes that remembers you of a particularly memorable ski trip with your cousin's sister.

Tell someone why you’re pretty grateful for them, noting some specific about their character or something they did recently. We all have a natural negativity bias, which signifies we’re more apt to concentrate on our shortcomings, mistakes, and flaws than all the good we do and the value we give to the people around us—which is why a little acknowledgment can go a long way.   
Sometime back my cousin posted a meme with the jerry holding a rose on the Facebook page, as that was the character I played for a decade when i and she performed Tom and jerry shows at kids’ birthday parties when we were young. The wording read For anyone who’s really feeling unloved today, I love you. In the description, my sister wrote: I saw this and immediately thought of you (for a couple of reasons). You’re the most amazing and empathetic human I know… and you radiate so much love to everyone (especially me). The ocean is beyond lucky to have you in it, and no one has a larger heart than you. I love you. I can’t remind ever feeling so blessed, loved, and valued!

Recognize someone in your life who is doing something pretty tough, then let them acknowledge you’re proud of them, and why. Perhaps this is someone in your home who’s juggling work and parenting and thinks they’re failing—even though they’re giving both they're all. Or maybe it’s a kid who’s doing great with internet learning while missing their buddies and usual activities. Bonus if you have a small “I’m proud of you” gift, that could be something as small as a hot chocolate or coffee, just like the person likes it. 

Tell someone in the service scenario— a grocery store employee, a mailman, any other essential worker—they’re doing a good job, and why. I remember some essential workers who’ve had less-than-pleasant pandemic experiences, either because of customers taking their stress out on them or mask-related confrontations. Take a second to identify the great job someone is doing and let them understand specifically why you respect their skills, whether it’s their efforts, their know-how, their kindness, or the energy they show to the persons they’re serving.

If someone around you seems overwhelming, ask if they want to relax together for a few minutes, without having to talk, and listen to some of their favorite music. I don’t know about you, but I always feel great when I listen to my favorite song, but I don’t always think to take a few seconds to distress and turn on some tunes when I emotion a sense of urgency to get matters done. It’s a simple manner that just takes a little time, but it can be amazingly rejuvenating!

The divine act of selfless giving is rooted in us feeling happy as well.

Take images of things that make you smile or laugh today and text them to persons you adore. Best success quotes make another win/win as you will likely identify matters that will make you happy that you wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t consciously looking for them, and you’ll give someone else a smile when they least expect it.
I remember texting my cousin's brother an image of a Christmas tree that appeared to have glitter. I know, pretty immature, but also very humorous! I texted him “Look, a tree is!” and we both had a good smile.

Compliment someone on a body function, not how it looks—when you identify them doing something they might not identify as impressive. For example, tell someone you’re astonished by their arm strength when they lift something pretty heavy, or you appreciated by their endurance after they complete a long workout. Or tell someone, as they’re chugging water or eating a Russian salad, that you’re really motivated by how well they take care of themselves and how it assists them stay strong and healthy.

Set aside at least a few times today to do something joy that gets you into a state of flow. This checklist wouldn’t be complete without a mindful act of gratitude for ourselves! I don’t know about you, but I sometimes think, “I’ll relax when I completed…” and then explore out that the time never comes. So, to make certain I practice self-care, I want to schedule it in, between all the matters I need to get done.
Some of my favorite flow activities include walking in the garden outside, coloring in a sweet coloring book, doing a few meditate poses, and singing along to show music tunes. Discover your flow, however you can. Do something kiddo like. Do something joyful. Do something creative. Give yourself a chance to enjoy and relax, as you work hard, and you deserve it! And even if you don’t work tough, you still deserve it, simply for being you.

Let someone understand that you’re thinking of them. Just a few days ago I sent one of my closest overseas buds a message that read: I miss you so much. I just feel like to give you one big hug right now. She replied with such genuine pleasure, it made my emotion so warm inside. If you’re thinking of someone, let them understand. It’ll make them happy, and their response will make you more joyful. It’ll bring brightness into both your lives.

Give someone an unexpected present. A few months ago I received a package in the mail. I thought it was my fantasy linen order coming in, but it wasn’t. It was an unexpected present from a buddy.
In an earlier call, I had told her how I was struggling to figure out what to do next given the circumstance we’re living in today. So she sent me a present (a novel and pack of incense candles) with a note that read: I hope its aroma instills in you calmness and openness and cleans every bad energy from your life, I felt as happy as a cute child splashing water in a pool on a cool winter day. And so was my buddy when she listened to the cheerfulness in the voice after I immediately called her to say thanks.
I can guarantee you it will instantly vibrant up both your time, days and glitter a smile so naturally beautiful no painter would try to replicate it — a smile as beautiful as the Mona Lisa.

Tell someone how much you admire them (or their work). I’ve learned that persons will forget what you did, people will forget what you said, but persons will never forget how you made them feel. If you admire someone’s qualities or work, let them know. Chances are that person has invested countless energy and time into honing the skills that have translated into the work you so appreciate. Let them understand that their work matters. Make them smile.

Check-in to see how someone is doing. When was the last time frame, you genuinely cared to understand how someone you care for truly felt? Inspirational quotes make it a regular manner to check-in with your loved ones and generously ask the question of ‘how are you feeling today?’
Listen peacefully more than you talk. And when you’re set to talk, say something pretty positive that would make them cute smile. As per Harvard’s 75-year study on happiness, good bonds keep us healthier and happier, and it’s genuine care that fosters connection and weaves friendships. 

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