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How to Cheer Up a Friend Who Lives Far Away

A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.

 Text them to let them understand that they’re on your mind.

This sweet gesture really brightens your friend's day. If your buddy is in need of comfort, send them frequent reminders that you're thinking about them. Tell them that you miss them and can't wait to see them again. Share that something reminded you of them in every single day. It will let your buddy know that they're still very much a presence in your life cycle even if they're far away. 

· Texting something like, "Thinking of you! Hope you're having a good day."

· Send a video of yourself jamming to their favorite music. Say something like, "This came on the radio and it made me wish you were here! Missing you a lot"

List why you think they’re pretty special.

If they've been down on themselves lately, they may want a reminder. Send them a list of all the reasons you think they're cool. Whether it be their compassionate and kind nature, their sense of style, or their knack for exploring the coolest music, tell them why you are so grateful to understand them.

Remind them of your lovable friendship memories.

Help them remember all of the awesome times. Message them a random shared memory that always makes you laugh. Next time you talk on the mobile, reminisce with them about all of the joyful experiences you two have had. It will hopefully brighten their mood and remind them of the optimistic things in life.

· Call them out of the blue to share a memory that's on your head. Say something like, "I just remembered when we wore cute dresses to that school function. What were we thinking?!"

· Text them, "Do you ever think about all those over-the-top pranks we pulled on my little sister? awesome times."

Ask if there’s anything you can do to support.

Different people prefer to be comforted in various ways. Ask if there's anything specific you can do to support your friend. The question alone will show that you love, and your buddy will appreciate your kind offer. 

· Text them something like, "I'm sorry matters have been rough. Is there anything I can do to support?"

· While you're talking on the mobile, say something like, "What can I do to support? I'm always here if you want anything."

Message them a funny picture or meme.

Offer a humorous distraction. Next time you see a dog picture online or a meme that you know your buddy would like, send it their way. Ignore sending something funny during a deep discussion or right after your buddy has confided in you, though. Wait for a more lighthearted conversation or send it randomly to begin a new one. 

· Text your buddy a SpongeBob meme with the caption, "Thought you would love this."

· Message them a cute picture of your pet along with the text, "Tony misses you!"

Schedule a virtual hangout.

Make it more of an event than your common phone calls and Skype dates. Watch a FILM over Zoom or FaceTime together. Pick a recipe and make it in your kitchen. Plan a virtual game night. It'll be a welcome distraction for your buddy and will help remind them of all the love you two can still have together. 

· Pick something that you know your buddy will like and plan the event for them. It'll make them feel super valued to understand that you went out of your pathway to cheer them up.

· If you feel particularly festive, plan a virtual party for your friend and invite a few of your mutual buds. 

Make them a playlist.

Pick a bunch of music that's pretty sentimental to your friendship. Alternatively, select new songs that you think your bud will like. Either way, make it personal and unique to them. When in doubt, go for soothing music that will make them feel great. To stay in touch, make the playlist collective. In that manner, you both can keep adding on music to share with each other.

Mail him a letter or a postcard.

This is a classic manner to show someone that you care. First, draft what you need to include in your letter. Try stuff like updates about what's been going on in your lifecycle, all the reasons you miss them, and good memories you have of the last time you hung out. When you decide what to include, pen it out on some sweet paper. Mail the letter to their address and message them that something is coming their way soon. 

· For a creative touch, pen up your message on a postcard. Find one with an image that reminds you of your buddy.

· For example, if you and your buddy once hiked to a waterfall in your zone, select a postcard with a picture of that waterfall.

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of tiny things the heart finds its sunshine and is refreshed.

Surprise them with something sweet to make their day. Arrange for flowers to be delivered to their abode. Mail them one of their favorite albums on FB. You don't have to go all out in terms of spending, either. A homemade gift, like a knitted sweater or a piece of artwork, will lift their soul all the same. Other ideas involve a candle in a scent that you know they love, a gift card to a place that they go to a lot, and a nice T-shirt that references their favorite series.

Talk about the future.

Envision what you'll do together when you're reunited. Even if you don't have a plan in the works, this can support your buddy to feel more hopeful. Brainstorm matters you would like to do together, like taking a trip to a place you've never been to before, starting a band, or seeing your favorite artist in some concert. Make a friendship bucket list for all the stuff you need to try together.

Make a plan to visit them.

Plan a trip to stay with them and assist them in person. Though this might not always be cool, it'll be a welcome gesture if you can. Make travel arrangements to drive or fly to the place they live in. If that's too far away, agree to meet somewhere in a mid-way. Once you plan the trip, count down the days on your calendar and share updates with your buddy as it gets closer. Keep reminding them that there are joyful things to look forward to in the future.

Order food for them online. A bowl of Dominos pizza is a comforting treatment for a human feeling under the weather. But how can you do this from afar? If your loved one is in a zone with food delivery services, find out what restaurants are closeby. Call the restaurant directly, or use an app to order delivery for them.

Another alternative is to order groceries to be delivered to your loved one’s door. Select foods they can eat with tiny preparation like tacos, soup, and fresh fruit or vegetables. Whether you order groceries or restaurant food, call ahead with your offer. Ask what they want and when to have it delivered.

Send them something to make them smile. Cheer up your loved ones with a gift you know they‘ll enjoy. Pick a book from the love and care section that fits their interests. Send a coloring book. Make an effort to find sweet online videos you think they’d get a giggle over. Save your favorite funny stories and either email or snail mail them. 

Feel creative? Make a video of yourself and other humans they know. Have everyone give personal greetings or tell a joke. Just check out familiar faces will make your buddy feel a little better right away. Send them a thoughtful gift. Think about how your loved one likes to spend time. Do they have hobbies? Take care of a garden? Do they still have skills from their former profession they like to use? These questions can cover you think of innovative pattern for a thoughtful gift.

When you can't be there in person, a thoughtful gift makes a good impression. Your loved one knows that you really understand them. You took the time, so it's something that really makes a difference. Your gift can also be a reason to have more constructive conversations.

You miss your buddy when distance comes between you. But with a small effort and creativity, you can still feel close. Pick a comforting beverage like hot chocolate or tea, and send a tiny box of it. You want your loved ones to feel comforted when they feel blue, even when you can’t be there. 

Make memories and show them you love no matter how far apart you are. Sending gifts or planning time can be just a few alternatives available when you need to make someone feel loved. 

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