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How do you stop chasing success and happiness

 Happiness in intelligent people is the finest thing I know.

 Create Goals

Define what happiness means to you. You cannot have happiness if you do not know what it means for you. Everyone views happiness differently. True one comes from achieving what will make your success in the university of life. Once you have identified this, you can set goals that are important and meaningful to you. If you’re struggling, consider what makes you happiest in your life cycle. Is it spending time with your family, pursuing a hobby, traveling, or something else? What would you do if happiness is not a concern? Next, notice what you need in life to attain that happiness.

 Identify your ultimate purpose or goal. Understand the things you love to do, the matters that give you satisfaction. Once you identify what you like to do, apply this information to find the objective of your life or the purpose of your life.

· Finding what you love to do will offer you motivation along the way. It's much, much easy to persistently chip away at your aim if your aim is something you enjoy doing.

· Consider where you need to be in 5, 10, and 20 years. What can you do that will support you achieve that dream?

· If you’re confused about what your goal might be, try meeting with a career coach or visiting an awesome psychologist.

 Break your goal into tiny steps. Concentrate on streamlining your idea and set up what you want to do to reach that goal. If you have the vision to chase your goal piece by piece, it's easier and less daunting to execute. In addition, if you're able to successfully meet and exceed your tiny goals, you're less likely to get discouraged as you pursue your longer-term goals.

· For example, does the aim of starting a company seem impossibly unattainable? Break it down into tiny goals. Tiny goals could include writing a business plan, finding investors, or coming up with product ideas.

· Make certain that your goals are SMART. Ask yourself if each aim fits this criterion.

· Remember, even a tiny shift now can make a bigger difference in the long run, so don't feel like you necessarily have to make huge sweeping changes in your life in order to reach your goals.

Set a timeline for when you need to attain your objective. Give yourself a timeline that is tough but doable. Make certain you have enough time to accomplish each of your tiny steps. Appearing on a national comedy show might not be feasible within a year, but booking a comedy gig in front of at least 30 paying customers probably is.

· Make certain to set guidelines for tiny goals as well. For example, make an aim to join a team by the end of the month or to perform at an open show within 5 months.

Identify what resources you want to achieve your objectives. These might be budgets, lessons, or other resources that will support you reach your goals. You might want certain skills, such as public speaking, or other humans, such as consultants or employees. If you need to become a musician, you may want to invest in your own instrument, website, and music.

Managing Time and Productivity

Set a schedule for yourself. Develop a to-do list for each day. For long-term projects, give yourself a daily goal or task to support you complete it. As you finish each project, check them off to support you stay motivated. A schedule can offer you structure, even on days when you feel unmotivated. Be realistic about how long tasks take. Plan more time for every task than you think you'll require.

Minimize distractions as much as possible. It's almost impossible to be 100% focused on your task, but distractions can keep you from generating work efficiently. Occasional breaks are alright, but when your aim ladder starts taking a backseat to petty distractions, it's time to get rid of them.

· Work in a silent place if possible. If your workspace is messy, wear noise-canceling earplugs or headphones to block it out.

· Ask friends and family not to bother you while you are working on something. Let them know that you want this time to yourself. If required, turn your mobile off or put it in a drawer while you’re working.

· Taking a few minute breaks every hour does help you refocus. Take a short walk, get a snack, or do certain stretches.

You will never be successful if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are chasing the meaning of happy life.

Faith another human to do their job. It's tough to be successful if you don't have faith in the people around you. Being successful is about assembling a good society and people team around you. If you can't have faith in others enough to let them do their job, you probably won't succeed at your own work.

· Consider many different factors when deciding who to trust for happiness. Look at the qualifications, past experience, references from other individuals, or how reliable they have been in the past.

· Trust in humans because you need to. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, delegate tasks to other individuals to get them done.

· Don’t forget to faith yourself too!

Find a mentor to help guide you. A mentor is someone with a bit more experience than you, who knows the stuff, gives advice, and supports you in your pursuit. You can ask a family friend, older family member, professor, or boss to be your mentor. Mentors get satisfaction from knowing that their guidance has great success. A mentor will help you for sure.

Continue to learn as much as you can. Never turn your learning parameter off. You never identify when your eureka moment will come! Keep listening to others, study out new skills, and learn new things. New information does help you make connections between ideas and apply those ideas to make your life better. Read books, take online classes or watch documentaries to expand your knowledge. Pursue subjects that are interesting to you or that will teach you an essential skill.

Take calculated risks. Happy people think big and act big. Don't wait for chances to fall in your lap. Step out of the comfort zone, and sniff them out. Study your risks, make certain the odds might be in your favor and take a leap.

Look for problems to solve. Look around and try to think of manners you can contribute. What are individuals struggling with or complaining about? How can you make life easier for them in an awesome way? Can you develop a product or offer a service that fills a critical gap? 

 Setting the Right Attitude

Visualize your success. The more accurately and vividly you imagine your success, the easier it will be for you to follow through. When you face setbacks or failure, remind yourself that you can attain your dreams after all.

Express curiosity about everything you face. Many happy and successful individuals have an insatiable curiosity. If they don't identify how something works or don't know the answer to a question, they explore out. Often, this takes them on a quest of self-discovery, one in which the path is just as significant as the destination.

Surround yourself with other humans who are successful. When you're surrounded by humans who are highly driven, it's encouraging. You can bounce ideas off people, and they can even connect you with other humans. They can also inspire you and support you through the procedure.

Adjust your expectations for a realistic outcome. It's a truism that you want to have high self-confidence to get matters done, but make certain that your expectations are manageable and realistic. If your expectations are pretty high, it will be harder to attain your goals or overcome failure.

Overcoming Failures

Try again when you face a setback. You're going to fail — that much is a given. Never hesitate to be a failure, since the life cycle gives many chances. What will define you is how you pick yourself up after you've failed. Don't give up. If your initial attempt didn't work, don't quit.

Avoid dwelling on mistakes or failures. Accept that life is pretty unfair. It's a fact. Instead of swinging on this injustice, consider how you can go out into the universe and make it better. Think about how to utilize the situation for your benefit.

Strive for happiness in other chunks of your life. Remember that success does not guarantee happiness. Success is equated with attaining a goal, but don't assume it will bring happiness. Instead of concentrating only on your goal, make certain that you attain a balance in your life chain. 

Concentrate on staying positive even when you fail. You will be surprised how impactful you can be when your thoughts are guiding your motivational blogs actions, not the other way around. If you fail, don't be scared about starting over; be happy that you've been given an opportunity to be even more successful.   

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